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The Dead Files

On The Dead Files, physical medium Amy Allan and retired NYPD homicide detective Steve Di Schiavi, combine their unique and often conflicting skills to solve unexplained paranormal phenomena in haunted locations across America.

Duration:60 mins

Quality: HD



Season 1 - The Dead Files
"Amy and Steve uncover the murderous past of a farmhouse."
"Amy and Steve discover the gruesome secrets of a supposedly haunted restaurant in Asbury Park, New Jersey."
"Amy and Steve investigate claims that phantoms have tortured a California family for generations."
"Amy and Steve investigate claims that a North Carolina home is filled with dolls that are vessels for the dead."
"Amy and Steve investigate an historic home in New Orleans to help a family tortured by unexplained visions and bizarre occurrences."
"Amy and Steve investigate a historic Central Florida hotel where guests have been tormented by terrifying visions."
"Amy and Steve investigate claims that the spirit of a murdered socialite haunts a historic Montana home."
"When a Florida couple claims to see spirits in their home, Amy & Steve uncover a history of unspeakable violent crimes."
"Amy and Steve investigate disturbing reports of paranormal activity at a family-owned restaurant in Santaquin, Utah."
"Steve and Amy head to the Pacific Northwest to investigate a community theater where small children are being terrorized by the paranormal."
"Amy and Steve travel to Wichita to investigate claims of paranormal activity in a house where a grandmother is afraid her grandchildren will be harmed by evil spirits. Amy's walk-through uncovers many disturbing entities, including a prostitute who was killed in a shoot-out and children who were burned in a fire. Steve's research reveals the house sits in the middle of what was once the bloody neighborhood of Delano Township where it was a red-light district during the wild west."
"Amy and Steve try to help a frightened family who believe their 100-year-old home in Blackshear, Georgia is haunted with reports of bizarre paranormal activity that includes an evil entity that's haunting the family."
"Amy and Steve investigate strange paranormal sightings at an old homestead in Texas where the current residents are terrified of their rental home. Whether seeing apparitions in their trees or witnessing shadow figures in their fields. It is revealed that the sightings of hooded figures in long white robes is believed to be the KKK. Also it is discovered Samuel Chelton Inman who was a deacon of the first church here in 1844 killed a man on the property."
"Amy and Steve investigate frightening reports of paranormal activity at Mackay Mansion, a miners museum in an old Nevada mining town. Steve unearths a tragic history of the murder of Julia Bulette, a famous prostitute, while Amy encounters several disturbing entities including John Millain, the French drifter who killed Julia still residing there."
"Steve and Amy investigate reports of paranormal encounters in an old Civil War-era plantation house where the owner thinks her life is in danger from being physically attacked by an evil spirit of a man who also resides there. Through research, Steve learns that the house was built by William \"Dock\" King in the early 1860s and was moved in the 1960s by different owners from \"Packers Bend\" on the Alabama River in Clark County to its current location. And most of the King family members died of yellow fever in the house."
"Steve and Amy investigate the abandoned and infamous New Mexico State Penitentiary,the site of the worst prison riot in American history. Steve uncovers the prison's secrets when he interviews eyewitnesses including an actress who filmed a movie there and got locked in a cell by a shadow man. Amy confronts a murderous evil spirit she calls the \"Shadow Devil\"."
Season 2 - The Dead Files
"Amy and Steve investigate paranormal activity at the Lizzie Borden House."
"Steve and Amy investigate reports of violent paranormal activity at Smalley's Inn & Restaurant in upstate New York. While Steve uncovers the location's dark past, Amy is confronted by violent spirits who want her to leave."
"The episodes \"Deadly Attraction\" and \"Fear at the Family\" are revisited, including some previously unseen footage."
"The episodes \"Blood and Gold\" and \"Pandora's Box\" are revisited, including some previously unseen footage."
"Amy and Steve investigate claims that a North Carolina man is being terrorized."
"Steve Di Schiavi and Amy Allan reveal new information about previous investigations of paranormal activity at an old Texas homestead and a historic Central Florida hotel."
"New information is revealed about a community theater and a haunted restaurant."
"Steve and Amy investigate paranormal activity at a newlywed couple's haunted house in the old railroad town of Garrett."
