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Clary Fray learns that she is a Shadowhunter, a human-angel hybrid that hunts demons. After her mother is abducted by a demon, Clary joins a band of Shadowhunters to save her mother and discovers powers she never knew she had.

Duration:42 mins

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Season 1 - Shadowhunters
"On her birthday, Clary Fray discovers she descends from a long line of Shadowhunters: human angel hybrids who hunt down demons."
"Clary and Simon familiarize themselves with the Institute and learn more about the Circle and the hidden world. Clary has visions and tries looking for Dot, who can get her memories back."
"Jace trains Clary so that she can join the rescue mission to free Simon from the Vampire Clan."
"Clary consults High Warlock, Magnus Bane, in an attempt to free her memories from a Greater Demon."
"Clary, Alec and Simon head off to Clary's apartment to search for clues about the disappearance of Jocelyn and the Mortal Cup."
"With Luke on the verge of death, Clary must act fast before it is too late. Clary also discovers the truth about her family."
"Armed with the knowledge of the Mortal Cup's location, Clary and the team race to get it before it ends up in the wrong hands."
"Clary is forced to make a devastating decision, whilst Alec and Isabelle deal with an envoy from the Clave."
"After an attack, the Institute is on high alert. This forces Jace, Clary, Isabelle and the Downworlders to take drastic actions."
"After getting a tip from Meliorn, Clary must venture into an alternate universe. But can she act fast enough before she loses herself in this new world?"
"After receiving information from an old ally, Clary, Jace and Luke devise a plan to find Jocelyn. Meanwhile, the Inquisitor arrives for Isabelle's trial."
"Struggling with the revelation of their shared pasts, Jace and Clary avoid close contact while working with Magnus to track down warlock Ragnor Fell, who may hold the key to waking up the comatose Jocelyn."
"Time is running out for the Shadowhunters to stop Valentine. Jace wrestles with his feelings, whilst Alec must deal with the aftermath of his choices."
Season 2 - Shadowhunters
"The Institute is in upheaval after Jace departs with Valentine. Clary, Alec and Isabelle are desperate to find Jace. Jocelyn has a lot to catch up on, now that she's awake."
"Clary struggles to find where she belongs in the world, whilst Simon seeks Magnus' help to track down Camille."
"Everyone is on the hunt for Jace, but all for their own reasons. Clary and the team must reach him before anyone else does."
"Clary continues to struggle with the new Shadowhunter order as Jace is being held in the City of Bones."
"Clary takes desperate and extreme actions after the attack on the Institute leaves her devastated."
"Clary and Isabelle are sent on a mission to meet the Iron Sisters in order to find more clues about Valentine's plans."
"Clary and Luke find themselves at odds with the arrival of Luke's sister, Cleo."
"Alec introduces Magnus to Max during the big Rune Ceremony. Simon makes a bold move as Isabelle finds an unlikely new ally."
"Clary must grapple with the activation of Iris's blood oath, while Isabelle becomes more intimate with Raphael."
"With the fate of the Downworld hanging in the balance, Clary and Jace face Valentine in the ultimate confrontation."
"The downworlders retaliate after Valentine's attacks. The New York institute deals with the repercussions Valentine caused. New faces immerge from the shadows to help the Shadowhunters."
"As Valentine and Magnus try to escape the prison, Jace deals with a new identity, and the Shadowhunters face a possible uprising of the Downworld."
"The Institute's leaders fear a Downworlder uprise when Shadowhunters begin turning up dead at an alarming rate."
"Alec has big plans to mend fences with the Downworlders; Jace and Clary are summoned by the Seelie Queen."
"Simon goes down a dark path while Alec and team prepares to transport Valentine."
"Clary and Jace go on an unsanctioned mission, whilst Maia helps Simon with his Yom Kippur family dinner."
"Clary and the team search for the final Mortal Instrument, whilst Isabelle fears Max is growing up too fast. Maia struggles with her feelings for Simon."
"After a devastating attack at The Institute, everyone is on high alert as the Shadowhunters close in on their hunt for Jonathan. Meanwhile, Simon and Maia help a new downworlder as the Seelie Queen demands an answer from Magnus and Luke."
"With Valentine and Sebastian on the loose, the Downworlders come together to make a surprising choice."
"Jace and Clary rush to make a final stand, but when a traitor is revealed, they may have a bigger fight on their hands than expected. Meanwhile, Alec and Izzy must fight off a large mass of demons that have unexpectedly shown up."
Season 3 - Shadowhunters
"Secrets abound as the Shadowhunters and Downworlders try to get back to normal after Valentine's death. Clary struggles with keeping her secret about Raziel's wish, while Alec pushes Jace to come clean about whatever Jace and Clary are hiding. Luke must use tough love to keep his secret hidden from Ollie who is on a war path for answers. And Magnus hides his true feelings about his new position in the Warlock community from Alec. Meanwhile, Lilith sets a plan in motion in New York City as Simon spend stime in the Seelie Court."
"With the institute under siege by a greater demon, tensions between shadowhunters and warlocks are higher than ever as Alec tries to remain in control of the situation."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Someone is out to get Simon and Jace is on the hunt to find out who it is, meanwhile Clary turns to Luke to find a way to help Jace. Alec worries about the future of his relationship after learning more about Magnus' romantic past."
"Clary teams up with Magnus to investigate a recent demon attack. Simon is stunned when he's visited by someone he never thought he'd see again, and who now won't seem to leave. Meanwhile, Izzy worries about dinner with her family and a special guest and Luke reaches out to Maryse."
"With the Owl's identity revealed, Alec, Isabelle, and Clary head to Alicante to try and find a way to stop him. Luke and Simon team up to track Lilith's latest possible victim. Maia reflects on her past."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
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