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Hogan's Heroes

The exploits of five World War II prisoners in a German POW camp, 'Stalag 13' who, while "under the cover" of being typical prisoners of war, are really secretly doing their utmost to sabotage the German war effort through whatever means...

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Season 1 - Hogan's Heroes
"The prisoners create an elaborate underground ruse to fool a German spy that has been placed in their ranks."
"Learning that the German army is manufacturing an improved Tiger tank, Hogan and his men are determined to steal one, so they can disassemble it and make blueprints for the Allies."
"Hogan concocts a Kommandant of the Year award to distract Klink so a new Nazi rocket being stored protectively at Stalag 13 can be sabotaged."
"Hogan must reverse course when efforts to make Klink look competent before the Nazi Inspector General get the Kommandant promoted with a transfer to Berlin."
"Hogan's efforts to help a German baroness to escape are thwarted by Klink, who has arranged for the transfer of a British prisoner who is senior to Colonel Hogan."
"When a British commando unit is captured before they can blow up a crucial German ammo dump, Hogan and his men attempt to finish the job."
"In order to steal enough explosives to blow up a difficult bridge, Hogan's men paint anti-Nazi graffiti on the camp's ammo building."
"Hogan wants to get a peek at the documents that a visiting general has."
"Hogan convinces Kommandant Klink that the heavy water being stored at Stalag 13 is a youth potion."
"Using the microphone that Klink has installed in the barracks, Hogan tricks Klink into contacting an underground member."
"After Klink finds Sergeant Schultz drunk he gets a tough new replacement."
"Corporal LeBeau pretends to be a visiting French scientist while Hogan smuggles out the real one."
"Hogan sneaks out of camp to a local German Hofbrau House to get the details of a nearby German army unit."
"During an operation to send out twenty Allied soldiers, one of them escapes early and is captured."
"Hogan talks Klink into building an officers' club, whereby a boat can be built to sail away with an escaped British POW and the German gunsight he snagged while escaping."
"Hogan and his men must destroy a German artillery unit so that the Allies can send in a bombing raid on Hitler's birthday."
"The Germans have stolen a gold shipment from the French and Hogan must convince Klink to have it moved to the safety of Stalag 13."
"While Hogan detains a German general during an Allied offensive, a Gestapo officer looks into Stalag 13's perfect escape record."
"Sergeant Schultz impersonates Klink in a scheme to get some of his men free from the Gestapo."
"To get a Italian officer to defect, they use pizza to tempt him."
"Hogan has a mission to destroy a local artillery battery, but Klink's new tough second-in-command is impeding the heroes."
"A new prisoner in a corporal's uniform turns out to be a general with a mission for Hogan."
"In a plot to get to an airplane with a silent engine, Hogan gets Klink to believe that he is psychic."
"An African prince comes to Stalag 13 who is negotiating with the Germans for the rights in his country to build a submarine base and Hogan replaces him with Kinchloe."
"Klink helps an old friend by assisting Hogan in the theft of the plans for an assassination on the Fuehrer."
"Three American women show up at Stalag 13 and Hogan wants to know why."
"As Hogan tries to help a German scientist defect and bumbling Colonel Crittendon interferes again."
"Hogan wants Klink to forget about a promotion so he plays cupid for him and General Burkhalter's sister."
"There seems to be a traitor in the escaped prisoner pipeline and Hogan has to find him by following the escape route."
"Carter receives a Dear John letter and wants to join the rest of the prisoners that escape and go home."
Season 2 - Hogan's Heroes
"Hogan tricks Klink into calling forth a bomber for study, but it arrives with a complication - a German general familiar with Hogan's style."
"Klink reluctantly falls in with two other Kommandants plotting against Burkhalter. Burkhalter finds out. Now Hogan must step in before Stalag 13 loses Klink the military way - by firing squad."
"Efforts to aid a Nazi general's assassination plan hit a snag when Schultz unknowingly activates a time bomb meant for the F\u00c3\u00bchrer."
"As the Hammelburg Underground lodges a complaint against Hogan's success, Klink finds himself caught between the Gestapo and the Wehrmacht, each trying to take over Stalag 13."
"Hogan is stymied over how to rescue a captured member of the underground until a potential diversion - in the form of an old WWI buddy of Sgt. Schultz."
"Rusted out plumbing collapses the emergency tunnel just as Hogan needs to get four underground leaders out of Germany, so he creates a health spa."
"All goes well when Hogan's gang steals Klink's code book from his safe, photograph the contents, and returns it to its proper place. But there's a small hitch - Carter forgets to load the camera with film!"
