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Bachelor in Paradise

Contestants will live together in an isolated romantic paradise and, over the course of six episodes, we’ll follow these former bachelors and bachelorettes as they explore new romantic relationships. America will watch as they fall in love or go...

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Season 1 - Bachelor in Paradise
"In the series premiere, former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants arrive in Tulum hoping a possible summer fling turns into the real thing. But paradise has a few surprises."
"A shocking exit reveals an outside relationship and two new bachelors join the group in paradise. Plus, Lacy and Marcus get cozy and Clare goes on multiple dates."
"Two new bachelorettes join with one man in mind: Marquel. Plus, AshLee gets her wish to go on an overnight date with Graham and a debilitating injury could send one bachelor home."
"Three new bachelors arrive in paradise and things at the houses heat up when the outspoken AshLee is caught gossiping about Clare, leading to an epic confrontation."
"The cliffhanger at the end of the previous episode's shocking rose ceremony continues. Plus, in an unexpected twist, one bachelorette is rushed to the hospital in an ambulance after falling ill and, unfortunately for two bachelors, they are unlucky in love and must leave paradise forever."
"A new bachelor creates tension for a blossoming couple and another bachelor is called out for being unfaithful as time in paradise nears an end in the penultimate episode."
"Some couples find true love and ride off into the sunset together; for others, their journey will end. Plus, one nervous bachelor steals his lady away - what will happen next?"
Season 2 - Bachelor in Paradise
"Hoping for a second chance at love, the cast arrives at their own private paradise in Vallarta-Nayarit, Mexico. The mood changes quickly when a mystery woman enters Paradise."
"Clare returns with a date card in hand and a mission to find herself a man. To her disappointment, all of the guys that she's into seem to be taken. Mikey T. seizes the opportunity by inviting himself on the date and, without any other options, Clare accepts. The pair heads off to an uncomfortably intimate session of tantric yoga followed by a swim under a waterfall. They soon discover their feelings are not mutual. Later, Ashley S. receives a date card and chooses Dan to accompany her. The blossoming couple travel to old town Puerto Vallarta for a romantic dinner, ..."
"Three new bachelors arrive and one bachelorette threatens to leave Paradise. Jared finds himself in a love triangle between two prominent rivals - Ashley I. and Clare."
"One of the love triangles in Paradise becomes a love square when new bachelor Michael G. arrives. Clare lectures the entire group in one of the strangest tantrums to date."
"This week an all new episode of Bachelor in Paradise"
"After sending Jonathan and Mikey home, Juelia is shocked to find out Joe's true intentions when his dream girl Samantha comes. Ashley S. is excited about moving forward with Dan until he breaks things off and a new arrival asks him out. J.J and Megan go on a one on one swimming with the dolphins and sailing on a yacht."
"The drama picks up moments after several infuriated bachelors confront Joe for leading Juelia on to get her rose. A handsome and notorious newcomer arrives to Paradise."
"Joe's attempt to win Samantha back falls flat, leaving him heartbroken and embarrassed. Justin from Kaitlyn's season arrives with a date card and his eyes on a certain someone."
"The women have the power this week at the rose ceremony. Plus, there are new arrivals - male and female - in Paradise."
"New arrivals shake up Paradise and Ashley I. asks Chris Harrison for an overnight fantasy suite date. Could her infatuation with Jared lead her on a path she's never experienced?"
"Ashley I. whisks Jared away to a luxurious hotel. Plus, the largest round of eliminations in Bachelor history takes place, resulting in eight disenchanted people exiting Paradise."
"With heavy hearts and uncertain minds, which couples will commit to a life beyond Paradise? Don't miss the season finale!"
Season 3 - Bachelor in Paradise
"Looking for a second chance at love on the season premiere of the highly anticipated \"Bachelor in Paradise,\" the cast arrive to their own private paradise in the gorgeous town of Sayulita, located in Vallarta-Nayarit, Mexico. With a mix of former contestants and a few returning Paradise favorites, no one is more highly anticipated than villainous Chad, who is hot off the heels of his dramatic exit from JoJo's season. Though it's clear that this romantic seaside retreat will be the perfect place to find love, things take an unexpected turn when an unhinged hunk offends..."
"Things start off with a bang when one cast member insults Chris Harrison and his cast mates during his early exit! Meanwhile, back at the house, an excited bachelorette arrives in paradise with a date card and makes another bachelorette jealous with her choice. Later, things get complicated when the bachelor vet takes the bachelorette out for a night in Mexico, leaving his previous date upset! As connections get more complex, none of the girls feel their rose is guaranteed and at the first rose ceremony, two disappointed women are sent home. The morning after the ..."
"The women have the power as things begin to heat up! An aggressive suitor steals one particular bachelor's love interest yet again, and a new bachelor leaves another man upset when he arrives in Paradise with a date card, forming a love triangle. Plus, a recently dumped bachelor tries to win back a woman as she's mid-makeout with another bachelor. Will the underdog prevail?"
"Day three in Paradise starts with a hopeful bachelor making a desperate plea for a taken woman. With the girls holding the power, the unattached bachelors are at risk of being sent home. Heading into the second rose ceremony, a Paradise vet remains caught in a love triangle, and another undecided bachelorette is questioning whether to save a friend who deserves a chance at love. Plus, a newly single bachelorette contemplates her options. As the rose ceremony comes to a close, two smitten bachelors are shocked to be sent home. When an unexpected bachelorette arrives in..."