"Steve and Amy investigate reports of paranormal activity from a mother of eight who says her entire family is being terrorized by paranormal activity in their West Virginia home."
"Amy and Steve investigate reports of paranormal activity from volunteers at an art center in Clinton, North Carolina who fear the place is being haunted by the building's original owner."
"Steve and Amy investigate the haunting of a Columbus, Ohio tavern only to stumble on a 100 year old murder involving a prostitute and a drunk patron."
"Amy and Steve investigate reports of paranormal activity on a farm in rural Illinois. What they discover is a tragic history of bloodshed, madness and violence."
"Steve and Amy help a frightened teenager who believes his family is in danger in their newly built house. He also thinks he's opened up a portal for evil spirits when he and his friends performed a series of s\u00c3\u00a9ances at his former home next door. Steve discovers the property used to be the treatment center for an infamous doctor who would starve her patients to death."
"Steve and Amy visit a remote village in Alaska to investigate the haunted Circle Hot Springs Hotel, where the caretaker and his family see a three-headed apparition with a monkey head and feathers believed to be a shape-shifter that hates women. Through research, Steve learns about a deadly helicopter crash involving a newlywed bride took place near the property while Amy encounters a changeling that may be the property's original owner."
"Amy and Steve revisit a home that is haunted by an axeman. Next, Amy and Steve return to what is apparently Seattle's oldest restaurant."
Season 3 - The Dead Files
"Steve and Amy investigate reports of ghostly apparitions at a dental office in Huntington, West Virginia. While Steve uncovers evidence of a mysterious death, Amy says she's solved a hundred year old mystery."
"Steve and Amy try to help a couple who claim the paranormal activity in their house is ripping their family apart."
"Amy and Steve investigate reports of paranormal activity from a couple who fear that they are in danger from spirits at their beauty salon and auto body shop in Wichita, KS."
"Amy and Steve are called in by the owner of Seattle's oldest restaurant, who says the spirits inside are trying to kill her."
"Amy and Steve investigate reports of paranormal activity from a single mother whose two children are afraid to be in her Denver house alone."
"Steve and Amy investigate reports of paranormal activity from a mother who says her house has become unlivable for her family of 5. Amy soon discovers why. The dead have their sites set on one unsuspecting family member."
"Steve and Amy investigate reports of paranormal activity from a woman who fears the spirits are targeting her son with special needs."
"Steve and Amy try to help a family in Southern New Jersey who believes their house is haunted by an evil entity. Steve s discovers evidence that in the late 1800s, a nearby sanitarium was run by an unbalanced doctor who believed he could help patients live forever. Meantime, Amy encounters the true source of the family's problems... an enormous shadow man, who does everything in his power to drive her out of the house."
"Steve and Amy try to help a family who believe their special needs daughter has become possessed."
"Steve and Amy try to help a young couple who believe their three children are unsafe in their rural Indiana home."
"Steve and Amy investigate a home which used to be owned by a ruthless gangster. The investigation leads Steve and Amy through some unexpected twists and turns, and the young couple, currently living there, is blindsided when they learn what's really been terrorizing their family."
Season 4 - The Dead Files
"Steve and Amy head to Cressona, PA to help a military vet who believes spirits are targeting his young daughter."
"Steve and Amy's investigation takes them to St. Claire Shores, MI, where a family of 6 is being torn apart and terrorized by violent paranormal activity."
"Steve and Amy head to Chicago, where a policeman's daughter is being plagued by terrifying recurring nightmares."
"Steve and Amy investigate the infamous Vilisca ax murder house. They've been called in by a tour guide who lives on the property, and believes the victims of the bloody crime are terrorizing his family."
"Steve and Amy receive a call from a woman who believes her house is trying to kill her."
"A desperate woman, terrorized by spirits, shunned by her own family, reaches out to Steve and Amy for help. In one of the most emotional episodes of this series, she learns what's lurking in her house, exceeds her worst nightmares."
"Amy and Steve head to Maine where a woman is convinced spirits are trying to kill her sick, elderly father. But Steve's detective instincts kick in when he interviews the woman's young nephew and discovers all the violent activity may have been the kid's fault."
"Steve and Amy head to a family restaurant outside of Dallas, where the staff and customers are being terrorized by the dead. It seems like a routine investigation, until a hysterical young murder victim jumps Amy and all hell breaks loose."
