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Sesame Street

Sesame Street is a widely recognized and perpetually daring experiment in educational children's programming. This show has taken popular-culture and turned it upside-down. The fastpaced advertisements that had parents of the new era worrying for...

Duration:55 mins

Quality: HD



Season 43 - Sesame Street
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"[HBO] HD. 'The Good Sport.' Elmo finds out what it means to be a good winner, a good loser, and a good friend."
"[HBO] HD. 'Hansel & Gretel's Playdate with Big Bird.' Hansel and Gretel have an unforgettable time on Sesame Street."
"Baby Bear is all dressed up and ready to visit Granny when a chance encounter with Telly and a bright purple ice cream cone cause a laundry disaster!"
"Cookie is eating carrots waiting for a fresh batch of cookies to bake, when a reporter for Extra Sesame Street catches him in the act! Is Cookie now a Veggie Monster?"
Season 45 - Sesame Street
"The world's longest Street like you've never seen it before! Check out Sesame's all new digital set in this episode featuring Ernie and Bert learning to ride bikes without training wheels. Enjoy new music including Elmo and actor Taye Digg's remake of the hit song \"Let's Go Driving,\" and Janelle Monae's original song, \"The Power of Yet.\""
"Academy Award winning actress Lupito Nyong'o teaches children that different skin colors are beautiful. Elmo, Big Bird, and Mando gather the \"Sesame Street Snazzy Society\" and help Segi see that being brown is awesome!"
"Sesame Street and Super Heroes! Join the greatest number-lovers convention of the year as Elmo teaches children about math and how to be flexible at the same time. . Cookie's Crumby Pictures debuts a laugh-out-loud parody \"Star S'mores\" in which Flan Solo must learn self-control and Star Trek actor Zackary Quinto teaches the word \"flexible.\""
"[HBO] HD. 'Fifteen's Quinceanera.' Abby and Zoe learn how to compromise and give Number 15 the best quinceanera ever."
"[HBO] HD. 'A Bicycle Built by Two.' Luis and Telly follow a diagram of a bicycle and build the perfect sized bicycle for Little Chicken."
"Pop sensation \"One Direction\" visits Sesame Street to sing the instant classic \"What Makes U So Useful.\" Elmo plays \"Calm Down and Think,\" and he'll need to do just that if he wants to win a brand new bicycle horn! Cookie's Crumby Pictures presents \"Nosh of the Titans,\" and NBA basketball star Pau Gasol explains the word \"coach.\"]"
"When a new bird Minnie Mynah, tries to take Big Bird's nest by claiming the bird law \"finders, keepers,\" the Sesame Street gang take their case all the way to the Supreme Bird Court! Also included in this episode, actor and comedian Jonah Hill explains the word \"empty,\" and Murray takes an exciting trip to the zoo."
"Cookie learns how to wait his turn in line at a New York City deli in \"When Cookie Met Sally,\" a new Cookie's Crumby Pictures. And speaking of waiting, Rosita has to learn to wait before she can open her present from Elmo. Actor, Sir Ian McKellen, explains the word \"resist.\""
"Oscar wants to buy a grouch instrument called a P.U. gelhorn, so that he and Fluffy can play a duet, but first he'll need to find a way to save up enough trash to buy one. Grammy-award winning artist Macklemore helps Oscar in his quest for trash currency and sings his original new song \"Grouch Thrift Shop.\""
"Elmo's friend Stinky is nervous about his first day of preschool. Elmo reassures him that everything will be okay, and helps him find ways to relax and enjoy the fun. Also included, actor and comedian Zach Braff teaches the word \"anxious.\""
"[HBO] HD. 'Oscar's Clean Tuxedo.' Leela and Elmo remember and recreate three of the yuckiest stains on Oscar's tuxedo."
"Elmo doesn't feel like himself today -- he is cranky and grumpy. Oscar suggests he is becoming a grouch. Chris helps Elmo understand that no one feels happy all the time, and emotions change. This episode also includes Cookie's Crumby Pictures parody \"Twilight: Breaking Cookie,\" and Saturday Night Live star Bill Hader."
"It's friendship day and the gang is learning about communication and forgiveness. Elmo's feelings get hurt when Zoe calls him \"the worst.\" She says it's just a word and doesn't mean anything, but Chris helps her understand that words matter. Actress Brittany Snow teaches the word \"friend.\""
"[HBO] HD. 'Chaos at Hooper's Store.' Alan and Telly use math to figure out how to take care of The Old Lady Who Lives in a Shoe's 12 kids."
