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Desus & Mero

The Bronx's very own Desus Nice and The Kid Mero, aka the Bodega Boys, give you their takes on politics, sports, entertainment and other subjects they don't really know about. The brand is strong!

Duration:30 mins

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Season 1 - Desus & Mero
"In the series premiere the guys dive into discussing the \"rigged\" election. Later comedian\/rapper Awkwafina stops by the studio."
"Kevin Hart apologizes to prego wife for cheating. Kevin Durant uses fake twitter account to clap back at haters and Joy Bryant talks about being a Supermodel in the 90's."
"Desus and Mero don't talk about the debate but they do talk about a smoking North Korean chimp. DJ Vashtie Kola stops by."
"Desus and Mero recap the debate low lights, breakdown Kanye's latest rant and Charlamagne Tha God stops by to watch a clip of the first ever hate crime during a game of corn-hole."
"Desus and Mero discuss s**t that happened over the weekend and welcome actress Pia Glenn to their graffiti table."
"Desus and Mero unearth a scandalous clip of Trump being nice, and Fat Jew stops by to watch videos and drink rose."
"Desus and Mero welcome Anthony Weiner back into the headlines and shout out the world's largest pit bull. Jillionaire stops by to question the need for Halloween."
"Desus and Mero judge Lebron's Halloween party and Jay and Bey's costumes. But the scariest part of last night was Tump leading the polls by one point."
"Desus & Mero beg their fans to stop tweeting that the Knicks suck. Rembert Browne stops by to reminisce about his flight on Air Force 1."
"Desus and Mero discuss the World Champion Chicago Cubs' disgusting dugout celebration, Kenny Chesney's disgusting snub of Beyonce and Johnny Damon's disgusting support of Trump."
"Desus and Mero endorse Jay Z's endorsement of Hillary and Putin's love of bears. Former White House Deputy Chief of Staff Alyssa Mastromonaco stops by to talk about what life with Barry is like."
"Desus and Mero usher in the end of our national nightmare live. With special in-studio guests Talib Kweli, Cardi B and Jim Jones. Plus political commentary from Joe Budden, Ezra Koenig, Charlamagne Tha God and The Fat Jew."
"Desus and Mero nurse their election hangover by continuing to talk about the election. DeRay McKesson stops by to talk election aftermath and his activism."
"Desus and Mero talk the awkward Trump\/Obama meet and greet, the awful Paul McCartney Mannequin Challenge and Mero's wife surprises him with a phone call."
"Desus and Mero welcome white nationalism to the White House and listen to Yoko Ono's screaming tribute to President-elect Trump. Bomani Jones stops by to discuss The Root 100 list."
"Desus and Mero discuss Barry's dig on Hillary and New Balance's unwanted endorsement deal. Nick Catchdubs stops by to talk about 50 Cents' rainmaking skills."
"Desus and Mero look forward to Trump's reality show presidency. Adult film star Janice Griffin stops by to talk racism in porn and adult stocking stuffers."
"Desus and Mero finally see some good in Hamilton the Musical and shout out yoga goats. NY Times Food editor Sam Sifton stops by to talk about chopped cheese appropriations."
"Desus and Mero salute the alt-right for not being as bad as actual Nazis and impersonate DMX. Special guest Rashida Jones stops by to show us her monkey bite scar."
"Desus and Mero prepare for Thanksgiving with blogger KFC from Barstool Sports."
"Desus and Mero celebrate Thanksgiving by giving thanks for their favorite moments from past episodes of Desus and Mero."
"Desus and Mero discuss Colin Kaepernick's foray into controversial t-shirt wearing. Artist Tony Peralta stops by to talk Washington Heights gentrification."
"Desus and Mero discuss what Mitt Romney ate besides his pride during dinner with Donald Trump. Chris Hayes stops by to talk growing up in the Bronx."
"Desus and Mero discuss Melo's last second shot and Obama's last minute weed endorsement. Model Amina Blue stops by to talk about music video life."
"Desus and Mero make plans to spend Mother's Day with Derek Jeter. Legendary hip hop group The Lox stop by to talk about coming up and staying there."
"Desus watches Mero destroy the Apple Crush challenge. ESPN 's Pablo Torre stops by to name drop Mark Zuckerberg's wife and to teach us the New York way to kill a mouse."
