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The Amazing Race

This reality television game show pits 11 teams against each other in a worldwide, 30 to 40-day journey through diverse cities and countries spanning the globe. The first team to reach the final destination will be rewarded with $1 million.

Duration:60 mins

Quality: HD



Season 1 - The Amazing Race
"From Central Park in New York City eleven teams embark on the Amazing Race by speeding to the airport to catch flights to Johannesburg, South Africa. After arriving in Johannesburg, teams book charter flights to Zambia leaving the next morning and then travel to Victoria Falls. From there, they make their way to Batoka Gorge where teams choose between two detours: either hike to the bottom of the gorge or use a zip line to cross, and then bungee to the bottom of the gorge. After the task is complete, teams race to the pit stop at Songwe Village, and the last team to ..."
"At the Arc de Triomphe, at departure times the teams are told to find La Grande Rue, a ferris wheel located somewhere in the city. They will have to get the route marker when the Ferris wheel opens. When they get there, they are to do a detour. An \"Easy Walk\" where they must find Foucault's pendulum. There are two nearby, but you must chose the right one .Unfortunately for Pat and Brenda, they do chose the wrong one which puts them far behind the others. The second is \"Tough Climb\" in which the teams must climb to the top of Notre Dame and ring Quasimodo's bell. Kevin..."
"The teams start off at the Chateau Les Baux in Paris, France. The first task is to find a man in a red hat, standing under a miniature Arc de Triomphe. All they have to discover where the man is located, is a flag and a picture of the man. It seems clear that the alliance between Frank\/Margarita, Rob\/Brennan and Joe\/Bill has officially crumbled. The teams discover that the flag is from Tunisia. Before this discovery, some guess Turkey or Morocco. Paul\/Amie at departure, notice the cab they had previously ordered the night before is not there. This causes some anger ..."
"The seven remaining teams start off in El Jem Coliseum, the pit stop for the fourth leg. Upon departure they are given a route marking which tells them they must find a monument known as the Tataouine which is 300 miles away. Although Paul and Amie arrived fifth in the last leg, production problems cause them to move ahead one place in front of Frank and Margarita. When the teams arrive at the Tataouine, they are given a Detour. They must chose between an easy and a difficult game. The easy game is at a hard to find location and the hard game is at an easy to find ..."
"The teams start out in the Sahara desert. Kevin and Drew are the first to depart. The clue reads that they must get to the Palace Hotel in Tunis,300 miles away. Joe and Bill are the first to arrive at the clue. They must get to a spot outside the famous Coliseum in Rome. The teams head to the Tunisian airport. Tensions are high at the airport. At one point, Drew ask Team Guido if they want to have one of their legs broke. Joe and Bill laugh at this and don't see it as a threat. Drew then tells the team he was joking. Joe and Bill are the first of the teams to get ..."
"The teams start off at the Taj Mahal and must find the next route marker, located somewhere on the grounds of the palace. Frank and Margarita are the first to leave because of their fast forward pass from the last leg. Bill and Joe are the next to depart from the pit stop. Frank and Margarita are the first to find the route marker and now must find a yellow and white flag at Palace of the Winds in Jaipur. They must either take a taxi or a bus. Rob and Brennan are the first to arrive at the Palace. The clue is a Detour, in both they have to find a Holy Man by either ..."
"The five remaining teams must get to the Temple of Dawn in Bangkok from the pit stop. Kevin and Drew are the first to leave. Only two teams are still eligible to use the Fast Forward; Nancy\/Emily and Joe\/Bill. All the others teams have already used it. Nancy says that she and Emily either get the Fast Forward or they're out of the game. Both teams decide to go for it although Nancy and Emily seem a little hesitant. The teams must get from Dehli to Bangkok either by using train or a bus. When the Temple of Dawn opens in the morning after arriving the previous night (..."
