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Secrets of the Dead

Sometimes the truth gets carried to the grave. The techniques of modern forensic science are used to investigate a historical mystery to find proof of what really happened.

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Season 12 - Secrets of the Dead
"Scientists investigate pharaoh Tutankhamun. Was his tomb originally his and why hasn't it been raided like the other pharaoh tombs? Also, how did he die, why was his burial so rushed and why was he erased from history by his successors?"
Season 13 - Secrets of the Dead
"From PBS - It is the most famous painting in the world, created by the hand of a genius, marvelled at by millions every year in the Louvre in Paris--but could there be a second Mona Lisa? In 1913, an interesting portrait surfaced, the so-called \"Isleworth Mona Lisa.\" Using sophisticated scientific analysis, scientists will test both paintings to determine whether Leonardo da Vinci painted an earlier version of the iconic portrait."
"Scientists investigate whether Richard III was the villain Shakespeare describes in his plays or a warrior king who fell victim to a smear campaign propagated by his enemies after his ultimate defeat at Bosworth Field in 1485."
Season 15 - Secrets of the Dead
"Information gathered about aberrant, unorthodox burial practices from medieval times shed some light on how today's myths about vampires may have started."
"Forensic anthropologists investigate the recently found remains of a young girl in the British colony of Jamestown, Virginia, which may prove the rumors of cannibalism in the colony during the time of great hunger around 1610."
"Scientists investigate the case of bank robbers, Frank Morris and Clarence and John Anglin, who in 1962 tried to escape from Alcatraz only to vanish in the stormy waters surrounding the prison island. Could they have survived?"
"Dr. Kathleen Martinez searches for Cleopatra's lost tomb in a 35-meter deep underground shaft within a temple complex dating from the time of Cleopatra that's dedicated to the ancient Egyptian god Osiris and his wife the goddess Isis."
"Follow a team of international scientists documenting an archeological sensation: the exploration of royal tombs beneath the ancient Mexican city of Teotihuac\u00c3\u00a1n. Despite many decades of research, not much is known about this long-lost society. When archeologists discover evidence of a sacrificial chamber beneath the famous Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent, they find the clues that may finally tell us who these mysterious people were."
Season 16 - Secrets of the Dead
"Scientists investigate the charred remains of a 3,000 years old English settlement located in a quarry. Is this the first solid evidence of a booming town from a time when this part of Europe didn't have any developed townships."
"A mining operation in Cerrejon, Northern Colombia revealed a treasure trove of fossils from animals that lived ten million years after the KT extinction that killed the dinosaurs. Surprisingly, enormous reptiles were dominate. Scientists investigate who was the apex predator of the era - Titanoboa, a quarter ton giant snake five times bigger than the largest anaconda, or a similarly giant crocodilian with an incredibly deadly bite force."
"Scientists investigate what happened on the night of Dec. 23, 1888, when in Arles, France Vincent van Gogh cut his ear off."
"Baiae was a favorite vacation spot for ancient Rome's elite including emperors like Nero. Not unlike Pompeii, everything was allowed there. Then one day, this coastal town sank into the sea. Today, scientists slowly uncover its secrets."
"Did Leonardo da Vinci come up with all of his ideas and inventions by himself or did he also borrow some of them from ancient scientists including those who lived 1,700 years before him."
Season 17 - Secrets of the Dead
"Scientists perform a non-invasive internal scan of the Great Pyramid of Giza using radiation no one can see and most have never heard of. They find there's something big and as yet undiscovered inside."
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