"Desus and Mero join Trump in questioning his intelligence. Immortal Technique sits down to talk about that time he made Lin-Manuel Miranda sing in a garbage can."
"Desus and Mero discuss Kanye's strangest move to date: meeting with Trump. Nick Cannon stops by to dish on why he wasn't invited to his kids' playdate with Beyonce."
"Desus and Mero debate whether or not you should mouth kiss your kids. Willie Geist stops by to talk about interviewing Mick Jagger."
"Mero pleads with Chrissy Teigen to follow him on Twitter again while Desus loses his shit. Comedian Franchesca Ramsey tells us why you should never make white girls cry."
"Desus compliments Mero for his \"butt expertise.\" Garbage Time's Katie Nolan stops by to audition for the newly open position in Fifth Harmony."
"Desus and Mero shout-out the security guard who was way too excited to see the San Diego Chargers Cheerleaders. John Hodgman sits down to throw some shade at the Verizon guy."
"Desus and Mero watch videos that make them never want to book Delta flights to Kentucky. Angie Martinez stops by to try her best to make the guys cry."
"On their last show of 2016, Desus and Mero celebrate the holidays by braving the cold and bros of Santacon."
"Desus & Mero kick off the new year by watching a video of a guy not getting shot for calling a cop a dickhead. Abdullah Saeed stops by to teach the guys how to smoke weed out of a bear's ass."
"Desus reminds Mero that Jeff Sessions is the guy who sees no value in Dominican immigrants. Financial advisor Josh Brown stops by to give some money tips."
"Desus and Mero discuss Barry's powerful farewell speech. NY Times Critic Wesley Morris stops by to talk about the one door his Pulitzer prize has yet to open for him."
"Desus and Mero cancel their L.L. Bean catalog subscription as they mourn the death of a robot monkey. NY Times writer Jenna Wortham talks about turning down an offer."
"Desus and Mero celebrate MLK day with recording artist Jean Grae."
"Desus somehow gets Mero REALLY fired up about Ray Romano. Comedian Neal Brennan talks about his Netflix special, public bathrooms and \"The Pullout Gang.\""
"Desus and Mero debate Nelly vs Drake but agree there's definitely a Trump pee tape. Melissa Harris-Perry discusses tampon earrings and the time she saw Obama at Walgreens."
"Desus asks UFC's Amanda Nunes to give Mero some tips for kicking Ray Romano's ass. Jamali Maddix talks about meeting racists & the calming effect of saying \"White Devil.\""
"Desus & Mero share some alternative facts and play a game of \"F*ck Up a Nazi.\" \"Another Round\" podcast hosts Heben and Tracy talk women's march and b-hole bleaching."
"Soledad O'Brien pleads with the media to stop normalizing white supremacy. Desus & Mero plead with their male viewers to get tested for HPV."
"Desus and Mero watch Sean Spicer stutter through a press conference and Kellyanne bomb at stand-up. Joe Budden talks Trump's wall and invites the guys to his pool party."
"Donald Trump is still talking about the size of his inauguration crowd and Sean Spicer is still tweeting with his butt cheeks. Stevie J tells a Biggie story for the ages."
"Desus and Mero discuss Trump's fears of Muslims and staircases. CC Sabathia talks about throwing 147 pitches in a game and eating two boxes of Cap'n Crunch in one sitting."
"Desus and Mero watch some chimps eat their dead leader's genitals. Former Black Panther Jamal Joseph talks about his memoir and his new film, \"Chapter and Verse.\""
"Desus and Mero check out Barry's vacay pics and watch a cockroach get removed from a girl's skull. BMX rider Nigel Sylvester does the first and last bike trick on set."
"Desus and Mero show us what Mitch McConnell and George Lopez have in common. Hot 97's Nessa joins the debate on mouth kissing your kids and talks vegan farts."
"Desus and Mero trash Ivanka Trump's shoes, freestyle rap Coretta Scott King's name and pay Charles Oakley the respects that the Knicks refuse to."
"Desus and Mero compares Adele's Grammy speech to a typical ending of a Knicks game. Yandy Smith recalls working for Jim Jones when \"Ballin\" dropped."