"The teams begin this leg at the Tiger Cave Temple in Krabi. The first clue directs the teams to Raile Beach in which they must find \"the king\". Rob and Brennan are the first to depart the pit stop. They must take a cab and a boat to get to the next destination. Operating hours end at 5:30 PM and Joe and Bill are set to depart at 6:30 PM so they cannot do anything that night. The teams discover that \"the king\" is a large rock formation and that they must go rock climbing or they can take an extremely long hike, as part of a Detour. All of the teams chose to go rock ..."
Season 3 - The Amazing Race
"The nine remaining teams began the leg in Scotland and raced through to Lisbon, Portugal to face a Detour 'Old School' or 'New School'. In Old School teams had to deliver a ninety-pound barrel of port wine to a nearby restaurant in the town of Porto. In New School teams had to load crates of Port wine bottles and from there they must take it into the city where they had to deliver it. The first choice was less physically demanding but both choices were seemingly tricky."
"The eight remaining teams continue racing in Portugal to Europe's most western point. There, teams open their next clue and discover a Detour which requires them to either rappel down to a shoreline or walk. Teams complete the task and learn that they must drive 250 miles to the port city Algeciras, Spain. Once there, teams must travel by ferry to Tangier, Morocco. While driving, some teams fall behind due to filling up their car with unleaded gasoline instead of diesel. When teams realize their mistake it puts them into shock and denial. Once teams reach Morocco, ..."
"The seven remaining teams depart from the Pit Stop in Fez and have to make their way into Casablanca to find the Hussan II mosque. As teams depart, some of them embark on their achievements during the first five legs as well as trying to stay focused through the upcoming legs."
Season 5 - The Amazing Race
"The eight teams receive a clue telling them to get from the Pit Stop to the Battleship Aurora--its guns signaled the start of the Russian Revolution. The trip is long, with a 20-hour bus ride followed by an 8,000 mile flight to Russia. The jockeying and bickering immediately begin at the bus station, but some patient planning pays off for a few teams who take a later bus that makes less stops and then visit a travel agent. Some unfortunate airport luck leaves Bob and Joyce catching a later flight and striving to remain in the race. In St. Petersburg, Russia, the teams..."
Season 17 - The Amazing Race
"Eleven teams of 2 travel from Gloucester, Massachusetts to Eastnor, Great Britain. The first team to check in at the Pit Stop wins an Express Pass, which allows them to skip one task of their choice at any point in the next seven legs of the race."
"One team considers using their precious Express Pass after playful Ghanaian locals give some teams a headache while they struggle to complete the high-stakes roadblock."
"The nine remaining teams stay in Ghana as they travel from Accra to Dodowa. The sweltering African heat pushes one person into a medical emergency that threatens their team's position in the race."
"The nine teams travel from the suffocating heat of Dodowa, Ghana to the shivering Arctic cold on the border of Sweden and Norway."
"The eight remaining teams travel from the Sweden\/Norway border to Norvik, Norway. A Norwegian delicacy forces a vegetarian to make a difficult decision at the Fast Forward. At the Road Block, several people have to face their fear of heights."
"The seven remaining teams travel from Norvik, Norway to St. Petersburg, Russia, where they experience a variety of aspects of the local culture, including a choice of classical film or classical music at the Detour, and manual labour for one person at the Road Block."
"The seven teams stay in St. Petersburg, Russia, where they join the circus. Some teams find the leg to be anything but fun and games when they misread an important clue."
"Following a huge mistake, one Racer makes an important decision that will impact their team beyond the finish line and for the rest of their lives."
"The five remaining teams travel from Muscat, Oman to Dhaka, Bangladesh. In a first for the series, tensions run high at a double U-turn when two teams' chances of staying in the race are jeopardised by them having to complete both of the Detour choices."
"The four remaining teams travel from Dhaka, Bangladesh to Hong Kong, China. Some people struggle to stay in the race when they become violently ill."
"The four teams travel from Hong Kong, China to Seoul, South Korea, where they have to complete tasks on water and ice in their battle for a place in the final three."
