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Guy's Grocery Games - Season 11 Episode 8

Four of Triple G's best chefs return for two new challenges; a memorable meal created in a game of wild cards; the chefs struggle to shop for a Sunday dinner, through strenuous restrictions.

Episode: 8/15 eps

Duration: 60 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 2013

IMDb: 6.1

Season 11 - Guy's Grocery Games
"Halloween-theme challenges. Included: tiny jack-o-lanterns are used to collect ingredients for tricked out treats; blindfolds are worn while shopping for \"dinners to die for\"; and a frightening trick or treater shows up in Flavortown, when the chefs cook a mummified dish."
"Grandparents compete. Their first challenge is to make their grandchild's favorite dish, using 10 items of less. Then, a culinary slot machine determines the ingredients in a diner classic. Finally, a dinner party dish, that blends trendy with old school."
"Guilty pleasures is the theme for this showdown. First, a fast food favorite is made using ingredients priced $5 and above. Next, they are given an unusual shopping cart, when hitting the aisles for their sweet and savory dinners, Finally, decadence is the name of the game."
"Guy gives contestants a bizarre grocery list of ingredients for making their fried fair food; chefs receive a skimpy budget to make a generous platter of fried chicken; the final two chefs must turn fried food into fine dining."
"The top two finalists from the biggest Triple G tournaments face off in a head-to-head rematch; French chef Stephano vs. maverick chef Chase; Crista and Phillip's dishes are decided by refrigerator magnets."
"Four of Cooking Channel's favorites -- Josh Elkin, Kelsey Nixon, Dan Pashman and Jazz Smollett -- are taking on Guy's twisted games. The last two hosts have to make a delicious lasagna but traditional ingredients are off-limits!"
"Four chefs must make Thanksgiving dinner, using only seven pounds of ingredients; the chefs must make a 15-minute party plate; the final two chefs have two minutes to shop for an upscale Thanksgiving dinner, so Guy Fieri can close up early."
"Four of Triple G's best chefs return for two new challenges; a memorable meal created in a game of wild cards; the chefs struggle to shop for a Sunday dinner, through strenuous restrictions."
"The Triple G judges prepare a wintertime favorite with eight items or less; the judges make holiday desserts on a tight budget; the Holiday Food Wheel determines which ingredients they must use in their creations."
"Four chefs compete to win a life-changing shopping spree; the chefs must use carrot cake ingredients to make lunch; the chefs bowl to determine which aisle they can shop for ingredients; the top two chefs' ingredients are chosen by dice."
"Four-part Triple-G Impossible Tournament, featuring Guy Fieri's toughest games and Robert Irvine; three chefs make a lumberjack breakfast, using ingredients that all started with the same letter; the remaining two chefs must shop, using a child-size cart."
"Part two of the Triple-G Impossible tournament; the winning chef battles Robert Irvine; the chefs must make a steakhouse dinner, using only six pounds of ingredients; the chefs must create a seafood feast, using only ingredients from a bag, box or jar."
"The chefs must turn a fruitcake into a New Year's dinner; the chefs use the Food Pyramid to determine the special ingredients used in their family classic; the final two chefs must make a holiday brunch, using only one ingredient from each aisle."
"Three more chefs hope to compete against Robert Irvine; breakfast made with items determined by a deck of cards; protein shake ingredients used to make an elegant dinner; refrigerator magnets choose the dish the last chef must make."
"The winners of the first three rounds of the Impossible Tournament compete to take on Robert Irvine once more. If Robert is beaten, the last chef standing wins another $10,000, a shot at more money and the title of champion."
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