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Earth: Final Conflict

An androgynous alien species called the Taelons arrive on earth, claiming to be companions of humanity, putting an end to crime, illness, and famine. Some are suspicious of the Taleons, and form a resistance movement. The resistance soon learned...

Duration:60 mins

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Season 1 - Earth: Final Conflict
"Police captain William Boone is asked to join the security team of Companion Da'an of the Taelon, an alien race that came to earth three years ago."
"Boone tries to find out who murdered his wife."
"Boone helps prevents a suicide of a handless girl. Da'an wants to use revolutionary Taelon technology to help the girl for propaganda reasons."
"Boone and Marquette must find James Pike, a mysterious escaped serial killer who rose from the dead."
"While plutonium is stolen from a nuclear plant, Boone is is having a tough time concentrating. His mind is on Elyse Chapel, a famous musician and old flame."
"Elijah Good, a doctor from an Amish community, asks Boone for help with some unexpected deaths. They might have to do with a Taelon-related disease."
"Doors makes a public appearance, leading to an increase in anti-Taelon sentiment. The Taelon Synod is fed up with Da'an and sends Zo'or in his stead."
"A high profile mission to Mars is suddenly canceled, much to the dismay of the public. Involved air force captain Paul Chandler steals Lili's shuttle."
"Dr. Larry Clark is a bio engineer who works on the skrills. When the companions decide to get rid of a series, one of them joins with Clark."
"Navy Seal major Raymond McIntyre kidnaps Da'an and demands to know where his men are. They were involved in a inter-dimensional space flight test that went wrong."
"Research continues on the 'scarecrow' probe. Boone starts learning Taelon to interpret its messages. The device meanwhile absorbs a scientist, Rayna."
"Sandoval's CVI is breaking down. While Dr. Belman tries to remove it before implanting a new one, Sandoval escapes. He wants to rescue his wife DeeDee."
"An Irish guide finds the possible burial location of Ma'el, a Taelon that came to Earth 2000 years ago. It is crucial for the Taelons to find his research material."
"While Boone is haunted by hallucinations of captain Lucas Johnson, the Taelon Rho'ha is to undergo a experiment of experiencing human emotions."
"The Taelon Commonality is invaded and psychic Katya Petrenko is the prime suspect. She tells Boone she knows about his secret activities and needs him."
"The resistance releases a virus of Augur on the Taelon headquarters in Washington. Things get out of hand."
"While a dying colonel implants his brain in a deceased criminal, the Taelons show a new electromagnetic pulse weapon. Jonathan Doors wishes to acquire it."
"The Synod agrees to let Rho'ha be charged with murder in a human court. He will be prosecuted by Joshua Doors, the son of Jonathan Doors."
"A new inter-dimensional portal system for human travel turns out to be something more when the resistance discover a CVI in a boy who got lost in the system."
"Ne'eg is killed by a bacteria that is both deadly to Taelons and Humans. If it spreads, it might be disastrous. A new racist group attacks a community center."
"The Liberation sends a team to destroy the scarecrow probe before the Taelons crack it. Joshua Doors is appointed as secretary of Human-Taelon relations."
"An excavation team unleashes a very dangerous Taelon on Earth. Siobhan Beckett comes over to America. She suspects Lili of being a spy and investigates."
Season 2 - Earth: Final Conflict
"Following Boone's confrontation with Hegel that left him severely injured, he was eliminated by Zo'or. Beckett who was impregnated by Hegel gives birth to a boy who immediately grows up to a man. He assumes the name Liam Kincaid and goes to Boone's funeral where Quon would be eliminated by an alien replicant. After impressing Da'an he is made his new protector."
"Da'an looses his contact with the the Taelon Commonality. This causes him to change and Zo'or instructs that Da'an must be killed; because he's now considered a threat."
"An exhibition, for the first arrival of the Taelons, showcases different artefacts. An artifact causes Liam to travel to an alternate time. Za'an questions how Da'an where able to join the Commonality. Za'an experiments with brain waves in order to cause aggression."
"Liam and Augur are in a Taelon shuttle craft, when something happens they get thrown into a parallel universe. They discover that humanity is at war with the Taelons. They're taken by the rebels and discover that Sandoval's counterpart leads them. And Lili's works for the Taelons."
