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Guy's Grocery Games

Guy Fieri sends four talented chefs running through the aisles in a high stakes, high skills, grocery store cooking competition. The chefs are hit by real-world challenges like finding workarounds when all the essential ingredients are suddenly...

Duration:60 mins

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Season 1 - Guy's Grocery Games
"In the final game, the two remaining chefs will make their best dishes using only ingredients from the frozen food aisle. The winner gets to go on a $uper $hopping $pree worth up to $20,000."
"In Guy's first game, the chefs must create an Asian Stir Fry using no more than 5 ingredients. In the second game, they are given an unusual grocery list with the items that must be used for their fun family meal."
"Chefs make a mad dash to produce dept. for a salad, but the leafy greens are Out of Stock. Coupons come in handy during a Budget Battle. Making a comfort meal is easy, until Guy Fieri has the final chefs swap bags of ingredients."
"Chefs make tasty Surf and Turf using only canned foods. Then, chefs can't use carts to gather ingredients for a Soup and Sandwich Combo. The final 2 chefs make a Steakhouse Dinner using the ingredients found on Guy's Grocery List."
"It's a Frozen Food Feud for the first game and, in the 2nd game, chefs get Guy's Grocery List and must use all the ingredients in a Mexican dish. The final two chefs can only cook what they carry without shopping carts."
"The chefs make an international dish using Five Ingredients or Less. In the Single Aisle Showdown, chefs are limited to items found on one aisle. The two last chefs must make steak and potatoes, but some key items are Out of Stock"
"Guy Fieri starts things off by giving the chefs his unusual Grocery List and they scramble to make an egg dish. The chefs struggle to make a dinner party for four w\/ only $8. It's improvising as Guy swaps the bags of the final chefs."
"Guy Fieri first dares the chefs to make a five star dinner using frozen food. Then, chefs gather as many healthy kid meal items as they can hold in their arms. Pressure's on as the final chefs have two mins to shop before closing."
"Guy Fieri gives the chefs a small budget to make grilled cheese sandwiches. Then, chefs make desserts from items in the meat, seafood and dairy aisle. Chefs make their best Holiday meal, but Guy swaps their ingredients."
"In a Single Aisle Showdown, chefs are tasked to make their best dish using only the produce and condiments aisle. And Guy Fieri's final game has two chefs using Five Ingredients or Less to make an upscale chicken dinner."
"Guy Fieri challenges 4 chefs to make an Italian Feast using canned foods. Then, chefs must race against closing to get the fixings for a hot dog dish. Two chefs must make their best rice dish, using items from Guy's Grocery List."
Season 2 - Guy's Grocery Games
"Moms are the competitors and are challenged to cook with ingredients that all begin with the same letter. Later, they are asked to make brunch, for four, on a budget; and are thrown for a loop when preparing a guilty pleasure."
"Free samples must be incorporated into Mediterranean dishes; the chefs make desserts in a \"Closing Time\" challenge; and the \"Food Wheel\" plays a factor in determining the ultimate winner."
"An international dish is made using only items from the middle aisles of the store; seafood is prepared with five ingredients or less; and substitutions are required when cooking signature hamburgers."
"The competing chefs are tasked with making French toast without a key component; and are challenged to prepare a steak dinner using only canned items. Also: a soup-and-sandwich combo is served during the game, \"No Carts Allowed\"."
"The chefs are challenged to make a decadent dish, while playing \"Meals from the Middle\". Also: they have $9 to spend on a seafood dinner for four; and hot sandwiches ultimately determine the winner."
"The chefs take part in grilling challenges, including making pizza with peanut butter; creating a dish using mystery meats and unmarked cans. Also: the game \"Top Shelf\/Bottom Shelf\"."
"Challenges include a vegetarian feast; surf and turf on a budget; and dishes that are colorful like a rainbow."
Season 3 - Guy's Grocery Games
"Guy gives the chefs a grocery list for a Panini lunch. Later, they play \"Meals from the Middle\" when making their favorite rice dish; and \"Bag Swap\" ultimately determines the winner."
"International dishes are prepared using items from the clearance carts; and desserts are made incorporating a savory ingredient. Also: the final challenge combines both spelling and culinary skills."
"Four \"Food Network Star\" chefs compete for charity. Included: Melissa d'Arabian, Jeff Mauro, Aaron McCargo & Justin Warner make a lunchtime favorite using 5 items or less. Also: a steakhouse dinner on a budget; \"One Ingredient Per Aisle\"."
