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Braxton Family Values

Join the rambunctious, tight-knit Braxton sisters — Grammy-winning artist Toni Braxton, Traci, Towanda, Trina and Tamar — and their headstrong mother for an inside look at their lives and the drama of family chaos. They’ll battle it out for the...

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Season 1 - Braxton Family Values
"Ready to relaunch her singing career, R&B superstar Toni invites her four younger sisters to join her for a benefit concert in Bermuda. But old rivalries and resentments threaten to ruin what was meant to be a joyful family reunion."
"The Braxton sisters fear that Trina's weight gain & alcohol abuse are symptoms of depression. They consult a family therapist, and surprise Trina with an intervention. Progress is is made, and the sisters hold hands at the end."
"The ladies celebrate Toni's birthday with a trip to Miami; Tamar is upset when Toni cancels plans to go clubbing and picks a fight at dinner."
"Toni is getting an award. The Braxtons travel to Los Angeles, and stay with Tamar and Vince. They are upset by her \"house rules.\" Toni then shocks her family by confessing she has lupus. She reveals this news at the award ceremony."
"Toni meets with Vince to discuss her upcoming Russia gig and her career. She wants to wok Vegas show, but is concerned no one will hire her due to her Lupus. Traci is upset when she learns that she can't go to Russia due to a visa issue. Rehearsals go poorly. Trina doesn't know her moves, and Tamar calls to say she can't go to Russia. Towanda agrees to fill in. Trina goes to counseling with Gabe. Towanda shops for a wardrobe for Toni, but Toni isn't happy with her choices. Trina and Towanda pack and say goodbye their families. After arrival in Russia, they learn that ..."
"Vince and the Braxton sisters try to get Toni to agree to do a family album. Towanda moves into Toni's house, and chaos ensues. Trina works on her marriage with Gabe and considers buying a house with him."
"The Braxton's throw a 60th birthday party for their mother Evelyn at Tamar and Vincent's house in LA. Despite their good intentions, the sister's aren't sure of the perfect gift for their Mom, and argue over the specifics of the party."
"Tamar tries to dissuade Toni from posing for Playboy, even booking a nude shoot for her. Evelyn goes on her fist blind date with a white guy. Tamar throws an \"appreciation\" party for Vince to convince him to help her with her solo album."
"On Tamar's advice, the Braxtons fly to Maryland to visit to have a family reunion with their father. They visit their childhood house but are kicked out by the new owners. Dad doesn't show up to brunch leaving the sisters devastated."
"The girls' father attends a family dinner causing a huge blow up with their mom. Towanda delivers separation papers to her husband. Traci commits to moving to Atlanta but Toni decides she is moving to LA jeopardizing the Braxton album."
"Following the season finale, talk show host Wendy Williams dishes with the girls and gets the real scoop on the special surprises the season held out to viewers."
Season 2 - Braxton Family Values
"The sisters deal with newfound fame."
"Tamar starts recording her solo album."
"Gabe installs GPS in Trina's cell phone."
"Toni asks Traci to sing backup at a gig."
"Trina celebrates her college graduation."
"The family gathers for Toni's surgery."
"Traci and Tamar fight and go to therapy."
"The sisters prep for a huge gig in NYC."
"Trina admits to having an affair."
"The sisters prepare for Toni's tribute."
"Babyface lures Toni back in the studio. Trina shocks Toni at charity event, and sisters are outraged over Trina's plan to include Gabe in store idea."
"Three sisters have relationship issues."
"Vince is hospitalized with a blood clot."
"Trina performs original songs at a gig."
"Tamar performs at the Soul Train Awards."
"The girls try to plan Evelyn's wedding."
"Wedding planning stresses out Evelyn."
"Evelyn calls off her wedding to Doc."
"Tamar and Vince seek a doctor's advice."
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"Trina drops band; Toni models."
"Trina preps for video; freezer babies."
Season 3 - Braxton Family Values
"Toni takes her sisters to Italy. Tamar is promoting her single and can't join them. Toni confronts Tamar about tension between the sisters."
"The sisters visit Toni on her movie set in Canada for some bonding time. After a fight, Tamar leaves. Tamar and Towanda try to hash out their issues."
"Tamar's music career is taking off, but conflict among the sisters forces them all into therapy. Tempers soon erupt, and Toni storms out."
"Michael Braxton attempts to reunite his daughters. Tamar is tired of feeling attacked by her sisters; Toni demands an apology; and Traci storms off."