"Augur is forced to take part in a Taelon experiment. Da'an and Liam try to convince Zo'or that altering minds and implanting humans to make them aggressive to fight the Jaridians is not the correct path. Maiya makes contact with Sandoval."
"A Jaridian probe lands on Earth and begins sucking energy from the Comonality. The Taelons use humans in a near-death state to keep their connection while Lili and Sandoval try to find out what is draining the energy."
"When large scale blackouts begin to occur in cities with portals, Taelon technology is blamed. Augur and Liam investigate the death of a portal worker by a strange creature that feeds on energy and is particularly attracted to the Taelons."
"Siobhan falls while rock climbing. As the others search for her, she dreams that she is on trial for supporting the Taelons. Zo'or questions whether Sandoval's CVI imperative to serve the Taelons has broken down as others are experiencing."
"Dr. Belman's daughter does human testing on herself with an accelerant that causes her to rapidly evolve. Joshua Doors decides somebody should run against President Thompson in the election, somebody who will stand up to the Taelons."
"Maiya experiences dimensional phasing. Augur and Liam believe they need to bring Isabel and Maiya together to let the universe merge them. Jonathan Doors announces his presidential candidacy and meets with Zo'or."
"An escaped Jiridian takes Lili hostage. Their shuttle is sucked on to a Kimera ship where they, with Liam, have to go through an obstacle course to get to the core to exit."
"Using Jiridian technology, scientists create a physical bio surrogates where a human consciousness can be transferred. When a surrogate escapes, they must find it before it uses its fighting and weapons knowledge."
"A Taelon program offers a transformation into a younger, healthier version of oneself. Liam fears that something more dangerous is also happening. Lili is worried that Doors' run for the presidency is negatively affecting the resistance."
"A mysterious death by poisoning creates questions about the safety of portal technology. When a Taelon is killed in the same manner, the investigation leads to a very smart scientist that even the Resistance was scared to work with."
"Paul Chandler plots an attack on the Taelon Embassy in DC with the ship he stole from Lili. He begs her to join him in beginning an all out war."
"A group of Resistance capture a volunteer from a Taelon program for youth. Liam decides they may learn valuable information from her. They also decide to send in one of their own as a volunteer to see what the program is teaching."
"Lili is given a psychotropic drug called \"bliss\" via a Taelon device. They discover it is widespread. With an instantly strong addictive property, the addicts are dying within 48 hours. The investigation leads Liam and Sandoval to Ireland."
"With a reporter on board, the Taelon mother ship is highjacked into interdimensional space. Liam is the prime suspect, causing an even bigger rift between Da'an and Zo'or. As the ship floats, lost in space, they must find the real culprit."
"A shuttle crashes on a beach after being pursued by a second Taelon piloted shuttle. When Liam locates the survivor (a Taelon called Belleye), he claims to want to help the Resistance take back Earth from the Taelons."
"Augur is recruited by a Taelon weapons project, but the others are worried about his involvement. When the project is launched earlier than originally planned to fight a Jiridian fleet, the Earth is in danger."
"A Jiridian probe headed for Earth is shot down by the Taelon Embassy and crashes outside of D.C. Liam recovers the probe, but he, Augur, and Julia are captured by another underground resistance movement led by the real Colonel Liam Kincaid."
"As the election draws near, Liam believes Zo'or is trying to have Jonathan Doors murdered. The Resistance worries that an attack is imminent at the final debate. Julia mobilizes a group to protect Doors against Liam's wishes."
Season 3 - Earth: Final Conflict
"An unknown woman saves Augur and Liam from the raids on the Resistance. Lili sabotages the mother ship, but Zo'or stops its total destruction. Lili is reportedly dead. The investigation on the President's shooter continues."
"Some who were detained during the Resistance sweep have not reappeared after their release. Lili is taken to a lab run by Sandoval and implanted. Renee tries to help Liam find the missing people."
"A group posing as volunteers attacks using a stolen skrill prototype that does not require an implant to control. It is discovered that the skrill queen is also missing. The investigation leads to a resistance group called Black Wednesday."