"The final three teams travel from Seoul, South Korea to Los Angeles, California, where they soar to new heights at Long Beach. The first team to finish wins the US$1 million prize."
Season 18 - The Amazing Race
"Eleven teams of two favourites from previous seasons with unfinished business to settle travel from Palm Springs, California to Sydney, Australia. The last team to find the first clue receives an Automatic U-Turn, compelling them to do both choices when they reach the first Detour."
"The eleven teams stay in Australia as they continue the leg by travelling from Sydney to Broken Hill, where they dress as kangaroos for a task. Tempers start to flare when one person reverts to their old habits, while utter exhaustion forces another team to break down in tears."
"In the rest period, a train takes the ten remaining teams from Broken Hill, Australia back to Sydney, from where they travel to Kurihama, Japan. One team's hopes are shattered when a car crash sends them toward the back of the pack. Some of the teams get down and dirty in a pile of frigid mud at the Detour."
"The nine remaining teams travel from Kurihama, Japan to Lijiang, China. Frustration threatens to get the best of one person after their team loses all sense of direction on the way to the airport."
"The eight remaining teams travel from Kunming, China to Kolkata, India. One team, overwhelmed by a swarming sea of people on India's congested streets, narrowly avoids a traffic collision. Clumsiness threatens to spoil another team's chances of acing the Detour."
"The seven remaining teams stay in India as they travel from Kolkata to Varanasi. At India's most holy city, they have to retrieve and assemble some pieces of a phrase at the Road Block."
"The six remaining teams travel from Varanasi, India to Salzburg, Austria. When they are confronted by a psychological Detour, a quick and easy meal proves to be too big for the stomachs of some teams, while others have to try to avoid making a Freudian slip in Vienna's slick streets."
"The six teams travel from Salzburg, Austria to Zermatt, Switzerland. The stress of the race begins to take its toll when another Double U-Turn is revealed. At the Detour, one team struggles to consume a local delicacy, while other teams become acquainted with Swiss hospitality."
"The five remaining teams stay in Zermatt, Switzerland, where they brave bone-chilling temperatures as they come face to face with the Matterhorn. Tempers flare at the Road Block in the most intense argument of the season."
"The four remaining teams travel from Zermatt, Switzerland to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where a hairy situation causes several people to cry out in pain. The final three teams then travel to the Florida Keys, where the first team to finish has to overcome some past demons and tough competition in order to win the US$1 million prize."
Season 19 - The Amazing Race
"Eleven teams of two travel from Los Angeles, California to Taipei, Taiwan. One team's position is put in serious jeopardy less than an hour into the race when they lose their passport. The first team to check in at the Pit Stop wins the Express Pass, which they can use at any time during the next eight legs of the race. The last team to complete the first task encounters a Hazard, a task that only they have to complete, further in the leg."
"The eleven teams travel from Taipei, Taiwan to Yogyakarta, Indonesia. For the first time in the race's history, the last two teams to check in are eliminated at the Pit Stop. A misplaced clue could jeopardise one team's place in the race, while failure to read a clue at an orphanage proves costly for several teams."
"The eight remaining teams travel from Borobudur, Indonesia to Koh Panyi, Thailand, where struggles with an underwater challenge could threaten their positions in the game. One team's love of the outdoors comes in handy during a tough climbing challenge at the Road Block."
"The eight teams stay in Thailand as they travel from Koh Panyi to Bangkok. When one team becomes concerned that they have broken the rules, they take a risk that could cost them their place in the race. The last team to check in at the last leg find that their unwanted Speed Bump becomes a dream excursion."
"The seven remaining teams travel from Bangkok, Thailand to Kumbali, Malawi. When one team falls toward the back of the pack, the spirit of the local workers provides some encouragement to a disheartened person at the Road Block. There is an intense foot race to the Pit Stop."