"Desus and Mero tell Rachel Dolezal and Bill O'Reilly to stay out of black peoples' hair. Run The Jewels talk about the moment they knew their solo days were done."
"Desus and Mero theorize why Mike Pence really calls his wife \"Mother.\" Juelz Santana recalls waking up Cam'ron to meet him and bar fighting with Jim Jones."
"Desus and Mero discuss Bill O'Reilly's harassment suits, thank Jerry Jones for finally being pro-weed and watch a video of a grandma literally getting shit-faced."
"Trump voters worry they'll end up on the wrong side of the wall they voted for. Hari Kondabolu recalls interning for Hillary Clinton and saying no to Chris Rock."
"Desus and Mero help Pepsi understand what they got wrong in their new ad. Guest Angela Rye addresses her epic beatdown on Joe Walsh."
"Trump changes his tune on Syria and Maxine Waters wants O'Reilly in jail. Guest Mack Wilds talks about his new album and how he got on Adele's video for \"Hello.\""
"The Patriots meet Trump without Brady and O'Reilly meets the Pope without a job. Aubrey Plaza stops by to FaceTime Chelsea Peretti for baby gift ideas."
"Obama speaks to Chicago youth about leadership while our nation's leader sends a flurry of angry tweets from his toilet. A$AP Ferg talks fashion and Timb etiquette."
"Shea Moisture and FaceApp compete to see which company can offend the most people of color. Jay Williams tells us why he would never gamble with Michael Jordan."
"Fox News is an equal opportunity discriminator and their boy Jesse Watters defends Ivanka by making a dick joke. Rick Ross talks healthy eating and makes it rain watermelons."
"Trump releases his tax plan on what appears to be a dinner napkin. Chad Johnson talks about his FIFA dominance and encourages Desus to make a baby."
"Fyre Festival was neither fire nor festive and Trump thinks the Civil War was just a big misunderstanding. Neil deGrasse Tyson discusses his new book and movie plot holes."
"Hillary emerges with some tweet inducing shade for Trump while Jeter and A-Rod bond during a terrible interview. Paul Scheer gives the guys shit for shopping at Erewhon."
"To celebrate the 100th episode of Desus and Mero, Morning Joe and Mika get engaged and Tom Colicchio joins the guys for a Chopped Cheese taste test."
"Trump takes his talents to the Middle East for some sword dancing, orb grabbing, and First Lady irritating. NBA'er Enes Kanter explains why Turkey revoked his passport."
"Trump meets the pope, Shaq and Barkley go at it and Ellen grills Nicki Minaj about Nas. Rob Huebel explains why he's banned from Yankee Stadium."
"Trump finally gets to piss off NATO in person and former brain surgeon Ben Carson thinks poverty is a mindset. Larry Wilmore tells us which of his shows he's most proud of."
"Bill Maher drops the N word on his show and Megyn Kelly fails to get Putin to confess on hers. Malcolm Gladwell explains why you shouldn't want your kids to be geniuses."
"Eric and Donald Tump Jr. defend their dad, their business, and their sister. Joy Reid recalls the craziest story she ever covered as a reporter in Florida."
"Trump's intelligence team won't snitch to the Senate and Seinfeld won't give Ke$ha a hug. Sasheer Zamata lists all the other comics she gets confused for."
"Comey calls Trump a liar under oath, McCain forgets which hearing he's at and more bee sex. Ron Funches breaks down his weed intake and his beef with LeBron."
"Melania moves to DC, Barkley goes to fat camp and there's finally a hair tattoo for bald people. Freddie Gibbs talks about being falsely accused and jailed in Austria."
"Trump's cabinet heaps staged praise on their leader, Durant gets his ring and Rodman goes back to North Korea to see his boo. Big Boi unblocks Desus on Twitter."
"Sessions testifies that he has a bad memory and that black women make him nervous. Lizzo talks about performing at Sam Bee's party for Hillary on election night."
"For his birthday, Trump gets an investigation from the FBI and some serious clowning from the Australian PM. French Montana talks his new single and his bowling game."
"Trump's lawyer confirms and denies he's under investigation, Jay Z teases his new song and a man messes with the wrong pig. Baron Ambrosia recalls swimming the Bronx River."