"A joint Doors International\/Taelon venture creates a machine that allows people to vividly relive a memory, but Liam suspects a back alley version of the device is leading to the death of some users."
"Artifacts believed to be Taelon are found in South America. Renee and Liam try to beat Sandoval to the source to determine the importance of the found pieces."
"An old business partner of Augur's is hired by Da'an to get information about the Resistance, resulting in the death of many members. Meanwhile, Sandoval finds out he has a life threatening blood disorder."
"Liam and Renee investigate a dead pregnant woman missing her fetus. They discover a town that Da'an helped after a nuclear meltdown and a suspicious brother and sister who were part of an early experiment to combine human and Taelon DNA."
"Pad'ar is a fierce battle game where spectators can connect via a \"jack patch\" that Liam suspects is causing neurological damage to users. When a Pad'ar warrior dies, it raises even more questions about the safety."
"Lili wakes up, supposedly on Earth after a coma, and is told the Jaridians have come and conquered the Taelons. She remembers Sandoval telling her she no longer has and Earth-based physiology and believes things are not as they seem."
"Zo'or and Da'an travel to a cloister for an energy sharing ceremony, but one of the sisters is killed and everyone is a suspect."
"Zo'or agrees to do a live television interview to try to endear himself to humans, but the show's producer has an ulterior motive in getting him in front of a camera."
"The shuttle Liam and Zo'or are in crashes over wilderness, but survive in safety bubbles. The people they meet live off the earth and know nothing of the Taelons. However, Zo'or is injured and missing a Synod meeting on the mother ship."
"Sandoval has a mole attempting to gain information about Liam - particularly concerning his commitment to the Taelons. When a Taelon and protector are killed in a portal that malfunctions, Liam is suspicious that it was intentional."
"Bombings begin at embassies and Liam believes they may reignite the SI (Sino-Indian) War, which ended with an armistice several years before. An old intelligence agency friend of Renee's has interesting holographic technology."
"Liam Kincaid races against the clock to find Zo'or, who disappears after contracting an ancient Taelon virus that has the potential to cause a devastating plague."
"Zo'or kidnaps a comatose policeman in order to use the man's body as a 'vessel' in a consciousness transfer experiment that will allow him to 'test' the human survival instinct and cause havoc on Earth."
"While examining Ma'el's ship, Liam and Renee find a chamber and in it are some life pods and the persons are all dead except for one. He awakes and reveals himself to be from Ancient Rome and he was chosen by Ma'el to deal with the Taelons if they chose not heed Ma'el's telling them not to come to Earth. At the same Tathan decides to challenge Zo'or for the right to lead the Synod and Zo'or decides to get an advantage by using Sandoval."
"Liam investigates a mission run by the Church of the Companions when a friend of his disappears. Sandoval and the Taelons are concerned about \"the fields\" where something vital to the Taelons' survival is harvested."
"Liam investigates the suspicious death of a banker, which he saw in a dream. It seems to be an exiled Taelon spirit that is contacting him. Da'an berates Zo'or for his money and power hungry attitude."
"Joshua Doors is running his own technology development company and Renee goes undercover to find out what is going on. An artificial intelligence program of the Taelons that controls human minds seems to be acting on its own."
"A volunteer who was working to interpret an ancient message from Ma'el assaults Da'an and escapes through a portal. Sandoval helps Da'an avoid interrogation from Zo'or while they try to locate her."
"A Taelon shuttle is shot down over Antarctica. There are Jiridians aboard, but two of the passengers escape. When Augur discovers Lili's blood on the ship, he is convinced that she is not dead."
Season 4 - Earth: Final Conflict
"Lili, Vorjak, and the baby flee to find a shuttle to escape Earth. Liam and Sandoval are both tracking them - for different reasons. Augur is on the run from volunteers, but sends a friend (Juliet) to help Liam while he's gone."
"A college friend of Renee's resurfaces and leads them on an investigation of the link between the Taelons and a biomedical facility's cloning operation."
"A Senator's daughter is found to have kryss in her system. Liam and Renee suspect the Taelons lied about synthesizing it and there is a new location for production. They believe Federov is involved. Da'an is addicted to kryss."