"Four chefs take part in a cook-off with a Thanksgiving theme. Included: Fall dishes are made using autumn staples; game-day bites must incorporate frozen cranberry; and a holiday dinner is prepared using five ingredients or less."
"Guy welcomes four chefs who have appeared on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives (2006) to compete. Their challenges include: making a comfort food out of radishes and maple syrup."
"A battle of the Food Network stars features Cat Cora, Alex Guarnaschelli, Marc Murphy and Marcel Vigneron taking on challenges, in the hopes of winning $20,000 for their chosen charity. Included: ABC; the Food Wheel; and Frozen Food Feud."
"A five-star seafood dinner must be prepared, using five ingredients or less; and the chefs play a new game, inspired by an online fan and involving lasagna. Also: the winner is determined after an ultimate burger challenge."
Season 4 - Guy's Grocery Games
"Families compete to make the best breakfast, using only 5 lbs. of ingredients; and later, the letter R determines what kind of hot lunches are served to the judges. Finally, the Food Wheel game is played."
"Siblings compete in challenges, beginning with \"5 Ingredients or Less\", during which they have to prepare a family feast. Later, they are given the task of making something stuffed, using Guy's unique grocery list."
"Families compete in challenges. Included: the pasta shelves are off-limits when making noodle dishes; desserts are created using nonperishable items; and weight is a concern when preparing a favorite meal for the judges."
"The first challenge is to make meatloaf without any of the usual ingredients; and later, the competitors are forced to use items from a sample table when preparing appetizers."
"Ingredients must begin with the letter P in the first round; the chefs are told to make a winning chicken dinner with a grocery list that includes hot pepper paste and candy; and the final challenge combines grilling and canned goods."
"Ingredients need to start with the letter \"M\" in the first round. Other challenges include creating a grilled salad with only 6 pounds of food; and preparing a signature burger, made with one item from every aisle."
"Hot sandwiches are prepared in the first round, using a mishmash of munchies from the market's sample tables. Later, the chefs only have five ingredients or less to work with, when creating an international dish."
"Four James Beard-nominated chefs compete in challenges, which include making hors d'oeuvres out of instant ramen noodles and preparing a five-star seafood dinner on a ridiculously low budget."
"Chefs, who have appeared on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives (2006), compete in challenges."
Season 5 - Guy's Grocery Games
"A game of ABC is played, when making breakfast; weight is a concern when preparing steak dinners; and luxury ingredients are mixed with low-priced fare in the final round."
"The chefs are challenged to make hearty 5-lb. lunches, innovative dinners incorporating Guy's crazy grocery list, and dishes featuring both luxury and low-end items."
"Four moms compete in challenges that include a creative breakfast, a family favorite and a dinner made using tiramisu ingredients. Guy's wife, Lori Fieri, lends a helping hand in the Express Lane challenge."
"Four chefs must roll dice to determine the details for their best dish. Next, the chefs must use odds and ends to make a champagne brunch."
"Grilled dishes are prepared in the first challenge, using only ingredients that begin with A, B or G. Later, tamarind paste must be incorporated into a meat recipe; and the final two chefs rush to make a family favorite, before the store closes."
"Four returning chefs vie for a chance at redemption. Included: they must use ingredients that tripped them up when they first competed; they have to create a high-end lunch with items from a clearance cart."
"Pairs compete in challenges that include elevating frozen and canned foods. Also: they have to make a soup and sandwich, but only with ingredients beginning with one of two letters; and the winner is determined during a tag-team match."
"Hunter Fieri joins his dad, in the kitchen, for a Father's Day competition that includes the challenges of making a family dinner, a guilty pleasure and a meal for date night."
"Challenges celebrate summer. Included: a barbecue block party; seafood spectacular; and chicken dinner made with ingredients from an all-American cherry pie."
"Chefs, representing different regions of the U.S., battle it out. Their first challenge is to cook without meat; and later, they are given the task of making an all-American burger and fries, but they can't use any of the classic ingredients."
Season 6 - Guy's Grocery Games
"The chefs are restricted to using only ingredients, that start with the letter S; they must prepare lavish lunches on a $10 budget; and a game of Musical Carts creates chaos, when making comfort meals."
"Ingredients can only come from the even-number aisles in the first challenge; international cuisine is prepared using items from sample tables; and the final two chefs must go through the express lane, before creating their dinner party plates."
