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Guy's Grocery Games - Season 8 Episode 9

Breakfast, lunch and a steakhouse dinner are made for the judges.

Episode: 9/12 eps

Duration: 60 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 2013

IMDb: 6.1

Season 8 - Guy's Grocery Games
"Part 1 of 5. Chefs from Diners, Drive-ins and Dives (2006) compete. Included: lunch ingredients must begin with the letters \"D\" and \"G\"; noodle dishes are made with food items that cost $4 or more; and Sunday supper gets a little crazy."
"Part 2 of 5. Chefs from Triple D compete. Challenges include making comfort food, using seven items or less; and delicious dinners with sub-par ingredients. Finally, refrigerator magnets determine the final dishes."
"Part 3 of 5. The Triple D tournament continues. Included: the chefs make hot sandwiches, but aren't allowed to shop in the meat, cheese and deli aisles. Also: they are asked to create international dishes; and cook pork with wild ingredients."
"Part 4 of 5. Triple D alumni compete in challenges. Included: shopping for a family feast, using tiny grocery bags; an elegant dinner, featuring crazy ingredients; and a daring dish, using a food item picked out while blindfolded."
"Conclusion. Diner breakfast; drive-in burger; an elevated dive bar dish."
"Chefs, who are getting married, try to earn some dough for their wedding day. Challenges include making their sweetheart's favorite dish on a $10 budget; coming up with a cocktail-hour appetizer from the frozen aisle; and creating a reception dinner."
"Four home cooks, from All-Star Academy (2015), compete, with Curtis Stone and Richard Blais acting as their mentors. Challenges include a fine-dining dinner made with some rather wacky items; an American classic; and a surprise game for the star chefs."
"The chefs face three exciting games of chance, including a wild card game and slots. But first, dice determine the details of a poker night plate."
"Breakfast, lunch and a steakhouse dinner are made for the judges."
"Teams of strangers compete. Challenges include creating a classic duo with a limited budge of $15; and playing a game of \"Grocery Golf\" to learn the direction of a decadent dinner."
"An all-burger edition of the competition. Included: only eight items can be purchased when making international burgers; and a weird ingredient must be incorporated into classic American burgers."
"Four branches of military are represented, when veterans compete. Included: they are ordered to make a family holiday meal; their hometown favorites; and five-star dinners."
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