"When Newkirk discovers a new radio-controlled tank that could win the war for Germany, the allies want Hogan and the men to photograph the tank and then destroy it - but complications ensue during their mission."
"\"Tiger,\" a female underground agent, is arrested while trying to document some secret German bases and is held in Paris for questioning. So Hogan and LeBeau become stowaways aboard Klink's staff car and head for Paris to free her."
"With camp security raised, Hogan and his men are desperate to smuggle some top-secret of German fortifications to allies. The solution? Make liberal use of Carter's remarkable impersonation of Adolf Hitler!"
"The aristocratic Colonel Klink fails a routine physical exam and lands a combat assignment at the Russian front! Fearing a hard-line replacement at Stalag 13, the men must do all they can to rescind Klink's marching papers."
"Hogan's plan to relieve the bombing pressure on London with a trap hinges on Carter's ability to remember the name of a town - Leadingham."
"Suspecting a security leak at Stalag 13, Gen. Burkhalter goes fishing with some false information and Col. Hogan falls for the bait. As a result, Burkhalter plants a spy among the prisoners to expose the guilty parties."
"An assertive Gen. Burkhalter \"requisitions\" the famous \u00c3\u0089douard Manet painting, The Fife Player,\" from the Louvre museum in Paris to give to Hermann Goering as a birthday present. Undaunted by seeming impossible logistics, Hogan and LeBeau decide to steal it back!"
"Col. Hogan is less than thrilled when he is assigned to help an obnoxious American general flee Stalag 13 - and the secret plan, involving a prisoner swap, winds up as trying and difficult as the arrogant escapee himself."
"When the gang's hidden cache of money - needed to purchase a secret map - goes up in smoke, the men of Stalag 13 must come up with a way to replace the cash - and decide to pull off a bank heist in the nearby town."
"Nearby war games inspire Hogan to replace some of the blank German ammunition with live ammo, using Klink's birthday as a diversion."
"Hogan nixes a mission to destroy a synthetic fuel plant because the caper is too risky...but he is overruled - and forced to participate in the scheme by the ploy's mastermind, a strong-willed determined female scientist."
"Masquerading as German workers, Hogan and the crew have made elaborate and foolproof plans to blow a German cannon factory sky-high - but their plan backfires when Newkirk winds up being drafted into the German army."
"When an important Gestapo official wants to defect, Hogan brings him to Stalag 13 - and convinces Col. Klink that the fugitive is Adolf Hitler in disguise...who is trying to elude assassins by hiding at the camp."
"While awaiting word to complete a sabotage mission, Stalag 13 gets a new officer under Klink - Burkhalter's alert brother-in-law, who enjoys tormenting prisoners."
"In using Schultz to deliver radio parts to the underground, Hogan causes a marital tiff, which, to fix, requires getting Klink to believe that his sergeant is dying from premature old age."
"When Hochstetter works to lower a French pilot's resistance to interrogation, Hogan brings the man's fiancee to camp to have Klink marry them."
"The presence of a masterful escape artist POW threatens to destabilize Hogan's set-up at Stalag 13."
"Hogan enlists an attractive agent's help in blackmailing Gen. Burkhalter so Klink won't be punished for the destruction of a newly built radio tower."
"To improve the camp's inspection rating, Klink transfers in a stern German sergeant who quickly makes life miserable for staff and prisoners alike with his overly strict and unwavering adherence to all regulations. All want him gone."
"The allies give Hogan a solo mission: attend a baron's party as Commandant Klink. Burkhalter gets involved when he learns that Klink's name sits at the very top of the guest list."
"Klink nabs a spy, so Hogan takes the focus off his catch by making Klink think someone's trying to kill the commandant himself, leading Klink to have Hogan become a decoy commandant."
Season 3 - Hogan's Heroes
"Bumbling British Colonel Crittedon again disrupts Hogan's plans to get out an Allied officer."
"The Germans have whipped up a plot to send Germans into England in captured Allied planes."
"To help the allied invasion at Normandy, Hogan convinces the Germans that Klink has been promoted to Chief of Staff."
"A Gestapo female operative tries to lure secrets out of Sergeant Schultz."
"The Germans plot to send an impostor of a captured English officer to kill Winston Churchill. Hogan plots how to foil the plan and keep the real officer alive."
"General Burkhalter comes to Stalag 13 determined to marry off his sister to Klink. Hogan has to find a German agent in the underground."
"Hogan tempts a Swedish scientist to defect."
"The heroes need to get both a member of the French resistance and some bullet proof vests out of Stalag 13."
"The Germans have set up a money counterfeiting operation in the camp and Hogan is planning on destroying it."
"An American prisoner of war has information on Hogan that he wants to sell to the Germans."