"Comfort food dishes have a five-ingredient limit; upscale dinners are created using ketchup and pretzels; and a steak sandwich proves challenging to make, when there's no access to the bread aisle."
"The competing chefs navigate a shopstacle course, as they grab ingredients for a burger and side made with dehydrated food. Later, the letter \"S\" comes into play, when preparing an upscale dish."
"A lavish Italian feast is prepared by the chefs, using only four pounds of ingredients. Next, they have to turn a Caesar salad into breakfast; and the two finalists are limited to only one aisle, when shopping for a salmon dish."
"Dice are rolled to determine what goes into the chefs' blue-plate specials; high-end and low-end ingredients are used to make an Italian classic; and shopping for a pork dinner proves tricky, when Guy restricts what the finalists can choose."
"A Halloween cook-off kicks off with some pumpkin bowling to determine what ingredients will be used. Later, the chefs rummage through some creepy clearance carts; and incorporate Guy's red-light special into their offal dishes."
"Chefs, who overcame obstacles to become successful, compete. Included: they incorporate hot dogs in celebratory dinners; make pasta dishes with less than 5 pounds of ingredients; and face the challenge of the Fieri Food Pyramid."
"Chefs, who have appeared on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives (2006), compete in challenges involving crazy food pins, untraditional tacos, and a dinner that incorporates both high-end and low-end ingredients."
"A Thanksgiving feast is prepared in the first round; and later, the chefs use leftovers to create upscale dinners. Also: a fall edition of Grocery Bowl."
"Gift baskets, filled with eclectic items, are given to the competing chefs, who are tasked with making holiday party lunches. Later, they must do without ingredients they need to prepare breakfast; and the final challenge features a game of \"Musical Carts\"."
"Holiday starters are prepared in the first round; a New Year's Eve dinner made on a Scrooge-like budget is the second challenge; and fruitcake ingredients are used to create a festive feast."
Season 7 - Guy's Grocery Games
"Judges Richard Blais, G. Garvin, Beau MacMillan and Aarti Sequeira compete for charity. First, the letters P and Z play an important role, when making international lunches; and a decadent dinner is prepared, using only items from the produce aisle. Finally, a family meal must contain three strange ingredients. Judges: Catherine McCord, Duskie Estes and Troy Johnson."
"Anne Burrell, Eric Greenspan, Jet Tila and Marcel Vigneron compete in challenges that involve a bowling game, processed foods and an A-list dinner made with both high-end and low-end ingredients."
"An all-stars competition features Ron Ben Israel, Penny Davidi, Patrick Neely and Justin Warner vying to win $20,000 for their charity. Included: they make their favorite lunch, using a ridiculous \"red light special\"."
"All-stars Madison Cowan, Elizabeth Falkner, Aaron McCargo Jr. and Michael Psilakis compete. Their challenges include making an upscale dinner, using frozen and canned foods; and surviving a weekend brunch edition of musical carts."
"Pro athletes pair up with celebrity chefs in this all-star battle."
"Young chefs battle it out in challenges, beginning with a scavenger hunt for the ingredients they need to make a hot lunch. Also: they run into express-lane limits, when shopping for their bacon dinners."
"Spunky grandmothers compete, starting with a challenge that finds them turning samples into kid-friendly dishes. Later, they make breakfast on a budget; and incorporated three weird ingredients into a family recipe."
"Part 1 of 5. Past winners return for a \"Tournament of Champions\". Challenges include making innovative appetizers and an upscale lunch, using clearance-cart items."
"Part 2 of 5. Four champions return. First, they are forced to make breakfast with frozen kale and kumquats. Later, they present a hearty sandwich and side to the judges; and fight the clock when preparing decadent dinners featuring olives as a component."
"Part 3 of 5. Four champs return to earn a spot in the Tournament of Champions finale. Challenges include making lunch with ingredients that begin with the letter \"M\"; preparing dishes showcasing the flavors of Greece and China."
"Part 4 of 5. Four champs return to take on challenges, beginning when they have to make pizza without the traditional ingredients. Later, they encounter obstacles preparing their best Asian dish; and have to face the Food Wheel."
"Conclusion. Challenges during the tournament of champions finale include a hearty lunch made with ingredients from the canned or frozen sections; breakfast using odd items from the Fieri Food Pyramid; and a station swap while cooking dinner."
Season 8 - Guy's Grocery Games
"Part 1 of 5. Chefs from Diners, Drive-ins and Dives (2006) compete. Included: lunch ingredients must begin with the letters \"D\" and \"G\"; noodle dishes are made with food items that cost $4 or more; and Sunday supper gets a little crazy."