"The seven teams stay in Malawi as they travel from Kumbali to Salima. One team falls behind when they are puzzled by a patriotic Speed Bump. Teams have to choose if they want to sabotage when a Double U-Turn comes into play."
"The six remaining teams travel from Salima, Malawi to Copenhagen, Denmark. One person finds out what it means to have two left feet at the Road Block, while another Double U-Turn could jeopardise every team's positions in the race."
"The five remaining teams travel from Copenhagen, Denmark to Brussels, Belgium. One team hopes for a lucky break after they make a game-changing mistake. Teams get in touch with their inner exhibitionists when they don Speedos for a bodybuilding task."
"The five teams immediately start the next leg as they travel around Belgium before returning to Brussels. They put the pedal to the metal and shift into high gear when they take a Ford Mustang on a test drive. When some teams try to recreate some classic Belgian waffles at the Detour, the results turn out anything but sweet."
"The four remaining teams travel from Brussels, Belgium to Panama City, Panama. At the Road Block, some people come face to face with their fears as they take in some astonishing views of the city skyline."
"The final three teams travel from Panama City, Panama to Atlanta, Georgia. When a smooth landing proves to be elusive for one team, it gives their competitors a chance to soar. The first team to reach the finish wins the US$1 million prize."
Season 20 - The Amazing Race
"As 11 Teams depart Santa Barbara, Calif. for Santa Barbara, Argentina, one team struggles to keep their nerves at bay. Meanwhile, Teams quickly discover winning $1 million may be tougher than expected when they find themselves skydiving from a plane at 10,000 feet."
"Teams race through Buenos Aires, Argentina, where the stress of the Race causes one Team to break down into tears. Meanwhile, chaos ensues when Racers are required to sharpen their numerical skills at the world's largest cattle market."
"The nine remaining teams travel from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Asunci\u00c3\u00b3n, Paraguay. Teams struggle to produce during a fruity Detour choice, and face a harsh reality at the Road Block if they don't perfect a local balancing act."
"The eight remaining teams travel from Asunci\u00c3\u00b3n, Paraguay to Turin, Italy. Teams polishing off a dirty Detour choice find an unexpected beheading. In a series first, a team is left in tears after a random act of kindness at the Pit Stop."
"The eight teams travel from Turin, Italy to Schwangau-Horn, Germany. In Germany's oldest region, they have to search King Ludwig's quarters in the castle that inspired Sleeping Beauty's castle. Tempers flare for one team while they walk through a snowy labyrinth on their way to the castle."
"The seven remaining teams travel from Schwangau-Horn, Germany to Baku, Azerbaijan. Two teams find out how well they stack up when they hit the hay for a Fast Forward, while several teams break out the sponges for an oily Detour choice."
"The six remaining teams travel from Baku, Azerbaijan to Ngorongoro, Tanzania. When the claws come out during a change of planes, tears are shed. Teams stand amazed as they train alongside Masai warriors at the Detour."
"The six teams stay in Tanzania as they travel from Ngorongoro to Lake Manyara. When an early alliance is betrayed, the race takes an unexpected turn. An unforgiving team savours the opportunity to use a game twist to exact their revenge."
"The five remaining teams travel from Lake Manyara, Tanzania to Cochin, India. A gender disparity causes one team to lose faith when they are faced with what seems an insurmountable Road Block. Emotions run high when one person has to weigh their well-being against their future in the race."
"The five teams stay in India as they travel from Cochin to Vypin. One person is determined to push through the pain barrier after physically misstepping. Teams have to pull out all the bells and whistles at a larger than life Detour choice."
"The four remaining teams travel from Vypin, India to Osaka, Japan. As they close in on the finish of the race, they have to call upon their track skills during an exhausting Japanese game show Road Block. The final three teams then travel to Honululu, Hawaii, where they have to draw on all of their remaining stamina. The first team to reach the finish line wins the US$1 million prize."