"Desus and Mero bid a fond, \"just in case\" farewell to the Spiceman. Casanova 2X recalls the advice he got from Taxstone and the time he met Jay Z."
"A pro golfer tries to end racism with some tweets and Reverend Al shows off his freakish strength. James Davis talks hanging with Kevin Hart and growing up Hood Adjacent."
"Trump admits he didn't tape Comey and Phil Jackson admits he might ruin the Knicks. Matt Walsh talks living in the apocalypse and refrigerated dog food."
"Joe Budden's got no time for Migos and Trump's blaming Obama for his Russian drama. Bert Kreischer recalls the time Will Smith took him to the movies."
"Drake hosts the NBA Awards and LaVar Ball takes his act to the WWE. Janet Mock talks about her new book and hanging with Oprah."
"The Knicks are free at last from Phil, Melo reunites with Lala and Trump hits on a reporter in the Oval Office. Von Miller talks celebration dances and chicken farming."
"Mika Brzezinski gets so deep under Trump's skin that he angrily tweets about hers. Diddy talks about his career and his new documentary \"Cant' Stop Won't Stop.\""
"Conor McGregor makes a racial joke to prove he isn't racist. Eagles Safety Malcolm Jenkins discusses his criminal justice reform activism."
"Michael Vick offers terrible advice to Colin Kaepernick and Trumpcare dies on the table. Issa Rae talks season 2 of Insecure and #TeamIssa."
"Trump Jr. wants this nightmare to end as bad as we do. Action Bronson talks F*ck That's Delicious and his new album \"Blue Chips 7000.\""
"O.J. takes his talents to the parole board, Trump talks to the failing NY Times and a raccoon takes a hydrant bath in the BX. Matteo Lane talks Grindr and dating in Italy."
"\"The Mooch\" picks up the Spiceman's mic and Kushner kicks off his \"no collusion\" tour. A-Trak talks Fool's Gold and touring with Kanye."
"Trump takes some Boy Scouts to the swamp and Stephen A. spills more tea on Lebron and Kyrie. Spike Jonze talks Frank Ocean and the one prank they couldn't air on Jackass."
"Trump bans trans people from serving in the military he dodged. Vic Mensa talks about his 30-foot fall, tagging in Chicago and his new album \"Autobiography.\""
"Bieber has Jesus fever, The BBC gets a whiff of The Mooch and we got dancing grannies. Jessica Williams talks hanging with J.K. Rowling, Panda Express and her new film."
"Steph clowns Lebron, Mrs. Mooch files for divorce and Chris Christie confronts another angry sports fan. Irv Gotti talks \"Tales\", J-Lo and 50 Cent."
"Down goes The Mooch, Trump's got police brutality jokes and another demon goat video surfaces. DeRay McKesson talks RompHims, Kaepernick and mending fences with Whoopie."
"MJ gives LaVar Ball some fatherly advice and J-Lo and A-Rod take a joy ride. Liza Treyger talks shutting down hecklers and meeting Steve-O."
"Stephen Miller brings his alt right charm to the WH press corps and Ray Lewis offers more confusing advice to Kaepernick. Jay Ellis talks nude scenes and Insecure's rise."
"Trump vacations in New Jersey, Putin fishes topless and Jon Jones chokes out Mero. James Van Der Beek talks playing Diplo and being the original meme."
"Trump's base shrinks and Boosie BadAzz posts a helluva birthday message to his young son. Yvonne Orji talks Insecure, meeting Obama and touring with Chris Rock."
"Trump sees Kim Jong Un's crazy and raises him \"Fire and Fury\", Manafort gets raided and Usher burns his accuser. DJ Clue talks DJ'ing for The Mooch and meeting Michael Jackson."
"European leaders throw shade at Trump while God okays him nuking North Korea. Max Kellerman talks McGregor vs Mayweather and Lebron vs Jordan."
"Nazis send their worst and whitest to Virginia. Joe Mande talks his Netflix special, getting voicemails from Fabolous and tweeting dick pics to Mitch McConnell."
"A CNN panel erupts, a Confederate statue falls and Kim K. fails to get her fans to forgive Jeffree Star's racism. Seth Meyers talks Charlottesville, SNL and roasting Trump."
