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Guy's Grocery Games - Season 14 Episode 5

The theme is budget battle royale; seven remaining celebrity chefs are each given $36.01 to buy their groceries.

Episode: 5/9 eps

Duration: 60 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 2013

IMDb: 6.1

Season 14 - Guy's Grocery Games
"Making something using a list of top-searched ingredients on the web; best taco platter without traditional taco ingredients; making a trending dinner, featuring hot and not-so-hot ingredients chosen by Guy Fieri's dreaded Food Wheel."
"Contestants must fit all the ingredients for their hometown grilled special into ultra-tiny grocery bags and play a game of Grocery Golf to find out which wild ingredients they must feature in their best grilled sandwich."
"Kids use items from Flavortown's sample tables to make a school lunch remix; the young chefs weigh their options of ingredients in international dishes."
"Eight of America's best celebrity chefs compete against each other in a no-holds-barred $40,000 tournament; taking on the express lane; four ingredients or less to make the best Italian dish."
"The theme is budget battle royale; seven remaining celebrity chefs are each given $36.01 to buy their groceries."
"The remaining six chefs are given the same grocery list, but must compete in three one-on-one battles to see who makes the best breakfast, lunch or dinner."
"The five remaining chefs search the store for their hidden carts; making a burger and fries with a bizarre ingredient found in each cart."
"Chefs play not one, but two extreme grocery games in each round, as they attempt to prepare their best fried dish and a high-end dish; the final two culinary giants must then make their signature dish, during two more treacherous games."
"Three of Triple G's biggest fans face off in their favorite challenges for a chance to shop at Flavortown Market for up to $20,000."
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