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Midnight, Texas

Welcome to a place where being normal is really quite strange. In a remote Texas town no one is who they seem. From vampires and witches to psychics and hit men, Midnight is a mysterious safe haven for those who are different. As the town members...

Duration:60 mins

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Season 1 - Midnight, Texas
"When Manfred, a powerful psychic on the run, arrives in the small town of Midnight, his psychic abilities pull him into a murder mystery."
"Manfred tries to help Bobo clear his name by talking to the murdered victim; Lem and Olivia set out to stop a deadly predator."
"A deadly nest of vampires arrive in Midnight, eager to reunite with Lem, Manfred suspects there's more to their arrival and joins forces with Olivia."
"Manfred's ability to see the dead leads him to uncover an ancient supernatural who seduces and feeds on men."
"Manfred's dark past finally catches up to him; Bobo must confront his troubled history after the Sons of Lucifer kidnap Fiji."
"The disappearance of a local girl leads the Midnighters to unearth dark secrets about their town, including the presence of a serial killer."
"A bounty hunter from Joe's past arrives in Midnight to punish him for leaving the angelic fold."
"A faceless demon journeys to Midnight to make a deadly sacrifice; Manfred finds himself at a crossroads."
"As the veil breaks and an apocalyptic sandstorm engulfs Midnight, the Midnighters rally to protect Fiji from demonic forces."
"With Hell literally about to erupt, Manfred leads the Midnighters to take back their home."
Season 2 - Midnight, Texas
"A new hotel rocks the Midnighters stability; Manfred deals with the consequences of 'taking-in' six demons."
"Manfred investigates a gruesome murder in the hotel; Lem and Olivia's psychic connection drives a wedge between them; Bobo's life is put in danger."
"Manfred helps Fiji discover what's trying to kill Bobo; Rev struggles with his past; Joe embraces his new 'night job'."
"The Midnighters join forces to protect a weretiger; Fiji takes extreme measures to save Bobo; Patience and Manfred bond over relationship troubles."
"Lem makes a shocking decision; Olivia's past comes back to haunt her; Fiji seeks outside help from her fellow Light Witches; A suicide pits Manfred and Kai against one another."
"The Midnighters' carefully-guarded secrets are threatened; Manfred's suspicion towards Kai intensifies; Fiji embraces Dark Magic."
"In the wake of tragedy, Manfred vows revenge; Joe squares off against a former ally; Kai gives Patience an ultimatum."
"Manfred and Kai team up against a common foe; Olivia and Bobo search for a way to bring Fiji back to their side."
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