"Trump tries to convince America that not all Nazis are bad. Rep. Adriano Espaillat explains why he wanted to go to DC and gets introduced to \"I no [email protected]*#ing baby.\""
"A Nazi cries for help and a CA teacher fights to make Nazi punching legal. Angela Rye talks her new podcast, Omarosa and the CNN cafeteria."
"Trump stares down the eclipse and the NYPD raises \"Blue Racism\" awareness. Rachel Nichols explains why athletes shouldn't stick to sports."
"Tucker Carlson praises Trump for staring at the sun and a woman explains how you can get pregnant through the back door. Zane Lowe talks Kanye's impact on his career."
"Trump rambles to his base for 77 minutes at a rally in Phoenix. Russell Peters talks fighting bullies and almost getting to make out with Sofia Vergara."
"James Clapper frets over Trump having nuke codes, a black man marches for the Confederacy and a dog uses a urinal. Esperanza Spalding recalls jamming with Prince."
"Mayweather KOs McGregor, Cardi B. wants Offset to propose and Trump appears to brag about his hurricane size. Rashad Jennings talks dancing, poetry and saving money."
"Trump visits Texas to offer its governor his support and an awkward handshake. The failing NY Times has new dirt on his ties to Russia. Bam Margera discusses his wild past."
"Joel Osteen responds to his twitter shamers and Trump admires the turnout for his hurricane rally. Amin\u00c3\u00a9 talks about his new album, Portland and meeting Malia Obama."
"Master P. has words for Kevin Hart, Jamie Foxx does a mean Stephen A. and Aaron Rodgers kinda has Kaepernick's back. Jermaine Fowler talks family and \"Superior Donuts.\""
"Steve Bannon flexes his jowls on 60 minutes and Jim Carrey stops by Fashion Week to trash it. Danny McBride and Walton Goggins talk Vice Principals."
"Ted Cruz gets caught liking porn, Sergio Dipp takes bad sideline reporting to the next level and I No Fucking Baby lights up at a traffic stop. Jerry Ferrara talks \"Power.\""
"Jemele Hill's Trump tweets upset racist Twitter and Jason Whitlock. Iman Shumpert recalls shooting Kanye's Fade video with his wife."
"Schumer, Pelosi and Trump cut a DACA deal over Chinese food and Sarah Huckabee Sanders wants Jemele Hill fired. A$AP Twellvyy talks growing up in The BX."
"Kevin Hart apologizes to prego wife for cheating. Kevin Durant uses fake twitter account to clap back at haters and Joy Bryant talks about being a Supermodel in the 90's."
"Trump threatens the \"Rocket Man\" at the UN. A mad pooper is on the loose in Colorado. Andra Day talks about her activism and being mentored by Stevie Wonder."
"Russia plays war games at NATO's doorstep. PETA runs up on Gucci Mane. A rhino can't get it up. Adrian Grenier talks about his #stopsucking campaign."
"Trump meets African leaders and shouts out a country that doesn't exist. Jimmy Kimmel claps back at Fox and Friends. Victor Oladipo talks about his music and his game."
Season 2 - Desus & Mero
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"The Yankees clap back at the Astros. Trump and McConnell pretend to be pals. New Yorkers use literal doggy bags on the subway. A Boogie talks success at a young age."
"Dwyane Wade calls LeBron cheap and jealous of his hair. The Yankees come back to tie the series at 2. Michael Stahl-David talks Narcos, graffiti and his new films."
"Desus and Mero enjoy game 5 with a white family at Yankee Stadium. A Yelper outs a restaurant for using Popeyes' chicken. Charlamagne Tha God talks \"Black Privilege.\""
"Lil B has love for A Boogie's crew after they jump him. Gabrielle Union preaches butt play reciprocity. J.B. Smoove talks \"The Book of Leon\" and the zombie apocalypse."
"Bob Corker calls out Trump for all his lies. Ben Carson gets cooked by Rep. Al Green at a HUD budget hearing. Al Harrington talks his new Cannabis film and his NBA days."
"Amazon wants the key to your house. A dude takes heat for the pics he's liking on Instagram. Talib Kweli talks his new album and his relationships with Chappelle and Kanye."