"The sisters call a truce. Toni considers quitting the music biz. Traci hosts a Women's Cancer Walk. Trina pushes family clothing store idea."
"The sisters tangle with relatives at dad's birthday party, then rush to Atlanta when mom Evelyn is hospitalized. Toni meets with Babyface."
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"Tamar's pregnancy reveal. Trina records a new song and thinks about moving to LA. Sisters challenge each other's cooking skills with Mommy's recipes."
"Tamar gets first ultrasound. Traci plans to surprise family with her motorcycle skills. Braxton clan has dog memorial; Evelyn announces move to LA."
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"Trina and Traci have major solo gigs, but Tamar and Toni have harsh criticism for Trina. Towanda sets up Tamar with a new gay assistant."
"Toni hosts a screening for her first lead in a movie. Tamar has pregnancy woes. Evelyn goes on blind dates. Trina's ready to open a store without Gabe."
"Toni decides if she wants to record again with Babyface. Tamar storms out of her shower after Toni makes a big announcement. The sisters are worried by Traci's bizarre behavior and uncover shocking news."
"Traci and Trina face questions about their marriages at the Essence Festival. Toni works on her single with Babyface. Tamar promotes her new album."
"Traci questions her husband about illegitimate son and confronts sisters about gossiping. Toni & Tamar prepare for their tours. Tamar's big apology."
"Toni is under pressure as she preps for her first tour in five years. Tamar rehearses while sick for her album tour. Traci gets her own radio show."
"Toni fights nerves to make a triumphant return to the stage. Trina struggles with her performance in Toni's show. Tamar shoots a lavish music video."
"Sisters return home from Toni's tour. Towanda preps for 40th birthday party and clashes with Tamar. Trina works with Gabe on new business, Bar Chix."
"Toni & Babyface rehearse for tour. Towanda poses nude, fires Trina and throws mega 40th birthday bash. Tamar and Towanda's tension finally explodes."
"After months of tension, Tamar and Towanda go head-to-head; Toni tries to mediate. Toni & Babyface shoot \"Hurt You\" video. Tamar performs on Arsenio."
"Tamar and Towanda put aside feud for Toni's birthday. Evelyn battles a stalker. Toni pushes sisters in ballroom dance class. Trina explores sex shop."
"Toni sings at Breeders' Cup; starts biography. Tamar invites sisters to join her on tour. Trina's Bar Chix launch party. Traci records for her album."
"Trina joins Tamar on the road; Tamar's upset the other sisters aren't coming to see her show. Vince gets medical tests. Toni's book. Pulled over!"
"Sisters play for a million dollars on a game show. Evelyn is arrested for carrying a taser. Toni talks to writer about bankruptcies & biggest regret."
"Tamar is honored at Soul Train Awards; receives Grammy nominations. Tamar makes sisters sign contract to do album. Tamar and Towanda tension explodes."
"Tamar attends Grammy Awards. Vince throws an after-party staffed by Trina's Bar Chix and the whole family is there. Vince's birthday; a christening."
Season 4 - Braxton Family Values
"The girls are in NYC for Toni's Broadway show but tension flares up at Tamar's birthday party when a guest offends the sisters and Tamar defends him."
"After an explosive family dinner, the sisters go on a therapy retreat. Traci accuses Tamar's assistant of grabbing her, but Tamar blows up and insists Traci attacked her first."
"After all the drama, Evelyn insists the sisters go to Jamaica to have some fun. Toni performs; the girls parasail and party."
"Trina, Towanda and Traci move to LA to start the Braxton album, but Toni and Tamar disagree over how to produce the project. Tamar works on her tour. Traci and Kevin continue their Marriage Bootcamp therapy."
"The sisters start work on the album but clash about the details, especially Toni and Tamar. Evelyn has a piano delivered for inspiration, and Tamar gets the take-over spirit."
"Sisters get surprise visits from brother Michael and Trina's husband Gabe. Tensions rise as the girls struggle to make progress on their album."
"The sisters reconsider the album and decide to do a single instead. Trina clashes with Traci and Towanda over Gabe and their housewarming party. Tamar preps for her tour."
"Toni's book reveals shocking information. Tamar stresses over final details for her solo tour. Traci struggles at a photo shoot for her album."
"Towanda, Traci and Trina surprise Tamar on stage. Tamar is thrown off-guard, and the surprise completely backfires."
