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I Am Frankie

“I Am Frankie” is the story of Frankie, an experimental android who navigates the perils and wonders of being a teenager. Frankie looks like any other girl, but functions like the newest computer: complete with Internet access, extensive memory...

Duration:22 mins

Quality: HD



Season 1 - I Am Frankie
"Frankie was created by Dr. Gaines and her boss wanted to use Frankie as a weapon but Gaines didn't see her that way and snuck Frankie to her home and the family moved away."
"Frankie works hard to keep her android identity a secret, but makes new enemies during a math competition at school. And she must risk being discovered when a bug in her system forces Frankie to plug herself directly into the school's Internet."
"Dayton and Frankie bond over a rom-com. Will and Jenny put Frankie at risk of getting a virus. Tammy is suspicious of Frankie and makes it her mission to uncover the truth."
"Frankie begins to develop human characteristics. Tammy gets closer to figuring out the truth about Frankie while Kingston works to locate Frankie's coordinates."
"Tammy makes an effort to befriend Frankie after she discovers that Frankie has read her e-diary. Frankie becomes Cole's new math tutor and joins the Brain Squad. And Kingston closes in on Frankie."
"Frankie hosts a sleepover for Tammy and Dayton even though it means risking the truth coming out. James secretly tampers with Frankie's battery."
"Jenny continues to blackmail Frankie into doing her chores. Meanwhile, Tammy tries to frame Frankie for cheating. And Frankie decides to disconnect from the internet."
"Jenny continues to blackmail Frankie into doing her chores. Meanwhile, Tammy tries to frame Frankie for cheating. And Frankie decides to disconnect from the internet."
"Frankie, a teenage experimental android, must hide her true identity to avoid being found by an evil tech company and powered down forever."
"Frankie malfunctions after she replaces her normal battery with a super battery. Tammy tries to make Cole and Andrew jealous. PEGS1 and Kingston discover a way to lure Frankie to them."
"Frankie must race to get new vocal cords when she loses her voice right before the Brain Squad competition. Tammy makes a startling discovery about Frankie."
"Frankie discovers she has two dates to the school dance. The school hallway is vandalized by a mysterious figure. Kingston and PEGS1 put their plan into motion."
"Sigourney and Dayton race to save Frankie from Kingston. And Frankie must decide whom to take to the dance."
"Sigourney learns Frankie was suspended from school on vandalism charges. Kingston uncovers new information that leads him closer to finding Frankie."
"Frankie chooses Andrew LaPierre to take her to the dance, but dances with Cole Reyes. Tammy continues to prove Frankie is not human and as a result, Frankie finds out the identity of the other android."
"Andrew begs Frankie to keep his secret. Cole asks Frankie to \"hang out,\" prompting Tammy to share her suspicions with him. Robbie fights for justice."
"Dayton becomes increasingly suspicious about Andrew's true intentions. Cole and Frankie hang out and James decides to turn Frankie into Kingston."
"Dayton realizes Frankie is in grave danger and races to find her time. Cole asks Frankie if she is a robot."
"Dayton frantically tries to warn Frankie that WARPA is closing in on her; Sigourney decides that a move is the only way to keep her family safe."
"At the Brain Squad State finals, Kingston and WARPA advance on their plot to take Frankie; Andrew's true allegiances are revealed; Dayton find out that Kingston is lying to them this all time; and Cole asks Frankie if she's really a robot or not."
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