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Little Big Shots

From Executive Producers Ellen DeGeneres and Steve Harvey comes a new variety series showcasing the nation's most extraordinarily talented kids. Host Steve Harvey will chat and even go toe to toe with these child prodigies after every performance,...

Duration:60 mins

Quality: HD



Season 1 - Little Big Shots
"A 4-year-old basketball phenom, a 5-year-old karate maven, a singing duo, a spelling-bee champ and a dancer are included in this sneak preview of the variety series."
"A 4-year-old piano prodigy; a salsa dancing duo; a young choir conductor; a viral storyteller and an animal hypnotist are spotlighted in the series premiere of this family-friendly variety show, featuring talented child performers."
"Talented children include two New Orleans twins, who play in a brass band; a dancer and gymnast; an auctioneer and a 3-year-old ninja practitioner."
"Skilled children include identical-twin tap dancers; a ventriloquist; a boxer; a dancer; a 4-year-old who recites an inspirational poem."
"A singer who became an Internet sensation; a string quintet; a team of sibling magicians."
"An incredible fiddler; a math wiz; a martial arts master; incredible dancers and a Motown performer."
"Little Piano Man. A-9-year old; yodeler; rock band; orchestra-conducting kid; jazz singer; 6-year-old dancer."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Highlights of the show's most popular performances, plus new acts of never-before-seen footage"
Season 2 - Little Big Shots
"A 5-year-old recites the Gettsyburg Address; a 4-year-old worship leader; a 12-year-old singer."
"Little Barbershop a four-year-old girl who cuts her own hair; a dynamic dance duo; a 6 year old female drummer from Brazil (Eduarda); a seven year old blind singer; a young animal caller; acrobatic roller skaters from China (Shenyang Youth Troupe)"
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"A four-year-old YouTube singing sensation; contortion and acrobatic youth Cirque troop; a young female wrestler; piano playing brothers; an inspirational singer; a girl dresses up as a hot dog on Princess Day."
"Calleigh, the Kung Fu artist; Daria, the harpist\/singer; Jackson, the Shakespeare expert; Jaiden, the baton dancer; Sasha, the comic artist; and Xiongfei, the Chinese Latin dancer, all join host Steve Harvey."
"Paige, the dancer; Daniel and Steven, the boxing twins; Grennen and Charlotte, a knife-throwing team; Skylynn, the gospel singer; Olive, the equestrian; and The Salty Dogs all join host Steve Harvey."
"Akash, the spelling bee kid, returns; Rhys, the snail whisperer; Reuben, the amazing singer from Wales; Anke, the five-year-old pianist; The Bliss Kids, quick change artists; and The MacMaster Leahys, Celtic musicians\/dancers join host Steve Harvey."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Featured kids include two young tango dancers from Italy Antonio age 8 and Maria Rosaria age 9, Nash is a uni-cyclist and juggler, JD a nine year old talented singer & dancer that loves Michael Jackson, from Palos Verdes, California, 13 year old Katherine the top memory expert champion in the USA, and a 4 year old internet sensation Mykal-Michelle. Let's not forget Sofia the Italian interpreter!"
"8 year old Brianne from Germantown, Maryland, an eight-year-old newscaster; from Carlsbad, California, Nathan a seven year old stand-up comic; from Guadalajara, Mexico, Los Banales Juniors (Jesus, Manuel,and Moises) a boy band from Mexico; from Moscow, Russia, Svyatoslav an aerial acrobat from Moscow; 8 year old Julianna and 4 year old Grace the GiGi sisters become a viral sensation; brothers 12 year old Sid and 9 year old Nandan the two of the most accomplished young ping pong players in the US. Let's not forget Oliva the translator who is absolutely adorable!"
"The Magic Johnsons's; sibling acapella singers; a young cellist; The Diablos, giant Yo-Yo performers from China; and 12 year old Joshua, who is a National Gymnastics champion and Olympic hopeful; Sterre a 12 year old opera singer from Holland; King Nahh, a 10 year old motivational speaker from Orange, New Jersey. Book \"We are all Kings\". Chinese Translator: Ming We Dutch Translator: blonde boy"
"4 year old worship leader; a singer from Wales; a 10 year old piano player; a five-year-old internet sensation; a break dancer; a magician; a brick breaking Karate Kid; hoop dancer; the show's team of kid translators."
Season 3 - Little Big Shots
"A 4-year-old sings Frank Sinatra songs; a 9-year-old bubble artist from Germany; a 7-year-old math expert; a 5-year-old presidential expert; a 10-year-old contortionist; a 12-year-old gospel singer."
"A 6-year-old who cares for veterans; a funky fiddler; an aerialist duo from the Ukraine; an 8-year-old scientist; a young farmer; a singer from Ireland is joined by Pentatonix."
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