"The Taelons give their reserve core energy to Joshua Doors for a project. But when he uses it, something happens and it disappears. The Taelons want it back and will tear the Earth apart to get it back. Liam and Renee try to find it too. It turns out that Joshua'a father, Jonathan made a program that contains all of his thoughts, and he is the one leading Joshua."
"Augur is caught and placed in a special prison where he is placed in a sensory deprivation chamber. An am moralist gets him out and wants Augur to help him steal the gold Zo'or has on the mothership. When Liam learns of what happened he tries to find Augur."
"The ANA negotiate amnesty for all resistance members, Liam tries to convince resistance member Halley Simmons to take the offer. Sandoval uses parasites to make volunteers do suicide missions against the resistance."
"The Taelons decide to leave Earth when it appears that the Jiridians are invading. Meanwhile, a group of Resistance prisoners saved from the mother ship include several disguised Jiridians who are causing trouble for Liam and Renee."
"Renee's brother has PTSD. In a desperate effort to help him, she agrees to let him undergo special treatment. The treatment removes his emotion. The project is overseen by Sandoval and the emotion they take is given to Da'an."
"While on board the mothership, Renee sustains an injury and while being treated, she gets pulled into the walls and disappears. Liam searches for her. While Zo'or believes that Renee's accident was not an accident and that someone on board is deliberately causing problems. Sandoval tries to find out who could be doing it. Both Liam and Sandoval discover that another protector who was believed dead is the one they're looking for."
"Street asks Liam to help a friend who's arrested for the murder of a man he hated. Liam talks to him and he claims that he dreamed of killing him. Liam checks out the evidence and discovers that it's overwhelming. Liam discovers a device, which is of Taelon origin that can allow someone to get into a person dreams. Later Da'an is attacked and evidence implicates Sandoval. Liam offers to help him. He asks Sandoval where one can get the device and meets the seller, who remains anonymous. But they learn that the technology used is made by a woman Renee knows. But when ..."
"A CVI malfunctions and kills a soon-to-be father. The investigation leads Liam and Renee to a fertility clinic. Renee finds out she is infertile and suspects that Taelon technology is affecting worldwide fertility."
"Da'an leaves and doesn't being Liam along. Zo'or is frantic as to why Da'an left. Liam wants to help but Zo'or doesn't trust him because he doesn't have a CVI, so Liam agrees to be implanted. But his CVI enables Zo'or to see and hear what Liam does. So he tells Renee. She tells Street who comes up with a plan to make double of Liam which doesn't have a CVI so with the double they try to find Da'an."
"When the mother ship hits dark matter, the ship dos not begin to heal itself. Zo'or is left in an unconscious state and Sandoval takes control. He decides it is time to liberate the Earth from the Taelons."
"The relic left by Ma'el is stolen from the mother ship. Zo'or threatens to destroy a major city if it isn't returned. Liam believes the final chapters contain information on synthesizing core energy."
"Sandoval is watching via nanobots inside Street as she tries to decipher Ma'el's riddle. She tries to figure out how to escape from Sandoval and the Taelons forcing her to solve the riddle. She flashes back to childhood fears."
"Liam and Renee learn of a facility where time travelers from the future are being held. They try to learn from them what happens to the Taelons. Sandoval's wife is used as a pawn to gain important information from him."
"Sandoval goes to Renee to request a trial to testify to atrocities against humanity committed by the Taelons. A manhunt for Sandoval begins when he quits and leaves the mother ship. Liam has to protect him on his way to the grand jury."
"When Renee's boyfriend appears to her while he is imprisoned on the mother ship, Liam theorizes a special energy bond between the pair. Zo'or is upset by the human's betrayal and bans all humans from the mother ship."
"The Taelons announce that they will all go into death stasis and wait on the mother ship for humans to discover how to create core energy and revive them. Zo'or and Da'an don't trust each other to be the last to submit to stasis."
"Eight Taelons are killed when protectors' implants are re-calibrated with a new imperative to kill instead of protect Taelons. They fear the Jiridians have found a way to control the CVIs. Meanwhile, their core energy continues to deplete."
