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Batman: The Animated Series

Batman The Animated Series was a cartoon that premiered on September 5, 1992, based on the comic series created by Bob Kane, as well as the Burton movie adaptations. The series focused on the adventures of the alter ego of millionaire Bruce Wayne,...

Duration:23 mins

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Season 1 - Batman: The Animated Series
"Catwoman and Batman join forces in an attempt to foil the evil forces of a terrorist by the name of Red Claw."
"Batman finds himself tangling with a Jekyll-and-Hyde bat creature after it attacks a night watchman and the police wage a war on the Dark Knight."
"Batman must stop a vengeful Mr. Freeze from fulfilling his vendetta against a callous businessman."
"A disfigured actor is forced to frame Bruce Wayne."
"Forcibly overdosed on a shapechanging substance, Matt Hagan has become the shapeshifting monster, Clayface, and now wants revenge on Roland Dagget."
"Batman intervenes in a gang war and tries to convince the older of two rival bosses to change his ways."
"An ordinary man finds himself forced to assist The Joker in one of his crimes."
"Batman and Catwoman must work together to stop Red Claw from releasing a viral plague outside Gotham."
"When Harvey Dent is poisoned with derivative from an extinct flower, Batman must hunt down the assailant who has the antidote, the villainous plant fanatic Poison Ivy."
"Batman faces off against the Scarecrow whose fear gas makes the superhero afraid of disgracing the Wayne name."
"An offhand remark by Mayor Hill on television spurs the Joker into sneaking onto his estate disguised as a clown at the birthday party for Hill's son, Jordan. Joker plants a bomb, but Bruce Wayne, who is attending the party, manages to defuse it. However, Jordan, who is angry at his father, runs away hiding in Joker's van."
"On Batman's annual intensive patrol of the street where his parents were murdered, Roland Dagget plots to devastate it."
"The day after a police sting to catch a drug lord goes disastrously wrong, the events of the night before are reconstructed by the accounts of three police officers: Harvey Bullock, Renee Montoya, and a rookie."
"A ruined efficiency expert with an uncanny sense of timing and schedules plots his revenge against Mayor Hill."
"The Joker's plot to send all of Gotham into insanity with Joker-gas from a garbage scow leads to a battle on the water."
"A health resort, reputed to able to restore one's youth, has a horrific price Batman must cancel."
"On the election trail, Harvey Dent gradually loses control of his repressed evil alternate personality until gangster Rupert Thorne inadvertently unleashes it."
"Two-Face begins robbing Rupert Thorne's business in revenge while both the gangster and Batman hunt the dichotomous supervillain for their own reasons."
"While investigating a mysterious series of athlete panic attacks during games, Robin is exposed to the fear toxin of the culprit, The Scarecrow."
"While trying to thwart Penguin's robbery of a rare Faberge egg, Batman is weakened by exposure to a toxic gas. He takes shelter in a basement apartment belonging to a teen-aged amateur detective."
"A convict turned witness disappears and Harvey Bullock, who arrested him, is suspected in the incident."
"A con man convinces a large group of Gotham's richest men that he can see into the future by arranging a series of near-fatal accidents."
"While in disguise investigating the disappearance of homeless people, Batman is attacked and abducted to a slave camp with his memory lost."
"When a jealous scientist with a passion of Alice in Wonderland uses his mind control devices to have his dream girl for his own, Batman must intervene."
"A master designer of deathtraps is hired to take Batman's cowl and cape."
"After being knocked out in a mysterious warehouse, Batman wakes up in a world where his parents are alive, he is engaged to Selina Kyle, and someone else is Batman."
"Batman discovers a subterranean colony of children in the sewer system dominated by the insane Sewer King."
"A former fellow student of one of Wayne's old sensei's begins stalking the billionaire in revenge as a ninja."
"A sinister doctor uses his mind reading machine to learn Batman's secret identity and attempts to auction it."
"Selina Kyle is captured by a mad scientist and transformed into a humanoid cat creature."
"While affected by the Scarecrow's fear toxin, Batman finds himself an inmate of Arkham Asylum."
"A series of bombings reminiscent of a long lost TV series occur and the washed up star of it may be connected."
"While Catwoman searches for her missing cat, she uncovers a plot to infect Gotham City that Batman must help stop."
"Batman has serious doubts about his calling when Commissioner Gordon is seriously wounded."
"In a bar, a collection of Batman's enemies chat about their failed attempts to kill him."
"Batman investigates sightings of an apparent werewolf."
"The Man-Bat appears to be on the loose again, but it isn't clear if Dr. Kirk Langstrom is involved."
"On Christmas Eve, Joker broadcasts a pirate Christmas special on television. Batman and Robin have until midnight to fight their way past Joker's traps hidden all over town and rescue Commissioner Gordon, Harvey Bullock, and Summer Gleeson."
"A hyper-sophisticated robot steals computer technology from Wayne Enterprises, leading Batman to a sentient supercomputer, H.A.R.D.A.C., and its plan to replace humans with androids."
"Batman tracks a series of robots to Cybertron's headquarters, with some assistance from Barbara Gordon."
"A fired puzzle designer seeks revenge against his greedy former employer as The Riddler."
"When the Joker learns that a casino owner is using his likeness for the theme of his business, he escapes Arkham Asylum to destroy it while unaware of the owner's real motives."