Season 21 - The Amazing Race
"Eleven new teams of two travel from Pasadena, California to Shanghai, China. Pressure reaches an all-time high when the teams find out that the first team to check in at the first Pit Stop will win US$2 million if they are also the first to reach the finish. One team's act of kindness comes back to haunt them."
"The ten remaining teams travel from Shanghai, China to Surabaya, Indonesia. A bold move made by one team could cost them the game. One person breaks down when a Road Block gets too frustrating for them."
"The nine remaining teams stay in Indonesia as they travel from Surabaya to Bangil. It's every team for themself when the teams encounter a Double Blind U-Turn. Some teams start to feel the heat of the race when their heads are set ablaze at the Detour."
"The eight remaining teams travel from Surabaya, Indonesia to Dhaka, Bangladesh. The game heats up when one person's enthusiasm pushes a competing team to their breaking point at the Road Block. One team performs the unpleasant task of working as \"rat collectors\" on their way to the Fast Forward."
"The seven remaining teams stay in Bangladesh as they travel from Dhaka to Sonargaon. The scorching heat takes its toll when dehydration threatens one team's place in the race. One team receives sad news from home, causing emotions to run high."
"The seven teams travel from Sonargaon, Bangladesh to Istanbul, Turkey, where some of them have to face a steamy Detour in order to avoid their race being scrubbed. The last team to check in on the previous leg have to overcome a tasty Speed Bump in order to keep their hopes in the race alive."
"The six remaining teams travel from Istanbul, Turkey to Moscow, Russia, where some find themselves in deep water and struggling to stay in sync at the Detour. A costly mistake by one team threatens their place in the race."
"The final three teams struggle to complete the previous leg, then all six teams stay in Moscow for the next leg as one team continue their quest to recover a lost passport, and an ankle injury takes its toll on one person, threatening their ability to complete a physical Detour choice."
"The five remaining teams travel from Moscow, Russia to Ransdorp, Netherlands, where an alliance make a game-changing decision at a Double U-Turn. The teams encounter one of the show's most infamous Road Blocks at this season's \"switchback\"."
"The four remaining teams travel from Ransdorp, Netherlands to Palma de Mallorca, Spain, where on a visit to Rafael Nadal's practice courts in Manacor, one person from each team has to volley balls in bounds at a smashing Road Block."
"The four teams travel from Palma de Mallorca, Spain to Chenonceaux, France. In the Loire Valley, one person from each team has to pick three different types of mushrooms in a terrifying Road Block. The final three teams then travel to New York City, New York, where some people have to escape like Houdini before the first team to reach the finish line wins the US$1 million prize."
Season 22 - The Amazing Race
"Eleven new teams of 2 travel from Los Angeles, California to Bora Bora, French Polynesia. The game changes when it is revealed that the first team to check in at the Pit Stop will receive two Express Passes, one that they can use themselves and the other that they must give to another team of their choice before the fourth leg."
"The ten remaining teams stay in Bora Bora, French Polynesia, where they have to choose between setting up for an underwater picnic or diving for pearls at the Detour."
"The nine remaining teams travel from Bora Bora, French Polynesia to Windwhistle, New Zealand. One team has to undergo medical treatment that will decide whether or not they can continue in the race."
"The nine teams continue racing as they travel from Windwhistle, New Zealand to Uluwatu, Indonesia. Several teams face the prospect of unravelling at a detail-oriented Detour choice."
"The eight remaining teams travel from Uluwatu, Indonesia to Hanoi, Vietnam, where they face a Double U-Turn. One team receive some crushing news."
"The seven remaining teams travel from Hanoi, Vietnam to Xhumaga, Botswana, where they experience the cultural practices of the Kalahari Bushmen."
"The seven teams stay in Botswana as they travel from Xhumaga to Maun. The teams have to transport two small goats up a river by canoe at the Road Block."
"The six remaining teams travel from Maun, Botswana to Grindelwald, Switzerland, where at the Switchback, they revisit a classic challenge when they grapple with giant wheels of cheese."