"When an infamous drama queen arrives in Paradise, she's shocked to discover that her ex has met someone else, and she asks another bachelor to join her on a date. Back at the house, Paradise's most unorthodox couple have an equally unorthodox date and their feelings deepen. Meanwhile, a show-stopping bachelorette arrives in Paradise, and a long-time fan-favorite is instantly smitten. Heading into the rose ceremony, one bachelor finds himself at the center of drama with his ex, and he threatens to leave Paradise."
"In the hours leading up to the third rose ceremony, a frustrated bachelor continues to deal with his crying ex who must accept that he's moved on with a new girl. As the rose ceremony commences, two devastated bachelorettes are sent packing. Later, two arrivals stir up interest in the ladies of Paradise, which impacts an existing couple and leads to the second double date of the season. Meanwhile, an opportunistic bachelorette makes her move to recapture her dream guy's heart, and a tempted woman puts her relationship to the test when she declares her attraction for ..."
"The story picks up as the shattered New Yorker talks with his doubting bachelorette about their relationship. During their tearful conversation, the crushed bachelor ends things and exits Paradise. Later, the cast is reenergized when a popular couple arrives with a date card. The couples sit down with the husband and wife in hopes of obtaining a romantic date, but doubts arise for two couples, forcing them to have difficult conversations. Meanwhile, one hot-and-cold couple receive a date card and admit to the possibility of a future together.Continuing to feel ..."
"This week an all new episode of Bachelor in Paradise."
"This week an all new episode of Bachelor in Paradise."
"This week an all new episode of Bachelor in Paradise."
"A panicked bachelor voices his concerns, and a vulnerable bachelorette worries that her reserved guy may not reciprocate her feelings. Who will leave their time in Paradise engaged and ready to start their next chapter and who will leave with their heart broken?"
Season 4 - Bachelor in Paradise
"Looking for a second chance at love on the fourth season premiere of the highly anticipated Bachelor in Paradise, the cast arrives one by one to their own private paradise in the gorgeous town of Sayulita, located in Vallarta-Nayarit, Mexico. The cast, comprised of former fan favorites and controversial characters from The Bachelor franchise, live together along the shores of Paradise beach, share exotic dates, and explore new romances, all for another chance to find love. They all left The Bachelor or The Bachelorette with broken hearts, but now they'll travel to a ..."
"Carly and Evan exchange marriage vows in Paradise before an assemblage of their family and friends, including many of our Bachelor favorites. Then, it's time for the tears to flow, including from the bride and the groom... and Ashley I. too! Later, the cast returns and sits down with host Chris Harrison for a thought-provoking conversation. Once the show resumes, the cast tries to pick up where they left off. Watch one couple's relationship heat up, while the production timeout changed the momentum for others. Meanwhile, one desperate and lonely lady wants a date card..."
"The fun begins when a cast-off cast member from Rachel's season of The Bachelorette washes up with a date card burning a hole in his pocket. Later, one frustrated female, who doesn't know where she stands with her man, makes it clear she would love to go on a date with the newcomer. During the cocktail party leading up to the first rose ceremony, one guy tells one of the women he wants to slow things down. The morning after, one lucky loser receives a rose from a buddy rather than from his prospective bride, and one woman's pretty boy shows up with a birthday cake for..."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Bachelor in Paradise, begins, ironically, with the arrival of a virgin with a date card. Although her \"friend\" from Nick's season of The Bachelor warns the virgin that her man would be a \"waste of time\" asking, he lets her know that, despite what she might have heard, he would love to go on a date with her. And so he does. At the rose ceremony, one man, who is interested in two women, has to choose one to give his rose to, knowing that the other one will probably be going home, while another man finds himself torn between the \"right option\" and the \"more exciting ..."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"One unhappy guy's love triangle hits a setback, but his hurting honey surprisingly declines a date with a new arrival. The new arrival has trouble finding another date but one woman accepts his offer in order to escape the drama in paradise. A newer, hotter arrival has an easier time getting a date when the first woman he asks says yes, even though her last date thought they were a thing. The double-date takes a turn when someone gets seasick. Meanwhile, on a more romantic date, an eager suiter takes a single mom to a Mexican town fair. Later, a single fellow decides ..."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"The only thing the couples know is that this is their last day in Paradise - unless, as host Chris Harrison explains, they decide, after some tough conversations, that the potential for love in their relationship is real enough that they want one more date in Paradise. That date would end with a fantasy suite card and the opportunity to spend the night alone together behind closed doors. Their other choices are either to leave together and explore their relationship outside of Paradise, or to just go their separate ways."
Season 5 - Bachelor in Paradise
"Members of Bachelor Nation begin their journey for another chance at finding love at a luxurious Mexico resort. Host and keeper of the keys Chris Harrison is there to greet the men and women that are hoping to find true love on the beach."
"The drama begins as a noncommittal single returns from his date with a former flame and unwanted confrontation awaits him back on the beach. Meanwhile, the next date card goes to a professional wrestler who steals one lively lady away."
"A former bachelorette is in Paradise and on her way to talk to an emotional bachelor from her season. Will he get the closure he needs? And will he stay in Paradise?"
"As storms continue to brew, both figuratively and literally, a distressed damsel confronts the man that deceived her by kissing another woman, who then joins them for an awkward conversation."
"The women are handing out the roses, and they are ready for some new options. A hunky ladies' man walks into Paradise with his long locks flowing and asks out another fair-haired beauty."
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