"Hogan takes Kinchloe to Paris to visit a friend of his who might help them get plans for the defense of Paris."
"A disagreeable Russian pilot wants to escape, but refuses to go first to London. He wants to head east to Mother Russia."
"Posing as waiters, the heroes want to get rid of a room full of German generals."
"With Major Hochstetter in the camp, Hogan has extra trouble trying to smuggle out a bomber crew especially after they are moved from their usual barracks."
"Planting a fuel depot right outside Stalag 13, a German general is tempting Hogan. Marya the White Russian also shows up again."
"The location of a chemical plant is the prize when Hogan gets Carter to become a traitor."
"A Gestapo officer who knows all about the Stalag 13 operation blackmails Hogan to find out about the Manhattan Project."
"Klink's illness causes problems for one of Hogan's plots."
"The Allied Command orders Colonel Hogan to leave and turn over his operations to the bumbling Colonel Crittendon."
"Newkirk sneaks a beautiful woman into camp who turns out to be a Gestapo agent."
"Hogan convinces Klink and the Gestapo that the war is over so that they will release some prisoners."
"Hogan helps Klink prepare for a hasty trip to Argentina when he finds himself in a duel."
"Using the German propaganda radio network, Hogan gets information to the underground."
"Hogan helps an escapee go out of camp in a balloon."
"LeBeau says that he keeps rendezvousing with a little old lady who is actually young and beautiful."
"Hogan has trouble trying to get thirty prisoners out of camp."
"A collection of stolen art comes to Stalag 13 and Hogan decides to steal it."
"Hogan makes the Germans think that Schultz has ESP to get them to move their anti-aircraft defenses."
"Hogan's latest escapee is a chimp from the local zoo who helps them deliver a radio part to the underground."
"A German truck carrying an experimental jet fuel is the latest target for Hogan and his men. But when all efforts to sabotage the shipment fail, Carter gets down to business with the remaining weaponry at hand - a bow and arrow."
Season 4 - Hogan's Heroes
"How can Hogan and his crew keep Sgt. Schultz from being transferred to the Russian Front?"
"Coming up with a fake secret device, the gonculator, Klink brings to Stalag 13 the electronics expert who wants to defect."
"The Gestapo sets a trap for the elusive underground agent known as 'Papa Bear' (Hogan) and Newkirk gets caught."
"Colonel Crittendon shows up again and messes up Hogan's plans to destroy a ball bearing plant."
"The Gestapo brings three lovely ladies into the camp to interrogate the prisoners."
"Hogan's crew is chasing a dog around after it buries a bone that contains pictures of a new German tank."
"Plans to destroy a nearby rocket fuel plant don't go as Hogan would like."
"Hogan and his crew volunteer to paint Luftwaffe headquarters to get a secret map of base locations."
"Hogan makes arrangements for a contact to get to London and then suspects that she is a traitor."
"An American journalist is rescued by Hogan; he is sworn to secrecy and sent back to the states. He breaks his word writing an article without naming names. It still causes problems."
"An American agent enters Germany and then works with Hogan's people to get a German officer out of Berlin."
"Hogan tricks Klink into throwing a party for a German World War I ace so that Hogan can find the location of his headquarters."
"When Carter in the disguise of the camp kommandant and is seen near one of their operations, Klink could end up being tried for treason."
"Hogan is hot on the trail of capturing LeBeau, but not too quickly since he has a mission to complete."
"Hogan wants to kidnap Burkhalter and trade him for a captured underground agent and instead finds out that Klink is his hostage."
"Klink is getting an award from a lovely Allied defector and Hogan plans to get to her first."
"The heroes enlist the daughter of a German general to get to photograph his secret plans."
"Hogan provides information to a German baroness that includes phony invasion plans."
"By arranging a rendezvous between Klink and Burkhalter's sister, Hogan can slip out of camp and destroy a train."
"When one of Klink's old friends goes on his honeymoon, Hogan hitches a ride to get some radios to Paris."
"Hogan goes to the hospital to get information from a wounded contact."
"Hogan has a touchy mission to deliver ammunition to the underground."
"The Germans are sending Hogan to America demanding surrender along with another surprise."
"An anti-aircraft system designed by an English woman has to be destroyed."
"An Italian officer helps Hogan photograph a Luftwaffe airbase."
"For Colonel Hogan's birthday his crew decides to give him one ammunition dump freshly destroyed."
Season 5 - Hogan's Heroes
"To get information out, Hogan makes use of an American actor that is appearing in a German propaganda film."
"Newkirk hides a stolen German codebook in a dry well, Hogan must come up with a way to get it back."
"Klink and Hogan's men together head to the Russian front on a suicide mission to steal some secret documents."