"A painter, Vincent Van Stop, is looking for a new assistant on Sesame Street to help him paint his famous signs and Bert would like the job, but first he will have to take Vincent Van Stop's Painting Challenge! Bert is terrified because he gets nervous when taking tests. Will he be able to pass the challenge?"
"[HBO] HD. 'Papa Bear Goes to Preschool.' Papa Bear learns that school rules are different from rules at home."
"Jack B. Nimble, Jack be quick...Jack can't sit still at the movies! Elmo must help his friend learn how to sit still so they can stay in the theatre and enjoy the film. Actor and Comedian Zach Galifianakis teaches the word \"nimble.\""
"Mother Goose has come to Sesame Street, and she's brought some along some awesome friends - including Grammy and Emmy award-winner Tina Fey! Big Bird helps Mother Goose write new rhymes for Little Miss Muffet and Little Jack Horner. She is so grateful that she then writes another one about him."
"Elmo and Abby hear about a tendy new website called AreYouCool.Cool. At first they try to follow the cool rules, but they soon realize that what's really cool is doing what makes you happy. Christina Hendricks (Mad Men) explains the word \"technology,\" and Cookie's Crumby Pictures presents \"Star S'mores.\""
"[HBO] HD. 'Everyday Magic.' Telly and Abby discover the 'magic' of using everyday objects as tools to help solve problems around Sesame Street."
Season 46 - Sesame Street
"Abby is sleeping over at Elmo's house and Nina is babysitting! With her help, it's time to calm down and get ready for bed. Also features Tracee Ellis Ross preparing for bed with the letter \"B\", Smart Cookies: The Ginger Snap Case, and Elmo's World: Sleep."
"Alan Cummings is Mucko Polo as he helps Oscar, Elmo and Abi to search out grouchiness in Sesame Street using all 5 senses."
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"It's Valentine's Day on Sesame Street! Elmo and Abby make valentines for each other and learn about the importance of friendship. Also see Elmo and Abby sing a \"Valentine's Day Song.\""
"Elmo and Abby have started the Best Friend Band where they learn how to compromise. Super group, Fifth Harmony joins Elmo to sing \"That's Music.\""
"[HBO] HD. 'When Dinosaurs Walked Sesame Street.' Elmo, Chris, and friends dress up as dinosaurs...and learn that Big Bird is a dinosaur!"
"Telly learns that by using his imagination and experimenting, he can make art in lots of different ways. Elmo's World: Drawing is also included where Elmo learns that drawing is a form of expression just like writing and talking."
"Elmo helps Abby, Grover, and Telly figure out how to say thank you to our nose, eyes, and mouth all at the same time. Also, Cookie Monster stars in Smart Cookies: Dat Face and in Elmo's World: Noses, Elmo learns how noses help us to breathe and sneeze!"
"Abby plans to teach Elmo how to garden, but a gnome takes his seeds and flower pot."
"Big Bird makes his own version of \"Beauty and the Beast\"."
"[HBO] HD. 'Move It!.' It's 'Move It Day'! After spending the day eating cookies, Cookie Monster learns that moving your body gives you energy."
"Abby turns Sesame Street into a magical ocean so that Dorothy can swim everywhere; when Dorothy disappears, Elmo and Abby follow clues to find her."
"[HBO] HD. 'Halloween.' In this special Halloween episode, the letter of the day is 'H' and Elmo learns that a good imagination helps when pretending."
Season 47 - Sesame Street
"[HBO] HD. 'Be Kind to Your Worm.' Oscar participates in the Be Kind to Your Worm day activities. Guest: Gwen Stefani."
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"[HBO] HD. 'Abby Helps Clear Things Up.' Abby helps Prince Charming calm down so he doesn't feel anxious at the Eye Doctor's office."
"[HBO] HD. 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Elmo.' Elmo learns how to play the song \"Twinkle Twinkle Little Star\" on his piano. Guest: Fifth Harmony."
"[HBO] HD. 'Dress Up.' Abby and Elmo play dress up and pretend to be lots of different people, like bike repair assistants to help fix Rosita's bike."
"Big Bird tries to be friends with a girl who has autism."
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Season 48 - Sesame Street
"[HBO] HD. 'Martian Mission.' Martians have landed on Sesame Street to find out what Earth people are like--so Elmo shows them!"
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"Gabrielle and Prairie Dawn think they cannot dance together because their hair does not move the same way, but Nina convinces them otherwise; Elmo and Big Bird join the dancing and let their fur and feathers do what they want to."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Elmo and Abby test bubble mixtures and learn that a bubble has the colors of the rainbow."
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