"Part 2 of 5. Chefs from Triple D compete. Challenges include making comfort food, using seven items or less; and delicious dinners with sub-par ingredients. Finally, refrigerator magnets determine the final dishes."
"Part 3 of 5. The Triple D tournament continues. Included: the chefs make hot sandwiches, but aren't allowed to shop in the meat, cheese and deli aisles. Also: they are asked to create international dishes; and cook pork with wild ingredients."
"Part 4 of 5. Triple D alumni compete in challenges. Included: shopping for a family feast, using tiny grocery bags; an elegant dinner, featuring crazy ingredients; and a daring dish, using a food item picked out while blindfolded."
"Conclusion. Diner breakfast; drive-in burger; an elevated dive bar dish."
"Chefs, who are getting married, try to earn some dough for their wedding day. Challenges include making their sweetheart's favorite dish on a $10 budget; coming up with a cocktail-hour appetizer from the frozen aisle; and creating a reception dinner."
"Four home cooks, from All-Star Academy (2015), compete, with Curtis Stone and Richard Blais acting as their mentors. Challenges include a fine-dining dinner made with some rather wacky items; an American classic; and a surprise game for the star chefs."
"The chefs face three exciting games of chance, including a wild card game and slots. But first, dice determine the details of a poker night plate."
"Breakfast, lunch and a steakhouse dinner are made for the judges."
"Teams of strangers compete. Challenges include creating a classic duo with a limited budge of $15; and playing a game of \"Grocery Golf\" to learn the direction of a decadent dinner."
"An all-burger edition of the competition. Included: only eight items can be purchased when making international burgers; and a weird ingredient must be incorporated into classic American burgers."
"Four branches of military are represented, when veterans compete. Included: they are ordered to make a family holiday meal; their hometown favorites; and five-star dinners."
Season 9 - Guy's Grocery Games
"Extreme budget games are played, beginning with the challenge to make elevated sandwiches using only ingredients that cost less than $4. Round 2 involves a spin of the Food Wheel."
"Bacon is featured in all three rounds. First, the chefs make lunch, using only ingredients that start with the letter \"B\". Later, an international dish must include a bizarre component; and finally, a dinner challenge gets interesting, with only three aisles to shop from and one minute on the clock."
"Part 1 of 5. An Italian feast using nine items or less; making Philly cheesesteaks without standard ingredients."
"Part 2 of 5. The Redemption Tournament continues. Included: the chefs have to turn ingredients for a German chocolate cake into a delicious dinner; and they have to make something cheesy, using only items with price tags that begin with the number three."
"Part 3 of 5. The Redemption Tournament continues with four returning chefs having to use tofu and radishes in their chicken dinners. Other challenges include a soup and sandwich on an $11 budget; French onion dip and jack fruit as ingredients in a classic surf and turf."
"Part 4 of 5. The penultimate round of the Redemption Tournament begins with a fried feast; and later, Italian and Korean favors are combined when making a beef dinner."
"Conclusion. The Redemption Tournament ends with a dinner, featuring ingredients that tripped up the chefs during their first appearances on Guy's Grocery Games (2013). Other challenges include a grilled picnic and a signature dish, featuring high- and low-priced items."
"An all-grilling edition begins with the chefs creating a dish with wasabi, chocolate and two buns. Later, a seafood feast is made with only six pounds of ingredients; and a dinner must include tofu and pineapple."
"Winners from The Next Food Network Star (2005) compete. Included: they must create a delicious family dinner, using only ingredients that fit in a purse-size shopping bag. Also: a spicy pork seafood casserole is served to the judges in Round 2; and a game of Grocery Golf is played to determine what goes in a lamb dish."
"Three rounds of Food Wheel games are played. First, the chefs shop with a budget of $9.04 for their pork dishes; and later, they prepare high-end lunches featuring the color yellow and wild boar sausage. Finally, wagyu rib eye and popcorn are mandatory ingredients in a spicy dinner."
"Dads do battle. Their first challenge involves deciphering a grocery list, made up of emoji syllables. Later, a family favorite is prepared to impress the judges; and a game of Grocery Golf is played, prior to Sunday supper."
"Pastry chefs take part in an all-dessert competition. Challenges include using beef jerky as an ingredient; birthday treats featuring vegetables; and chocolate items made with nine components or less."