"The sisters meet to work out issues after Tamar's Atlanta show, but drama escalates. Traci's music video; a Braxton is rushed to the hospital; and Tamar considers a drastic decision about the sisterhood."
"A major disagreement erupts and splits the sisters. The Braxton parents call an emergency family meeting with well-known advisor Bishop T.D. Jakes."
"Traci performs at Toni's show; all the sisters are there. Trina's new man meets Daddy. Traci confronts her son and his fianc\u00c3\u00a9e. Tamar throws a party for Logan's second birthday."
"The sisters get competitive on Family Feud. Tamar shocks Evelyn with her new video. Traci forces Kevin Jr. and fiancee to care for a fake baby. Trina goes barhopping with potential Bar Chix; things get wild."
"Tamar is concerned that Trina's boyfriend wants a private meeting with their father. Towanda shocks all with her role in a new theater project. Sisters attend Trina's test run for Bar Chix; bartender blows up."
"After another stressful delay with Bar Chix, Trina's relationship takes a major turn. Tamar has ambitious photo shoot for her new album, but wardrobe is all wrong. Toni proposes Christmas album with sisters."
"Trina finds out what's inside secret box from Jacent. Towanda and Trina have news for Toni. Sisters start to work on Toni's Christmas album, but busy schedules and past issues stir up drama."
Season 5 - Braxton Family Values
"Evelyn suffers from a stroke, which turns into an East Coast vs. West Coast sister battle over Mommy! Evelyn's near death experience sparks a new lease on life while Traci faces a health scare of her own."
"Trina hires a matchmaker for Mommy in Atlanta. Toni craves new experiences and takes the plunge. Tamar wants the Hollywood Medium, Tyler Henry to connect with angels, but Trina is not on board & tension rises."
"Tamar opens up about being \"fired\" from The Real and tells her side of the story. Trina suspects she has a stalker and wants to get a gun, but her sisters object. Miss E's date is crashed by Tamar & Toni."
"Towanda spills the tea about Trina's man. Traci worries about her surgery. Tamar gets upset when Towanda goes missing at her fashion show. Daddy issues arise for Tamar & Trina."
"Toni screens her biopic movie; Tamar is tried when she meets her on screen counterpart. Towanda reveals her secret to Trina. Trina finally deals with her sister issues."
"Toni performs in Brooklyn; dinner disaster. Towanda's partner disappoints her at their dance competition; Tamar critiques Towanda. Toni tells Tamar her plans to change her show that might upset Trina & Towanda."
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"Trina shocks all when she reveals she reached out to her ex, Gabe; Tamar disapproves. Toni has the takeover spirit in a sister cook off. Towanda's challenged during acting class."
"Trina has a candid convo with her ex, Gabe, but it takes a turn for the worse when past infidelities are brought up. Emotions run high at Toni's final show with Trina & Towanda as her background singers."
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"Trina continues to move forward with Gabe, but Gabe seems to be looking for more than closure! Tamar's photo shoot. Traci records a new, sexy album but her manager has doubts."
"Gabe comes clean to Trina in a shocking admission. Tamar performs at an exclusive event. Traci tricks her sisters at her studio session. Toni's dinner is ruined when Tamar feels insulted."
"Tamar has a big surprise for the sisters, but their reaction shocks her. Trina worries Towanda's new place may mean a big move. Trina seeks a hypnotist to conquer her fear but her sisters interrupt her session."
"Trina's sons have a showdown with her ex, Gabe, and they don't hold back! Tamar breaks the news to producers that her sisters won't do the Broadway show. Towanda performs for an agent."
"Tensions rise at a sister slumber party at Toni's house. A trip down memory lane opens old wounds leading to a sister showdown. Toni has enough of \"bad attitude;\" Tamar storms out. Exclusive footage."
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Season 6 - Braxton Family Values
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"With Tamar in hiding, will she miss Toni's 50th birthday? Toni's stunned by a shocking party foul. Traci pressures her son over baby news. Tamar performs and Toni receives the Soul Train Legend Award."
"Towanda's decision to take legal action could tear the Braxton Family apart. Toni's shocking announcement. Towanda's ex blasts her on social media.Traci fears son Kevin is not ready to be a dad & puts him in baby bootcamp."
"Traci is snubbed by Tamar on her movie set; Toni shoots a new music video; Trina's pricey buy."
"Tamar & Towanda take over Toni's wedding planning; Traci celebrates her son's baby shower, but her joy is cut short when she receives devastating news about her upcoming tour with her sisters and fears they are to blame."
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