"The five remaining teams travel from Grindelwald, Switzerland to Berlin, Germany, where they have to take a 37-storey plunge. At the Road Block, one person from each team takes a twisted journey through a psychedelic labyrinth."
"The five teams travel from Berlin, Germany to Edinburgh, Scotland, where they encounter a Double U-Turn that puts two teams at risk of elimination."
"The four remaining teams travel from Edinburgh, Scotland to Belfast, Northern Ireland, where one person from each team gets down and dirty at the Road Block as the pressure to make it to the last leg mounts. The final three teams then travel to Mount Vernon, Virginia. In Washington, D.C., a Secret Service agent prepares them for a photograph with President Barack Obama. The first team to reach the finish line wins the US$1 million prize."
Season 23 - The Amazing Race
"The ten remaining teams stay in Chile as they travel from Iquique to Santiago. Some teams have to strip down and muscle up for a bizarre salt bath at the Detour. A communication blunder at a bus stop could prove costly for one team."
Season 24 - The Amazing Race
"Eleven of the most memorable teams return for another Race around the world, but in a dramatic series first, one team will not make it to the starting line."
"Mark and Mallory continue to struggle with communication and one major mistake jeopardizes their chances to keep racing."
"Teams race through the Malaysian jungle where the roaring rapids crush their spirits and their homemade rafts. Plus, after being struck by taxi deja vu, one team fights to stay in the running."
"One racer pours blood and tears into an exhausting Roadblock and another racer suffers a meltdown during an extremely difficult Detour."
"The Race continues in Sri Lanka where teams struggle to get a bite when fishing for their next clue."
"The teams are in Sri Lanka, where an exhausting Roadblock drains the racers of all their strength. Also, an epic race through the countryside ends with a footrace to the Pit Stop."
"Teams race to Rome, Italy, where Racers and Roman gladiators square off in a medieval Detour. Plus, three teams strike a deal in order to try to avoid elimination."
"The competition gets fierce as the remaining six teams face a double U-Turn, and the Cowboys contemplate a major decision."
"With the final finish line getting closer, tension between two teams rises. Meanwhile, three teams make a final three alliance in hopes of making it to the final leg."
"The Racers are in Spain where another double U-turn threatens the accidental alliance. Meanwhile, one team suffers a potentially game-changing injury."
"The final four teams are in Liverpool, England, where they experience a once-in-a-lifetime shoot-out at the historic Anfield Stadium, home of the Liverpool FC. Meanwhile, one team misreads a clue and jeopardizes their chances at making the final three."
"With the $1 million prize on the line, the final teams race through Las Vegas, where the world's greatest illusionist, David Copperfield, designs a final challenge that requires the remaining teams to master the art of illusion."
Season 25 - The Amazing Race
"11 new teams learn that the duo who wins the first leg of the race will receive \"The Save\", a game changing element that allows them to rescue themselves if they finish last on a future leg."
"The race continues in London where teams try to win an Express Pass, but some pairs chances are capsized while boating in a punt in Oxford, England."
"The race continues in Scotland's Shetland Islands, where the teams tackle an obstacle course while attempting to corral a flock of sheep."
"The race continues in Copenhagen where the dentists realize they may need to use their \"Save\" during a painstaking Detour. Later, one team's lack of communication leads to a massive meltdown on the mat."
"The racers face a double U-turn in Morocco. Meanwhile, two teams accuse each other of playing dirty."
"The race continues in Morocco, where a Road Block requires a member of each team to walk across a narrow bridge suspended high above the Atlas Mountains."
"The race continues in Palermo, Sicily, where teams battle to beat the clock in a go-cart race through the mountains. Also, two rival duos form an unlikely alliance."
"The race continues in Valletta, Malta."
"The race continues in Singapore where a dangerous misstep leaves one competitor dangling 600 feet above the ground. Also: a traditional Asian detox leaves some teams writhing in pain."
