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Better Call Saul

We meet him when the man who will become Saul Goodman is known as Jimmy McGill, a small-time lawyer searching for his destiny and, more immediately, hustling to make ends meet. Working alongside, and, often, against Jimmy, is ‘fixer’ Mike...

Duration:46 mins

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Season 1 - Better Call Saul
"Struggling public defender Jimmy McGill constructs an elaborate yet questionable plan for winning back a pair of wealthy, potential clients."
"With his latest scam gone horribly wrong, Jimmy finds himself face to face with violent criminals, and is forced to talk his way out of a life-threatening situation."
"Jimmy must prove that Nacho is innocent when he is wrongly suspected of kidnapping."
"Jimmy makes a bold move against Hamlin in an effort to attract potential clients."
"After a strange encounter with the police, Chuck ends up in the hospital. Jimmy meets up with a series of unruly clients."
"Mike's days as a police officer in Philadelphia catch up to him when he's questioned about a tragic event from his past."
"The Kettlemans seek Jimmy as their lawyer after turning down an offer from HHM, going as far as attempting to blackmail him."
"Jimmy discovers the Sandpiper Retirement Home has been scamming his elderly clients, and prepares to take legal action."
"Chuck wants to transfer the Sandpiper case to HHM much to Jimmy's dismay. Mike gets a job offer working as a bodyguard."
"Jimmy seizes an opportunity to reconnect with an old friend; Chuck adjusts to a new way of life."
Season 2 - Better Call Saul
"Jimmy decides to quit the law after turning down a job at Davis & Main. Mike breaks ties with a former associate."
"While Mike attempts to track down Pryce's stolen baseball cards, Jimmy must defend him when the police call him in for further questioning."
"Jimmy struggles with client outreach and decides to shoot a TV commercial for Davis & Main. Mike begins an investigation."
"Jimmy and Kim face the repercussions of the TV commercial. Mike makes a deal with Nacho in regards to his newest job offer."
"Jimmy chafes under his restrictive work environment; Kim goes to extremes to dig herself from a bottomless hole at HHM."
"Jimmy finds comfort in familiarity; Kim receives a life-changing proposal; when he is threatened, Mike finds himself pushed to the limit."
"When Mike's hand is forced, he can no longer hide his frustration; Mike and Jimmy work together to keep the peace."
"Mike aims to settle the score with an enemy; an unexpected opportunity presents itself to Jimmy."
"Mike takes a methodical approach to his mission; someone questions Chuck's capabilities; Jimmy faces a personal dilemma."
"Jimmy must make a hard choice; Mike takes control of matters; Hamlin delivers shocking news."
Season 3 - Better Call Saul
"As Chuck plots his next move, another lie comes back to haunt Jimmy. A rattled Mike tries to find out who's been tracking his movements - and how."
"Jimmy and Kim hire an assistant; Mike seeks out a mysterious acquaintance; and Chuck uses the law to gain an advantage over Jimmy."
"Jimmy decides to represent a new client, much to Kim's dismay. Meanwhile, Mike meets a formidable ally who presents him an enticing offer."
"Jimmy calls in a favor from Mike. Meanwhile, new complications disrupt the Salamancas' business; and Chuck and Jimmy struggle to compromise."
"Kim and Jimmy face off with an adversary. Jimmy looks to Chuck's past to secure his future. Jimmy loses an ally and gains another."
"Jimmy embarks on a new endeavor. Chuck pushes himself to the limit. Nacho finds himself ensnared in a power struggle."
"Jimmy tries to settle his debts. Nacho reunites with an old acquaintance. Mike helps Stacey with a project and makes a meaningful connection."
"Jimmy is pushed to desperate measures. Nacho picks up a skill and Mike explores an alliance. Kim stands up to Hamlin."
"Jimmy visits an old friend and takes up a new pastime; Chuck and Hamlin spar over the future of the firm; and Kim faces challenges at work."
"Kim resolves to take some time off from work, while Jimmy does his best to make amends; Nacho takes a major gamble with his future; Hamlin applies pressure on Chuck to finally make a decision."
Season 4 - Better Call Saul
"Jimmy struggles to cope with Chuck's tragic death. Mike ponders his role at Madrigal. Howard makes a startling confession."
"Jimmy seeks new employment. Gus navigates the fallout from Hector's collapse. Kim endeavors to support Jimmy in the wake of Chuck's death."
"Jimmy puts a risky plan into motion; as alliances shift, Nacho finds himself in the crosshairs; Kim contemplates her future."
"A restless Jimmy embarks on a new endeavor while Mike burns bridges; Kim pursues her bliss; Nacho tries to survive a turf war."
"Jimmy identifies a new market for his talents; Mike vets a potential partnership; Kim drives a hard bargain."
"While Jimmy daydreams about reconstituting Wexler-McGill, Kim sets out to secure her own future; Mike puts a plan into motion for Gus."
"Jimmy runs into a problem as he expands his business that only Kim can solve. Gus gets involved in Hector's medical care. Mike has to deal with a setback."
"Jimmy goes to great lengths to right a wrong, as Kim pulls out all the stops for a case; Mike lets his team blow off steam; Nacho receives a visitor."
"Jimmy and Kim unburden themselves, risking their relationship in the process; Nacho is forced to make the rounds with Lalo; Mike has cause to worry."
"Jimmy turns the page on his reputation; Lalo tracks a loose end in Gus's operation; Mike is forced to make a difficult decision."
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