Season 10 - Guy's Grocery Games
"Chefs compete in Guy's Summer Games. The first round requires making an all-American meal, featuring varied items from the store's star-spangled sample tables. Later, they hit the arcade, where they pick a protein for their seafood spectacular; and the two finalists tee off for their must-have ingredients for a warm weather favorite dish."
"Four up-and-coming chefs compete in challenges that include making a breakfast dish with limited ingredients; taking iconic morning foods and creating a delicious dinner; and picking a main component to their trendy entrees, while blindfolded."
"Kid chefs compete. The battle begins with an Italian dish and the introduction of the Groceryland board game. Later, there's a limited allowance for lunch ingredients. Judges are Melissa d'Arabian, Catherine McCord and Troy Johnson."
"Four chefs from Guy Fieri's winning season of The Next Food Network Star (2005) reunite in Flavortown, 10 years later. Challenges include a five-star dish, using a list of ingredients compiled by Guy. Later, an unexpected guest drops by with a special delivery; and a summer feast is prepared, using items from the market's unpredictable sample tables."
"Cheese is featured in all three rounds. First, the chefs are asked to make an ooey-gooey cheese-filled dish, but with big limitations. Later, they have to prepare a cheesy sandwich with a surprise twist. And finally, an elevated cheese dish decides the winner."
"Four firefighters compete. Their first challenge is to make a big dinner, but with a \"small\" catch. Later, they prepare a healthy lunch, followed by a spicy dish."
"Chefs from around the world spice things up when competing. They take on a big hometown treat with a small twist; a spicy American classic and an upscale spicy dinner."
"Part 1 of 5. Superstar chefs compete. To kick things off, the competitors must make their signature dishes, using only ingredients from the middle aisles. Then, the challenge of making all-American favorites comes with a twist."
"Seven celebrity chefs remain to compete. Their first challenge is to make a fine dining dinner, using ingredients from the dreaded Food Pyramid. Then, the bottom three superstars fight for their survival in a diabolical Round 2."
"Part 3 of 5. Six celebrity chefs are paired up into teams to navigate through what's described as Guy's most terrifying game yet. In Round 2, it's time to make dessert."
"Part 4 of 5. Five celebrity chefs compete. Challenges include making a gourmet entr\u00c3\u00a9e out of favorite snack foods, as chosen by Guy's son."
"The final four culinary superstars face three rounds of Guy Fieri's most epic games yet, as decided by the never-before-seen Wheel of Games. The victorious chef is crowned champion and wins $40,000 for their charity of choice."
Season 11 - Guy's Grocery Games
"Halloween-theme challenges. Included: tiny jack-o-lanterns are used to collect ingredients for tricked out treats; blindfolds are worn while shopping for \"dinners to die for\"; and a frightening trick or treater shows up in Flavortown, when the chefs cook a mummified dish."
"Grandparents compete. Their first challenge is to make their grandchild's favorite dish, using 10 items of less. Then, a culinary slot machine determines the ingredients in a diner classic. Finally, a dinner party dish, that blends trendy with old school."
"Guilty pleasures is the theme for this showdown. First, a fast food favorite is made using ingredients priced $5 and above. Next, they are given an unusual shopping cart, when hitting the aisles for their sweet and savory dinners, Finally, decadence is the name of the game."
"Guy gives contestants a bizarre grocery list of ingredients for making their fried fair food; chefs receive a skimpy budget to make a generous platter of fried chicken; the final two chefs must turn fried food into fine dining."
"The top two finalists from the biggest Triple G tournaments face off in a head-to-head rematch; French chef Stephano vs. maverick chef Chase; Crista and Phillip's dishes are decided by refrigerator magnets."
"Four of Cooking Channel's favorites -- Josh Elkin, Kelsey Nixon, Dan Pashman and Jazz Smollett -- are taking on Guy's twisted games. The last two hosts have to make a delicious lasagna but traditional ingredients are off-limits!"
"Four chefs must make Thanksgiving dinner, using only seven pounds of ingredients; the chefs must make a 15-minute party plate; the final two chefs have two minutes to shop for an upscale Thanksgiving dinner, so Guy Fieri can close up early."
"Four of Triple G's best chefs return for two new challenges; a memorable meal created in a game of wild cards; the chefs struggle to shop for a Sunday dinner, through strenuous restrictions."
"The Triple G judges prepare a wintertime favorite with eight items or less; the judges make holiday desserts on a tight budget; the Holiday Food Wheel determines which ingredients they must use in their creations."