"Teams race to Manila, Philippines where they get muddy with an ornery Ox during a memorable switchback challenge from season five."
"The race continues in the Philippines where two strong teams make a mistake that could cost them a chance to win the $1 million. At the pit stop, Phil greets the racers with some shocking news."
"The final four teams race the final leg in Los Angeles, where one duo is eliminated before the other three pairs sprint to the finish line to win $1 million dollars."
Season 26 - The Amazing Race
"11 new teams of all dating duos: six who are preexisting couples, and five duos meet for the first time at the starting line. Immediately, the couples face a difficult decision with a dreaded U-turn in the first leg."
"Teams race through Nagano, Japan where Racers take on an Olympic-sized Detour, and one team takes a tumble that may jeopardize their chances in the Race."
"Tensions rise in Thailand as one team forgets their fanny pack, putting them behind, and one Racer celebrates the end of the leg when they pop a very special question."
"Teams face a race within the Race when they attempt to navigate the chaotic streets of Bangkok, and Racers eat a traditional delicacy - a \"1,000 year old egg.\""
"Racers strap on lederhosen for a trip to Oktoberfest in Bavaria, Germany, and one team finds their race in jeopardy after losing their fanny pack."
"For the first time, the Race travels to Monaco, where one team takes a big risk to gain an edge on the competition."
"When the race continues in Namibia, a flat tire deflates one team's hopes of leading the pack and the dreaded Double U-Turn returns."
"The competition heats up as the final five teams race to Amsterdam and take a dip in a floating hot tub in search of their next clue."
"The final five teams travel to Peru, where the Race gets physical and teams use their fitness trackers to help find their next clue. Also, Blair and Hayley's communication issues reach a boiling point."
"In the penultimate leg, the final four teams race through Peru for a spot in the finale and a chance at the $1 million prize."
"Everything is bigger in Texas, including THE AMAZING RACE season finale! With the $1 million dollar prize on the line, the final four teams race from Peru to Dallas, where they go to great heights at the top of AT&T Stadium, the home of the Dallas Cowboys, join a Texas cattle ranch and rappel 500 feet down the Reunion Tower, on the season finale."
Season 27 - The Amazing Race
"Eleven new teams take off on the journey of a lifetime from Venice Beach, Calif. and head for Rio de Janeiro, where teams take a thrilling helicopter ride and face a huge decision at the Fast Forward."
"Teams travel to the birthplace of Pope Francis, where they visit the church where he was baptized. Also, Racers are driven up a wall when they learn a tango with a twist."
"Attention to detail is paramount during a meaty challenge and one team faces a penalty after a costly mistake."
"As Racers soar high above the breathtaking Victoria Falls toward a double U-turn, Team Texas uses their express pass in the hopes of eliminating The Green Team."
"Teams conquer their fears in Zambia, Africa when they plunge more than 250 feet over the Zambezi River, feed a trio of crocodiles and walk with lions through the jungle."
"Teams travel to Paris where Racers soar high above the French countryside and \"drop mics\" with a popular French rapper."
"One Team risks falling to the back of the pack after taking a break to sight-see, and Racers take a big jump when faced with a Double Dutch Detour."
"Teams hit the town in Krakow, Poland with local street musicians to earn a hard day's pay."
"With only six teams remaining, the competition heats up when Racers face a U-Turn, and some teams enjoy the sweet taste of victory after a candy making challenge."
"Racers face a third U-turn for the first time in the show's history, and teams try to power through an exhausting, late night detour on their way to an Indian wedding."
"The final four teams race through Hong Kong and Macau, China where they take part in a spectacular water show at The House of Dancing Water and compete for a chance to race in the final leg."
"The final three teams race to Long Island, New York where, after five continents, 10 countries and more than 34,000 miles, one will be crowned winners and awarded the $1 million prize."