"Amy and Steve head to Radford, Virginia, where a woman's dream of turning a mental hospital into a museum is being thwarted by intense and violent paranormal activity."
"Steve and Amy investigate a casino\/hotel in Deadwood, SD. The owner, a tough talking New Jersey native, finds himself in a high stakes fight with the dead which is threatening his sanity and his livelihood."
"A retired homicide detective, wanting to get away from the mean streets of Miami, moves her family to upstate New York, only to find she is in another war zone. This time- against an enemy she can't see."
"Amy and Steve head to upstate New York where a young couple, tormented by the dead, get the shock of their lives when they find out what's really haunting their home."
"Steve and Amy investigate the claims of a Boston couple, who insist spirits are violently targeting their special needs child."
Season 5 - The Dead Files
"A woman believes her sister's life is in danger after a near death experience in her Saint Louis brownstone."
"A desperate Michigan family, plagued by aggressive and violent paranormal activity, reaches out to Steve and Amy to see if there's any way they can stay in their dream home."
"A military vet comes home from tours of duty in Iraq, only to find his Texas home is haunted."
Season 6 - The Dead Files
"A New York family is being terrorized in their own home by a deviant dead man. Steve and Amy's investigations provide a surprising twist."
"Retired detective Steve DiSchiavi thought he's heard it all, until a couple in rural Oregon told him about the downright bizarre experiences in their home. Turns out, there was a very deadly cause for their suffering."
"Steve and Amy travel to Pittsburgh to help a desperate family. Three generations of women, living under one roof, and all of them are being terrorized by violent physical activity."
"A former small town mayor, obsessed with an unsolved murder mystery, calls in Steve and Amy to try and help him crack the case-- but ends up getting far more than he bargained for."
"A close knit southern family is determined to hold onto their rural home, despite relentless paranormal attacks."
"A terrified single mom fears her kids are in danger from paranormal forces. But when Amy runs into what's threatening the children, she gets one of the biggest shocks of her career."
"A terrified mother calls on Steve and Amy to investigate claims of vicious paranormal activity in Struthers, Ohio."
"A suburban Ohio family believes their string religious faith has made them a target of paranormal activity."
"Steve and Amy travel to a rural Texas home, where a shaken family believes something is physically assaulting all of the women in the house."
"A family saves a small town movie theater from a wrecking ball, only to find themselves in the middle of a paranormal firestorm."
"Paranormal activity threatens the future of a family run restaurant in Albuquerque, New Mexico."
"Steve and Amy investigate disturbing paranormal activity targeting children at a family home in Delmont, Pennsylvania."
Season 7 - The Dead Files
"Steve and Amy investigate paranormal activity at a brothel in Butte, MT."
"A desperate Kentucky mom is convinced the dead are torturing her two daughters."
"The owner of an historic California hotel is desperate for help. Paranormal activity is causing employees to quit, guests to run out in the middle of the night and locals to stay far away. Steve and Amy are his last hope."
"The team heads to rural Texas, where a Lesbian couple believes it's being tormented by the dead, but Amy finds a lot more than they were bargaining for."
"A desperate Wisconsin woman, who doctors say will be blind within the year, wants Steve and Amy to figure out what's haunting her family, before she completely loses her sight and can't protect them anymore."
"A rural Louisiana family is being tormented by some of the most bizarre paranormal activity Steve and Amy have ever investigated."
"A young man moves back into his parents' Connecticut home with his new husband, inadvertently unleashing a paranormal firestorm."
"Steve and Amy head to North Beach, Maryland where a desperate woman is convinced the dead are possessing her six-year old daughter."
"A Canton, Illinois woman is convinced her seven-year old son is communicating with the dead."
"When paranormal activity threatens to destroy a family in Richmond Heights, OH, Steve and Amy step in to investigate. Steve discovers past tragedies on the property, while Amy interacts with a spirit who keeps reliving his death."
"An Iraqi war vet from rural Washington calls Steve and Amy in, convinced that the spirits in his house are trying to kill his wife."
"Steve and Amy head to Hawaii, where a man who operates a historical museum is convinced the dead are determined to shut his business down."
Season 8 - The Dead Files
"A desperate woman is convinced evil spirits caused her father to die in a horrific car accident and influenced her mom to take her own life."