"H.A.R.D.A.C.'s robot replica of Bruce Wayne wanders around, believing itself to be the real Batman."
"Batman teams up with the mysterious Talia to retrieve a prototype weapon from the supervillain, Count Vertigo."
"When the Riddler traps Commissioner Gordon's consciousness in a virtual reality device, Batman must enter the villain's construct to save him."
"The Joker starts threatening the patent office staff when they refuse to patent his disfigured fish."
"Harley Quinn teams up with Poison Ivy and both become the Queens of Crime, after the Joker and Batman find out."
"The Penguin finds the mechanic who designs Batman's Batmobiles and forces him to turn the current model into a deathtrap."
"A small time crook tells his story of how he accidentally seemed to kill Batman, and how now everyone wants to kill him next."
"A stage magician - and former friend of Bruce Wayne - is framed for grand larceny."
"Robin finds out that the leader of an extortion ring he and Batman are tracking is Tony Zucco, the man who murdered his parents."
"It's love for the Penguin when socialite Veronica Vreeland hooks up with him, but it's only an attempt to raise her social status."
"Batman orders Robin to stay at home while he goes to catch Tony Zucco, but Robin goes out anyway."
"Although temporarily blinded, Batman is still determined to stop The Penguin who is threatening the city with a prototype attack helicopter."
"Batman visits one of his teachers to help fight Kyodai Ken who has learned the secret of a death touch attack."
"A small-time crook has stolen an invisibility suit, which he has been using to steal jewels, and now plans to steal his young daughter from his ex-wife."
"Robin is kidnapped, and Batman unexpectedly joins forces with Ra's Al Ghul, whose daughter Talia has also been taken."
"Batman must stop R'as Al Ghul's plot to destroy the earth."
"Batman must stop an insane ventriloquist whose alternate criminal personality dominates him through his gangster dummy."
"An energy weapon developed by the Army has disappeared, and Batman discovers that a mad shipping magnate who now fancies himself the god Zeus will use it to devastate Gotham."
Season 2 - Batman: The Animated Series
"Commissioner James Gordon is arrested for corruption, forcing his daughter, Barbara Gordon, to take a dramatic step to help him."
"Barbara Gordon, now Batgirl, joins Batman and Robin's investigation of Commissioner Gordon's framing."
"Clayface resurfaces with his body's cellular integrity decaying."
"The Mad Hatter plants mind-control devices inside miniature native dolls distributed to high-society Gothamites by Veronica Vreeland."
"After losing his medical license, Dr. Matthew Thorne, younger brother of crime boss Rupert Thorne and a former colleague of Thomas Wayne and Leslie Tompkins, is forced to peddle his services to his brother and members of his gang. When Rupert insists that Matthew perform his heart surgery, Batman must protect both of them from assassination."
"Poison Ivy, after being released from Arkham, has apparently settled for a normal life, married to her psychiatrist and doting on his two children. Batman and Robin are suspicious, however, because semi-sentient plant-like creatures are committing mayhem all over Gotham."
"Killer Croc escapes a prison train and finds refuge with a group of former circus freaks living in the mountains, who take pity on him."
"Batman travels to Egypt and joins with Talia to hunt down Ra's al Ghul who is searching for an ancient source of ultimate power."
"A district attorney who loathes Batman is forced to defend him in a twisted parody of a trial run by the inmates of Arkham Asylum who have seized control and taken them both prisoner."
"When Joker steals a nuclear weapon, Batman arranges for Harley Quinn's release from Arkham, so she can help him track the Joker down."
Season 3 - Batman: The Animated Series
"Rupert Thorne hires steroid-enhanced mercenary Bane to eliminate Batman."
"Before undergoing surgery meant to remove both his disfigurement and his alternate personality, Two-Face\/Harvey Dent is kidnapped by persons unknown."
"The Riddler has apparently gone straight, but Batman is not so sure."
"A washed-up actress with a bizarre condition that makes her look permanently like a child seeks revenge against her canceled show's cast and crew."
"Batman and Robin battle the Clock King who has a prototype device that allows him to operate at an extremely accelerated time rate apart from the rest of his reality."
"On her first day of release, Harley Quinn gets into a ridiculous amount of trouble in record time."
"Batman and Robin investigate why various comedians are suddenly committing crimes with comically bizarre motifs."
"Batgirl, Catwoman and Robin team up to investigate the theft of a valuable cat statuette."
"Disgraced fanatical warder of Arkham Asylum sets himself as a vigilante jailer."
"An elderly amusement park owner breaks Mr. Freeze out of jail, hoping to be \"frozen\" like him in order to achieve immortality."
Season 4 - Batman: The Animated Series
"Three rich youths who commit armed robbery for fun are pursued by Batman as their irresponsible hobby escalates into potentially worse deeds."
"While the Dynamic Duo race to stop Ra's Al Ghul from performing a kidnapping, the wild west story of how one of his sons was opposed by the disfigured bounty hunter, Jonah Hex, is told."
"Catwoman is trying to go straight, but is recruited by The Ventriloquist as a jewel thief."
"Det. Bullock reluctantly asks for Batman's assistance when he is convinced someone is trying to kill him."
"Red Claw kidnaps an old colleague of Alfred's from the British Secret Service, to gain access to a hidden missile silo."
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