"Four chefs compete to win a life-changing shopping spree; the chefs must use carrot cake ingredients to make lunch; the chefs bowl to determine which aisle they can shop for ingredients; the top two chefs' ingredients are chosen by dice."
"Four-part Triple-G Impossible Tournament, featuring Guy Fieri's toughest games and Robert Irvine; three chefs make a lumberjack breakfast, using ingredients that all started with the same letter; the remaining two chefs must shop, using a child-size cart."
"Part two of the Triple-G Impossible tournament; the winning chef battles Robert Irvine; the chefs must make a steakhouse dinner, using only six pounds of ingredients; the chefs must create a seafood feast, using only ingredients from a bag, box or jar."
"The chefs must turn a fruitcake into a New Year's dinner; the chefs use the Food Pyramid to determine the special ingredients used in their family classic; the final two chefs must make a holiday brunch, using only one ingredient from each aisle."
"Three more chefs hope to compete against Robert Irvine; breakfast made with items determined by a deck of cards; protein shake ingredients used to make an elegant dinner; refrigerator magnets choose the dish the last chef must make."
"The winners of the first three rounds of the Impossible Tournament compete to take on Robert Irvine once more. If Robert is beaten, the last chef standing wins another $10,000, a shot at more money and the title of champion."
Season 12 - Guy's Grocery Games
"Part 1 of 5. Sixteen of the best DDD chefs compete in a new Diners, Drive-ins and Dives Tournament; lunch with seven items from the express lane; the Food Wheel determines one high-priced and one low-priced ingredient for surf and turf; regional burgers and fries."
"Part 2 of 5. Four new DDD chefs compete; dinner made with apple pie ingredients; sliders made with ingredients chosen by shuffleboard pucks; Guy Fieri uses a map of the USA to decide which regional version of a fried entr\u00c3\u00a9e the last two chefs must prepare."
"Part 3 of 5. Four new DDD chefs must make a hot sandwich without a key ingredient; dice determine which ingredients the chefs can use to make a seafood special; Guy Fieri helps the last two chefs decide what regional take on a pork dinner they will prepare."
"Part 4 of 5. Four new DDD chefs compete for the last spot; a lunch-counter special using only ingredients that start with a specific letter; a deluxe diner dinner on a tight budget; a chicken entr\u00c3\u00a9e."
"Conclusion. Guy Fieri takes the final four DDD chefs on a cross-country road trip; frozen ingredients for a high-end dinner; ingredients found only in the middle aisle of the store; the final two chefs battle it out to make a West Coast winner's dinner."
"Chefs find themselves at the food pyramid's mercy, when it determines the first round dishes; the chefs must make a classic burger and fries, using ingredients selected by the pyramid wheel; the pyramid picks the type of dish the final two chefs must make."
"Four chocolate masters have to flip a German chocolate cake into the ultimate lunch; the chefs play an arcade game to determine their personal budgets for a chocolate dessert; two chefs determine dinner ingredients with a wheel of chance."
"Four chefs must create a winning breakfast, lunch and dinner, for four, on a budget of $60; a lumberjack breakfast with the aid of a handful of coupons; a sandwich lunch that might not feature a side dish; dinner on less than $16."
"Stand up comics team up with Food Network mentors to earn money for charity; the comedians must make dinner using only the ingredients they can fit in a small bag; the comedians must cook for their agent with funny-sounding foods."
"Four chefs prepare bacon dishes in an attempt to win $20,000; the ultimate bacon dish with a nine-item shopping limit; an elevated bacon dish with items on Guy Fieri's mandatory grocery list; refrigerator magnets decide on smoky chocolate BBQ."
"Part 1 of 5. Former victors return to compete in the five-week Supermarket Masters Tournament; the chefs must make an upscale dinner with ingredients that start with the same letter; Guy Fieri gives the chefs a $12 budget to make a pizza."
"Part 2 of 5. The chefs have to make a meal with only five pounds of ingredients; the chefs make an elevated burger, featuring strange sample table items; the remaining two chefs make a Mexican fiesta, after shopping only in the aisles chosen in a game of bowling."
"Part 3 of 5. Four more GGG winners compete; in round one, a steakhouse dinner without access to the meat and seafood sections; in round two, an upscale lunch where the budget and restrictions are dictated by the Food Pyramid; in the final round, one chef shops the odd aisles and the other chef shops the even aisles."