"A gas station has just been set up inside Stalag 13 and Hogan plans to blow it up."
"Hogan uses Burkhalter's sister as a pawn to get back a captured Allied spy."
"Again Hogan uses Klink to deliver information to the underground but he's arrested by the Gestapo for treason on other grounds and Hogan and his men must find a way to free him before they find it on him."
"Hogan's assignment is to discover the secrets of a new rocket that seeks out radio signals and think of a way to stop it's manufacture."
"Klink is being blackmailed by the Gestapo and Hogan plans to help him."
"Hogan receives orders to get a secret box off a plane that went down near Stalag 13."
"Hochstetter traces a defecting Field Marshall to Stalag 13."
"Hogan plants an empty parachute in the camp sending the Germans on a wild goose chase for a downed Allied agent."
"Hogan gets Klink to deal in supposedly rare cuckoo clocks so that he can send out information."
"Newkirk poses as a traitor to send information via a propaganda radio broadcast."
"Schultz has been guarding a secret nuclear facility and Hogan wants to get its location out of him."
"Throwing a party for Klink, the prisoners use the party balloons to get weather information."
"Hogan has to get Klink back into shape or Burkhalter plans to send him to the Russian Front."
"Marya the White Russian uses Schultz to impersonate Goering just as Hogan is trying to save a trainload of stolen art."
"Kinchloe participates in a camp boxing match to divert attention from Hogan's planned heist."
"Burkhalter's niece is getting married and by having LeBeau design her wedding gown, Hogan is going to contact an underground agent, later free him after capture by the Gestapo."
"Dressed in a German uniform for an operation, Carter finds himself serving in the German army."
"Hogan has to save Klink when his account books at Stalag 13 aren't quite correct."
"Hogan and a German singer try and stop the arrest of local Allied agents."
"Burkhalter discovers Schultz goofing off and has him sent to the Russian Front."
"After Klink takes the wrong papers for a rendezvous with a female contact, Hogan sends Schultz to meet the woman."
"Crittendon and Hogan's men try to capture Rommel very unsuccessfully."
"Hogan has Klink believing that he is on the trail of a big prisoner escape operation."
Season 6 - Hogan's Heroes
"LeBeau wants to escape leaving Stalag 13 without its resident chef."
"Hogan first saves and then helps to escape a German radio expert who the Germans want dead."
"Hogan convinces Klink that he is a great artist so that he can make a rendezvous in an art gallery."
"Lord Chitterly, an English traitor who looks like the bumbling Colonel Crittendon, enters Stalag 13 with information for the Germans. Crittendon is made up to replace the Lord and fool the Germans."
"Lord Chitterly, an English traitor who looks like the bumbling Colonel Crittendon, enters Stalag 13 with information for the Germans. Crittendon is made up to replace the Lord and fool the Germans. The real Lord escapes."
"The heroes try to prevent the Gestapo from sending Klink and Schultz to the Russian front."
"Schultz is now the temporary Kommandant of Stalag 13 and starts to abuse his new power."
"Hogan and company tell a German mole disguised as an American all about their operation."
"Hogan is going to use the recorder given to him by Klink to record a top secret SS meeting."
"Col. Hogan and his Heroes assist local resistance forces sabotage hidden explosive stashes the Gestapo plans to use to destroy bridges and other resources as the Nazis prepare to retreat from advancing Allied Forces."
"Tiger, the pretty French underground fighter, is going to be executed in Berlin and Hogan's Heroes are to the rescue."
"Radio detection equipment prohibits Hogan from using their usual radio so they borrow the one in Klink's car."
"LeBeau is passed off as a Gypsy fortune teller to help get a radar countermeasure device to London."
"Hogan has to help three German scientists escape from Stalag 13 and get to London."
"Colonel Hogan and Commandant Klink go to London to steal a plane as part of a plan to ferret out German spies in England."
"Posing as German officers, the heroes try to get a German spy to disclose who he was working with."
"Disguised as a German officer's wife, Newkirk collects penicillin for the underground."
"To capture some secret papers, Hogan has a Russian woman convince Klink to volunteer for the Russian front."
"Hogan helps prove the German officer that Klink is defending innocent of treason so he can get the plans that he had stolen for the Allies."
"The heroes have to figure how to get a new type of rocket back to England."
"Hogan must get a US General out of camp just as General Burkhalter's sister shows up with her intended - Klink's new number two."
"Hogan has to discredit a German officer who knows about the operations at Stalag 13."
"A snow avalanche is part of Hogan's plan to stall a Panzer division."
"The underground team that needs help in blowing up a missile battery include a very lovely woman."
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