"Iman Shumpert drops in to watch clips and give some takes. Trump again reminds us how smart he is. Ty Dolla $ign talks about his new album \"Beach House 3.\""
"Paul Manafort gets indicted. Cardi B. gets a ring from Offset. Rosie Perez recalls meeting Spike Lee."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Rand Paul gets jumped by his neighbor. A pastor shames a guy and his side chick at a service in Zimbabwe. Jeff Ross talks his new special and life as the roast king."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Desus and Mero watch 50 shades of Sammy Sosa. Trump meets his favorite dictators in Asia. LeBron rides the subway. T. Pain talks his new album."
"Enes Kanter gets in LeBron's face. A white guy thinks he's Filipino. A lady finds her man in bed with her mom. Jay Pharoah talks Charlie Murphy and \"White Famous.\""
"LaVar Ball's boy thanks Trump for freeing him from China. People thinks Blake Shelton is sexy. Gary Owen talks \"All Def Comedy\" and why black audiences like him."
"A grandpa's heart gets broken on Wheel of Fortune. Articles of Trump's Impeachment get filed in Congress. Erykah Badu talks Soul Train Awards and being a doula."
"Trump earns beef status with LaVar Ball, Marshawn Lynch, and Snoop Dogg all in one day. Sneaker Designer John Geiger talks shoes."
"Chris Cuomo tries to interview LaVar Ball. A rat terrorizes NYC subway riders. Marshawn Lynch loves Mexicans. Diplo talks Rihanna and his new doc."
"Trump takes Roy Moore's word for it and claps back at LaVar Ball again. Ray Allen gets catfished. Daniel Caesar talks about his new album."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Prince Harry gets engaged. The failing NY Times profiles a Nazi. Cam'Ron and Ma$e have some beef on Thanksgiving. Black Thought talks The Roots and \"The Deuce.\""
"The Sex Robots are coming. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle discuss their engagement. Wyclef Jean talks his Haitian roots and his new mixtape."
"Jay-Z's Grammy nomination upsets Laura Ingraham. Eli Manning's benching upsets Mike Francesa. Matty Matheson talks his new show \"It's Suppertime.\""
"Jay-Z gets deep with the failing NY Times. Parliament roasts Trump for retweeting a British anti-Muslim group. Nikole Hannah-Jones talks about why she got into journalism."
"Flynn's guilty plea induces an obstruction of justice worthy Trump tweet. Larry King can't handle a vape pen. Ester Dean talks songwriting and \"Picture Perfect 3.\""
"Desus and Mero celebrate clips of their favorite people, animals and moments from the past year in an awards show appropriately titled \"The Ball Baggys.\""
"LaVar Ball returns to CNN. Cops bust the most honest meth dealer in America. Wendy Williams throws shade at Ashanti. Big K.R.I.T. talks his new album and upcoming tour."
"Trump slurs his speech on recognizing Jerusalem as the Israeli capital. A soccer fan apologizes for pooping in the stands. Pastor Carl Lentz recalls baptizing Bieber."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Lonzo, LaVar and The Lakers take an L at The Garden. Roy Moore takes an L in Alabama. Andy Cohen talks Mariah, J.Lo and his messy show."
"Omarosa is out but denies she got fired. Rodman defends his boo Kim Jong Un. DRAM talks his Christmas EP, his dog and racist telemarketing calls."
"Diddy wants to buy the Carolina Panthers. A soccer star paints himself black for a costume party. Jeezy recalls Obama's shout-out and touring with Whiz Khalifa."
"Trump's struggle to drink water normally during speeches continues. The Cash Me Outside Girl addresses her haters. Jason Sudeikis tries Hennessy and talks \"Downsizing.\""
"Desus and Mero clap back at internet host DJ Akademiks. A cussing pastor from Memphis gives wild sermons. Bomani Jones talks about his new ESPN show."
"DJ Akademiks keeps the beef with Desus and Mero alive. Mike Pence heaps a load of creepy praise on Trump. Baron Davis talks his new Black Santa Co.& NBA career."
"CNN's New Year's Eve Live features a weed bus and a drunk Don Lemon. An MMA fighter can't find anyone to fight her. Hari Kondabolu talks \"The Problem With Apu.\""
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
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