"Part 4 of 5. Four past GGG winners compete; a high-end, old-school dinner that includes the mish-mash of ingredients on Guy's Grocery List; super sandwiches and sides in 15 minutes; wild cards determine the two types of cuisine for a fusion dish."
"Conclusion. The final four Supermarket Masters compete; the chefs get only 20 minutes to shop, cook and plate an Italian dish; the chefs let a roll of the dice determine the components of their grilled seafood dinner."
Season 13 - Guy's Grocery Games
"Three of Grocery Games' biggest winners compete to earn the right to battle an Iron Chef; flipping s'mores ingredients into a high-end dinner; an elevated lunch using only one ingredient per aisle."
"Chefs pair up and compete against the other teams; the teams must serve up a fried feast, using only ingredients that began with the letter F; the duos must create a fine dining dinner on a bare-bones budget."
"Beau MacMillan, Aarti Sequeira, Justin Warner and their moms shop and cook their way to a victory for charity; Guy Fieri's mom, Penny Ferry, gives the judge-mom duo a list of mandatory ingredients; Guy has them do all the shopping using kiddie carts."
"Burger masters must shop for the ingredients using a tiny bag; the chefs make their take on a classic burger without classic ingredients; one of the finalists falls by the wayside; the judges are forced to compete in a surprise burger finale."
"Returning chefs get ready to take on their former rivals in three grudge matches; in the first match, two chefs who were originally forced to team up go head-to-head in a challenge using only ingredients that start with the same letter."
"Three dads and their kids pit their family recipes against each other; they must make their greatest grilled dinner using processed ingredients; dads and kids bowl to determine the ingredients they must use for their game day favorites."
"Three pairs of twins team up to show that two head chefs are better than one; chefs have to turn birthday cake ingredients into a delicious dinner; the remaining duos roll a pair of dice to determine the restrictions for their classic duo dish."
"Carnival food chefs try their luck spinning a wheel of chance for the ingredients in their fried classic; chefs play Space Ball to determine their budget; the final two chefs use darts to pop the balloons that determine which aisles they can shop."
"A family of chefs make a hot lunch, using only five pounds of ingredients; family members serve up their best noodle dish, using ingredients from a gumball machine; making their family favorite dish."
"Four American heroes -- a cop, a firefighter, an EMT and an Air Force vet -- test their culinary might in a battle worth up to $20,000."
Season 14 - Guy's Grocery Games
"Making something using a list of top-searched ingredients on the web; best taco platter without traditional taco ingredients; making a trending dinner, featuring hot and not-so-hot ingredients chosen by Guy Fieri's dreaded Food Wheel."
"Contestants must fit all the ingredients for their hometown grilled special into ultra-tiny grocery bags and play a game of Grocery Golf to find out which wild ingredients they must feature in their best grilled sandwich."
"Kids use items from Flavortown's sample tables to make a school lunch remix; the young chefs weigh their options of ingredients in international dishes."
"Eight of America's best celebrity chefs compete against each other in a no-holds-barred $40,000 tournament; taking on the express lane; four ingredients or less to make the best Italian dish."
"The theme is budget battle royale; seven remaining celebrity chefs are each given $36.01 to buy their groceries."
"The remaining six chefs are given the same grocery list, but must compete in three one-on-one battles to see who makes the best breakfast, lunch or dinner."
"The five remaining chefs search the store for their hidden carts; making a burger and fries with a bizarre ingredient found in each cart."
"Chefs play not one, but two extreme grocery games in each round, as they attempt to prepare their best fried dish and a high-end dish; the final two culinary giants must then make their signature dish, during two more treacherous games."
"Three of Triple G's biggest fans face off in their favorite challenges for a chance to shop at Flavortown Market for up to $20,000."
Season 15 - Guy's Grocery Games
"The chefs must flip the ingredients of bread pudding into a spicy high-end dinner; determining which pepper they must feature in their signature spicy dish; making a spicy guilty pleasure, using four ingredients with pepper in their name."
"Four thrifty chefs are given only one five-minute to shop and $60 to buy all the groceries to last them the entire competition; the chefs must make a comfort classic breakfast, a spicy lunch and a fried dinner."
"Four dough throwers compete in a pizza playoff; cooking decadent pizzas featuring high-priced topping and low-priced cheese; making a guilty pleasure pizza with bare hands."
"Up-and-coming chefs make a Thanksgiving feast, using only the ingredients they can fit in a traditional cornucopia basket; prepare a fall staple using a list of the Fieri family's favorite ingredients."