"When Street solves the 8th dimension of Ma'el's riddle, a beacon leads Liam to a chamber with a healing pool. However, there is only enough in the healing pool to help 6 Taelons. Zo'or will do anything to insure his own life."
Season 5 - Earth: Final Conflict
"Renee has spent company money and time on a search and rescue team to discover what happened to Liam in the chamber. She is asked to cease or quit. She quits, convinced that Liam is alive. Street helps her put together a new search team."
"On the mother ship, Sandoval tries to deal with the Atavus to preserve himself. Renee wants to act, tries to convince Hubble that the Atavus exist and need to be terminated. Street doesn't trust Hubble and thinks they should just lay low."
"Humans are brought aboard the mother ship for a joining with the Atavus to create hybrids. Renee tries to free Ra'jel. Hubble and Renee both become captives of Sandoval."
"Renee is still having trouble getting anyone to believe her about the Atavus. She meets a man who tells her that people who live underground are disappearing, due to the Atavus. They find a chamber used to make hybrids."
"Howlyn is completely obsessed with Renee. He and Sandoval bring Boone back to life to try to get to Renee. Howlyn transforms Boone's sister into a hybrid."
"Renee breaks a serial killer who also happens to be a pathologist out of prison to help her determine a way to kill the Atavus. Street has difficulty agreeing with Renee's plan."
"A former Doors employee who has been turned into a hybrid tells Renee to stop a project just before he dies. The project seems to be an attempt to create Atavus hybrids faster."
"Renee has crystal that shows a map of where all the other Atavus hives are throughout the planet. She goes to Boone for help in destroying the hives before Howlyn can find them. Sandoval resurrects Zo'or to hunt Boone."
"From a hive under Stonehenge, Renee and Street take an Atavus called Gren in his stasis chamber to the Antarctic to see if the cold will affect him. Gren tries to convince Street that most Atavus are peaceful and will not feed from humans."
"An archaeologist uncover an ancient tomb and portal where a female Atavus appears. Renee chases it through a portal to a monastery back in time. A monk follows Renee back to the present."
"After an incident where Renee fails to save a mother from an Atavus attack, she suffers PTSD and needs a break. She and Street head to a spa, but when Renee claims to have seen an Atavus, Street believes she's just being paranoid."
"The leader of a high school based Atavus fan club is targeted to become the leader of a youth movement for hybrids. Renee tries to save his girlfriend and stop other teens from following him."
"Renee is suspicious when a friend's wife and other patients become comatose supposedly from allergic reactions to anesthesia. She suspects Sandoval when she sees hybrids at the hospital. She needs an Atavus blood sample to find an antidote."
"Tate is captured and Juda is injured in an attack on a military facility. Renee makes a deal with Tate to release him. He returns with Juda's body, which they study to learn why it did not regenerate."
"Renee seeks the assistance of a former boyfriend who is now an archaeologist as she attempts to follow a map she believes will get them to an Atavus stasis chamber."
"A friend of Renee's is captured and taken to a government internment facility where hybrids are being detained. When she goes in to free him, she suspects he has an ulterior motive in being there."
"Renee teams up with Michaels to steal weapon schematics from the US Army. They must turn his team to their side to succeed. Howlyn finds Zo'or to see if she can control the mother ship."
"Renee and Sandoval stand off at a hive where an adult Atavus is killed, but Renee takes a young one back to Street. Howlyn commands Sandoval to find and kill the youth who turns out to be Howlyn's son."
"Patrichio is broken out of jail, tried, and killed by a vigilante group called the \"Preservationists\" protesting the government's stance on the Atavus. Their next target is Renee. She chooses Michaels as her lawyer for the vigilante trial."
"Street is drugged at the club and turned into a hybrid. Sandoval uses her to get information about a hybrid vaccine in development and raids the lab where it is being developed."
"Renee and Michaels take one of his men to the hospital to receive the hybrid vaccination, but Michaels suspects something strange is going on. Ra'jel visits Renee to prepare her for the final conflict."
"Renee follows Ra'jel's command to go to the mother ship and Liam reappears to help her. They need to stop Howlyn from getting to his star ship and they need Yulyn's help to board the ship."
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