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Animal Kingdom

The series centers on 17-year-old Josh "J" Cody, who moves in with his freewheeling relatives in their Southern California beach town after his mother dies of a heroin overdose. Headed by boot-tough matriarch Janine "Smurf" Cody and her right-hand...

Duration:60 mins

Quality: HD



Season 1 - Animal Kingdom
"A 17-year-old boy moves in with his grandmother and uncles in their Southern California beach town after his mother ODs."
"The Codys must deal with the aftermath of the heist as they discover all did not go as planned. Smurf dispatches her boys to tie up loose ends, but her efforts are complicated by Baz and Pope's growing rivalry. As Pope gets increasingly volatile, J finds himself in the middle."
"While Craig recovers from a wound, Baz and Craig deal with some old associates down in Mexico. Meanwhile, strapped for cash, Pope takes charge and ropes Deran and J into a job without Smurf's knowledge. Threatened by J's participation, Deran sends him a terrifying message."
"As the boys gear up for Pope's birthday, Smurf wants to know if they're playing by her rules. J learns more about his mother's estrangement from the family."
"Pope goes to extreme measures to bring Deran home."
"Smurf tries to keep the family intact when Pope tests positive for drugs; Baz convinces his brother to rob a house as part of his plan; J faces a moral dilemma."
"Craig and Deran throw a party as Smurf handles unfinished business. Meanwhile, Baz is forced to accelerate his timetable as he finalizes his big scheme, and J makes a perilous error."
"Tensions soar as the Codys prepare for their big heist. Also, Catherine gets a shock and must make a big family decision, and the police put pressure on J."
"The Codys aim for the biggest score of their lives as the cops put J in an impossible position. Meanwhile, Catherine arrives to make amends, raising Smurf's suspicions in the process, and Pope is enlisted to investigate."
"While Pope and Smurf try to keep Baz from figuring out the truth about Catherine, the money from their Camp Pendleton heist comes through. But there are bigger problems within the Cody Gang."
Season 2 - Animal Kingdom
"After a risky heist misfires, the boys blame Smurf sending shock waves through the family. Baz copes with being a single parent and Deran makes plans for the future."
"The boys scope out a new job while Smurf adjusts to being out of the loop. Deran asks Pope and Craig to help him make some quick cash. Baz looks into Catherine's disappearance."
"Smurf takes J to the desert for an old friend's wake; Baz visits Lucy in Mexico; Pope bonds with Amy from the megachurch while babysitting Lena; Deran considers what he will risk to get a liquor license for the bar."
"The bar is set to open but Deran worries about telling Smurf about it. Pope and Amy go on a date."
"The guys spin into motion the megachurch heist but Craig has second thoughts. Javi pays Smurf a surprise visit."
"Javi puts pressure on Smurf so she enlists J for help. Baz faces a secret that was kept hidden by Catherine."
"The guys contemplate how far they'll go to help Smurf eliminate Javi. A shaken Nicky and J inch closer together."
"The police put pressure on Amy to find the truth about the church robbery and Pope tries to divert suspicion. Craig plans an unusual heist. Baz surveils Smurf to find out her secrets."
"When Baz bows out of the yacht heist, Craig and Deran consider their options. Meanwhile, Baz recruits J for a more personal job."
"Craig leads the guys and Nicky in pirating a yacht as Smurf investigates who robbed her."
"Deran and Craig get mixed up in Marco's scheme. Pope cracks up. Smurf finds out who robbed her and makes Jay an Offer. Baz continues with his plan for Smurf."
"Baz makes his move to run the family while Smurf is in jail but his brothers have other plans."
"When Smurf realizes she may be in jail a lot longer than expected she pits her sons against one another, the consequences be damned."
Season 3 - Animal Kingdom
"Baz clings to life as Cody and the boys determine their next move following the shooting. Smurf gets some surprising news while in jail."
"J struggles to keep the family business afloat for Smurf while she's incarcerated. Deran makes some moves on his own. Pope learns parenting on-the-fly while caring for Lena. Craig makes enemies in Mexico."
"Smurf navigates prison politics. J keeps the family business afloat by bringing in the Cody boys. Nicky finds herself in trouble when she tries to impress an old friend."
"Cody and the boys pull off a heist without Smurf or Baz, and receive unexpected guests waiting for them when they return. Smurf demands that J tighten up the operation while she deals with problems of her own in jail."
"Deran gets to know his father, Billy, and helps J with a dilemma. Pearce closes in on Smurf's laundering operation. Craig uncovers a secret that sends him to Smurf. Nicky must decide whether she belongs in the Cody family or not."
"J tries to make his relationship with Nicky work as he faces pressure from Smurf to clean up loose ends. Craig gathers the boys to defend the Codys' reputation in town when outsiders move in on their territory. Billy gives Deran an idea for a job."
"Deran leads the charge in planning the weed heist. Lucy calls Pope down to Mexico for some intel on Baz's murder. J reaches a breaking point with Smurf. Craig learns more about Billy's girlfriend Frankie."
"The weed heist goes awry and leaves J and Deran stranded. Pope and Billy butt heads as Craig tries to keep the peace between them. Smurf learns about what J has been hiding from her since she's been away."
"A decision from Deran's past comes back to haunt him. J works to get back into Smurf's good graces as she tries to take away his control over the family business. Billy uses his past with Smurf to his advantage."
"Billy Pressures The Family To Give Him What He Is Owed. Craig Has A Surprise Meeting That Makes Him Reconsider His Future. Smurf Comes To The Boys With A Proposal As They Struggle To Hold On To Their Freedom They Had When She Was In Jail."
"Smurf enlists the boys into a surprise job that has devastating consequences. Pope is forced to confront the truth about Baz's murder. J steps p for the family in an unexpected way,"
"The Cody Family Pick Up The Pieces From Their Showdown With Lucy. Smurf Becomes Determined To Reel Pope Back In At Any Cost. J Goes To Extreme Lengths To Protect A Secret"
"J Relizes The Danger Of Balancing His Role In The Family And His Personal Ambitions. Frankie Opens Up New Doors For Craig. Smurf Offers The Boys The Independence They Been Asking For But It Doesn't Come Free."
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