"Guys gives the chefs gift boxes, containing ingredients they must use in their holiday ham dish; they receive stockings filled with sweets and treats that must be included in their family holiday dinner."
"Eight Triple G judges compete in a five-part tournament; Guy Fieri spins a wheel, featuring all the judges' faces, to determine whose least favorite ingredients will wind up in their steakhouse dinner; the two judges, that land at the bottom, fight for survival in the in the redemption round."
"Seven Triple G judges return to Flavortown to continue the tournament that will earn the Last Judge Standing $40,000 for their favorite charity; first, they must combine numbers and letters, while making their best pasta dish by using only up to eight ingredients."
"The six remaining Flavortown judges form teams of two to prepare a regional seafood dish, on limited funds, in a Budget Battle with an unprecedented twist; the bottom two teams break up in an every-chef-for-themselves cook-off in the Redemption Round."
"It's the semi-finals of the Last Judge Standing Tournament, and the remaining five Triple G judges prepare their best cheese dish, while playing three of Flavortown's hardest games."
"Judgement Day is here and it's time to find out which Flavortown judge will be crowned the tournament champ; the final four begin with a chicken dinner featuring a grocery list of the panelists' least favorite ingredients."
Season 16 - Guy's Grocery Games
"On a GGG first, Guy Fieri gives the chefs three turbo-charged games, with only 15 to 20 minutes to shop, cook and plate."
"Four fried-food fanatics enter Flavortown to take on Guy Fieri's deep-fried games; first, Guy hooks them up with a special ingredient they must use in their fried food dish."
"Two of Guy Fieri's worlds collide, as chefs from both Diners, Drive-ins and Dives (2006) and Guy's Grocery Games (2013) are pitted against each other in some serious culinary combat."
"The heat is on in Flavortown with Guy Fieri's spiciest games yet; first, Guy hands out a list of some must-have ingredients for their spicy chicken dish."
"It's an international culinary showdown, when four returning GGG chefs, representing Latin, French, Italian and Korean cuisine, battle it out to see who will take home the title."
"Guy Fieri gives the chefs 45 minutes to make three courses in each round; they must shop for their full diner meal, using miniature-sized carts, then they take on Guy's ruthless Pyramid game to choose the courses for their dinner party meal."
"Guy Fieri invites three teams of sweet and savory duos to put their chemistry to the test; they must make an all-American comfort dinner and dessert; the two remaining teams must make a steakhouse entr\u00c3\u00a9e and dessert on a tight budget."
"Three of the show's most beloved judges bring their significant others to Flavortown for some friendly competition."
"For the first time, none of the competing chefs get to shop for their ingredients; instead, Guy Fieri gives them each a cart full of groceries that has to last all three rounds, and he decides what they make in each round by spinning his dish wheel;"
"Guy Fieri transforms Flavortown into a high-end restaurant and invites four chefs for three rounds of five-star cooking."
"The chefs must pinch pennies as Guy Fieri challenges them to budget wisely with $40 and two grueling rounds of shopping and cooking."
"Flavortown freezes over; Guy Fieri puts four talented chefs through three rounds of shopping and cooking from the frozen foods section."
"Four firefighter chefs put their culinary chops to the test in a night of competitive camaraderie; the chefs make a five-alarm spicy dish with an ingredient chosen by one of Guy's toughest games."
Season 17 - Guy's Grocery Games
"Chefs must make a signature noodle dish using limited ingredients, make a classic noodle dish featuring a wildcard ingredient, then have to use a list of mandatory items to make a refried noodle dish."
"Food Network star Justin Warner faces off against celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito; grilled cheese master Eric Greenspan goes up against chef Aaron May; chef Carl Ruiz and restaurateur Antonia Lofaso show off their regional cooking chops."
"Guy asks the chefs to create an over-the-top bacon dish; next, the chefs must create gourmet swine dining on a bare-bones budget; the two remaining chefs must transform the ingredients from a bacon and egg sandwich into a high-end dinner."
"Four cheese experts create a signature cheese dish with a wild card decided by the luck of the draw; the chefs make a cheesy international dish using nine ingredients or less, then must transform jalapeno peppers into a high-end cheesy dinner."
"Favorite chefs from \"Diners, Drive-in and Dives\", who previously participated in the games, return to Flavortown to compete in a four-episode tournament, where their shopping and cooking skills get put to the test."
Season 18 - Guy's Grocery Games
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