Season 28 - The Amazing Race
"In a series first, 11 new teams of social media stars depart from their own homes all across the country and head for Mexico City, where they set off fireworks and dig deep at an archaeological Roadblock."
"For the first time ever, the Race travels to Colombia where Racers go mud-diving for emeralds in a volcano."
"The race continues in Colombia, where claustrophobia could prevent a racer from going deep into the catacombs to retrieve their next clue."
"A romance blossoms between two racers, and teams are caught in one of the largest-ever footraces to the mat for first place."
"The Race reaches new heights as teams climb 15,000 feet in the French Alps, and one team may be in jeopardy of elimination after dropping their clue down a mountain."
"For the first time in THE AMAZING RACE history, teams travel to Yerevan, Armenia, where an express pass is on the line for the winner of the leg."
"Teams travel to the country of Georgia where they learn how to make a traditional candy and go deep into the trenches at an old Georgian winery."
"Teams travel to Dubai where they race camels and swim with sharks."
"In a tight race to the mat, teams row and swim to the Pit Stop located on a boat, where the losers walk the plank and are eliminated."
"Racers embark on a gut wrenching, 40-foot plunge and teams make a difficult decision when faced with a double U-turn."
"The final four teams race for a spot in the finale and a high-stakes foot race to the mat will mark the end of one more team's journey."
"As the final three teams race from Shenzhen, China to Santa Barbara, Calif. for the final leg of the Race, they face a gut-wrenching leap of faith: jump off a building more than 150 feet high and perform a harrowing task of synchronized mountaineering."
Season 29 - The Amazing Race
"In a brand new twist, all 22 Racers are complete strangers who will meet on the starting line. Before \"GO,\" Racers will immediately compete in a challenge that will determine the order for picking a Teammate, based on nothing but first impressions. These new pairs of Teammates will then have mere moments to learn their traveling companion's name before beginning a race around the world that will span 9 countries, 17 cities and 36,000 miles."
"Teams travel to Sao Paulo, Brazil where tensions rise between two teams when one goes back on their word."
"Racers travel to Zanzibar, Tanzania where teams build and deliver desks to a local school. Also, tensions rise when teams face a blind double U-turn, and one team's Race may be in jeopardy when they misplace their passports."
"(Zanzibar and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania) - A previously played U-turn causes friction between two teams in Tanzania."
"(Alesund, Norway) - Racers take on a record setting Roadblock by helping build a 13-story bonfire in Norway."
"Several teams come together and target one set of Racers at the double U-turn in Italy."
"Teams race through Venice, Italy where one team reaches a breaking point in a frantic search for a water taxi."
"While driving to the Detour, one team ends up going the wrong way, and a surprising U-turn causes friction between racers."
"An extreme fear of heights paralyzes one Racer at a Roadblock when faced with bungee jumping 240 feet from a bridge into the Corinth Canal."
"Teams battle the scorching heat while transporting shrimp baskets for one mile to a local fisherman, and one Racer approaches their breaking point during the exhausting Roadblock."
"The final four teams race through Seoul, South Korea to clinch a spot in the finale on a chance to race for the $1 Million dollar prize."
"With the one million dollar prize on the line, the final three teams race to Chicago where they must complete their final challenges within the windy city's most iconic landmarks, including a trip to Wrigley Field, the home of the World Champion Chicago Cubs."
Season 30 - The Amazing Race
"The first destination is Iceland, where teams must traverse a massive canyon."
"For the first time, teams face off in a head-to-head competition to earn their place on the mat."
"Things get slimy at a fishy challenge, and Racers scale buildings and run through the narrow streets of Tangiers, Morocco."
"One team tries to stay on track after failing to read their clue, and teams face off against one another in the second head-to-head competition of the season."
"For the first time, racers swap teammates for an entire leg; the game becomes ruthless with another double U-turn."
"Racers travel through Bahrain, where a contestant misplaces a passport; scorpions are on the menu for racers in Chiang Mai, Thailand."
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