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Guy's Grocery Games - Season 12 Episode 15

Conclusion. The final four Supermarket Masters compete; the chefs get only 20 minutes to shop, cook and plate an Italian dish; the chefs let a roll of the dice determine the components of their grilled seafood dinner.

Episode: 15/15 eps

Duration: 60 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 2013

IMDb: 6.1

Season 12 - Guy's Grocery Games
"Part 1 of 5. Sixteen of the best DDD chefs compete in a new Diners, Drive-ins and Dives Tournament; lunch with seven items from the express lane; the Food Wheel determines one high-priced and one low-priced ingredient for surf and turf; regional burgers and fries."
"Part 2 of 5. Four new DDD chefs compete; dinner made with apple pie ingredients; sliders made with ingredients chosen by shuffleboard pucks; Guy Fieri uses a map of the USA to decide which regional version of a fried entr\u00c3\u00a9e the last two chefs must prepare."
"Part 3 of 5. Four new DDD chefs must make a hot sandwich without a key ingredient; dice determine which ingredients the chefs can use to make a seafood special; Guy Fieri helps the last two chefs decide what regional take on a pork dinner they will prepare."
"Part 4 of 5. Four new DDD chefs compete for the last spot; a lunch-counter special using only ingredients that start with a specific letter; a deluxe diner dinner on a tight budget; a chicken entr\u00c3\u00a9e."
"Conclusion. Guy Fieri takes the final four DDD chefs on a cross-country road trip; frozen ingredients for a high-end dinner; ingredients found only in the middle aisle of the store; the final two chefs battle it out to make a West Coast winner's dinner."
"Chefs find themselves at the food pyramid's mercy, when it determines the first round dishes; the chefs must make a classic burger and fries, using ingredients selected by the pyramid wheel; the pyramid picks the type of dish the final two chefs must make."
"Four chocolate masters have to flip a German chocolate cake into the ultimate lunch; the chefs play an arcade game to determine their personal budgets for a chocolate dessert; two chefs determine dinner ingredients with a wheel of chance."
"Four chefs must create a winning breakfast, lunch and dinner, for four, on a budget of $60; a lumberjack breakfast with the aid of a handful of coupons; a sandwich lunch that might not feature a side dish; dinner on less than $16."
"Stand up comics team up with Food Network mentors to earn money for charity; the comedians must make dinner using only the ingredients they can fit in a small bag; the comedians must cook for their agent with funny-sounding foods."
"Four chefs prepare bacon dishes in an attempt to win $20,000; the ultimate bacon dish with a nine-item shopping limit; an elevated bacon dish with items on Guy Fieri's mandatory grocery list; refrigerator magnets decide on smoky chocolate BBQ."
"Part 1 of 5. Former victors return to compete in the five-week Supermarket Masters Tournament; the chefs must make an upscale dinner with ingredients that start with the same letter; Guy Fieri gives the chefs a $12 budget to make a pizza."
"Part 2 of 5. The chefs have to make a meal with only five pounds of ingredients; the chefs make an elevated burger, featuring strange sample table items; the remaining two chefs make a Mexican fiesta, after shopping only in the aisles chosen in a game of bowling."
"Part 3 of 5. Four more GGG winners compete; in round one, a steakhouse dinner without access to the meat and seafood sections; in round two, an upscale lunch where the budget and restrictions are dictated by the Food Pyramid; in the final round, one chef shops the odd aisles and the other chef shops the even aisles."
"Part 4 of 5. Four past GGG winners compete; a high-end, old-school dinner that includes the mish-mash of ingredients on Guy's Grocery List; super sandwiches and sides in 15 minutes; wild cards determine the two types of cuisine for a fusion dish."
"Conclusion. The final four Supermarket Masters compete; the chefs get only 20 minutes to shop, cook and plate an Italian dish; the chefs let a roll of the dice determine the components of their grilled seafood dinner."
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