"Steve and Amy head to rural North Carolina to help a woman who is convinced her daughter is being possessed by a demon."
"A desperate Tennessee couple, convinced the dead are targeting their newly adopted baby boy, call Steve and Amy in to investigate."
"A Missouri woman suspects her deceased mother-in-law is torturing her family."
"A terminally ill Youngstown, Ohio woman wants Steve and Amy to clear her home of evil spirits, so that she can die in peace, knowing her family is safe."
"A Florida man moves his family into the home where his mother was murdered, and finds himself in the midst of a paranormal firestorm."
"A California man is determined to keep a historic hotel open despite the presence of violent spirits."
"Steve and Amy get called in to help a Utah family being terrorized by poltergeist activity."
"A South Carolina family, terrorized by the dead, spends every night huddled together in the living room. Desperate for help, they reach out to Steve and Amy to investigate."
"A Florida couple is convinced the dead are sucking the life out of their bed-ridden daughter. Determined to save her, they reach out to Steve and Amy for help."
"A father, who was kicked out of his own home, is convinced it's the dead who are trying to tear his family apart."
"A young mom, who just moved into a 200-year old mansion, believes something in the house is determined to harm her three-year old daughter."
"Steve and Amy travel to Sedona, AZ to help a restaurant owner who's convinced the dead are trying to drive him out of business."
Season 9 - The Dead Files
"Steve and Amy help a family who are convinced the dead are going after their defenseless little girl."
"Steve and Amy investigate a rural bed and breakfast in Missouri, run by a couple who are completely at odds. While the husband is desperately hoping to stay, his wife is praying Amy tells them to get out."
"The owners of a Chicago tattoo parlor fear paranormal activity will stop them from keeping a solemn promise."
"Steve and Amy are called in to try and save a Virginia museum, which might have to close down because of violent paranormal activity."
"A terrified woman calls on Steve and Amy to investigate claims of vicious paranormal activity at her family's Indiana home. During the unsettling investigation, Amy encounters a twisted entity who traps the souls of the deceased."
"Steve and Amy head to suburban Georgia after getting called in by a terrified mom. She is convinced the dead killed her son and are now targeting her daughter."
"A frightened mother calls on Steve and Amy to investigate claims of malicious paranormal activity directed at her children and elderly mother in Olympia, Washington."
"A Northern California woman beats cancer but is now in a fight she can't win against the angry dead in her home."
"Steve and Amy travel to Louisville, KY, to investigate paranormal violence threatening the lives of a grieving elderly woman and her daughter. During her walk, Amy encounters the spirit of an angry man with a deadly mission."
"Steve and Amy travel to Victor, NY, to investigate paranormal activity terrifying two Army veterans who fear whatever is happening inside their home could kill them and their family."
"A Wealthy Utah man thought he was doing the right thing buying his daughter a new house- until he realized it was haunted."
"A West Virginia family is convinced their house became haunted the day their neighbor's home burnt down, but Amy finds something far more dangerous and primitive lurking on their land."
"An upstate New York man insists voices are telling him to move out and leave his wife and children behind."
Season 10 - The Dead Files
"A Michigan man is convinced the dead are trying to influence him to hurt his family."
"A Colorado woman believes she is responsible for her husband's death, after talking him into buying a haunted house."
"A California woman is torn between taking care of her elderly grandfather and saving her young son who is being tortured by paranormal activity."
"The desperate owner of a Minnesota hotel calls Steve and Amy in to figure out why the dead are scaring away all her employees and customers."
"Steve and Amy get called in by a couple who just bought a dream, Arizona retirement home- only to find out it's haunted."
"Steve and Amy travel to Slaughters, Kentucky where a terrified woman believes the paranormal broke up her marriage and is torturing her kids."
"A Tennessee family adopts a baby boy, sparking a paranormal firestorm."
"A California mother is convinced a man her husband works with put a curse on her entire family."
"The moment a Colorado woman starts dating a man interested in the paranormal, all hell breaks loose in her house. Desperate for help, she begs Steve and Amy to investigate."
"A West Virginia woman is convinced her ten-year old son is attracting violent dead people into her home."
"A Connecticut woman, convinced the dead are trying to rip her family apart, calls in Steve and Amy to investigate."
"A Michigan woman is convinced the dead are going after her husband who's suffering from PTSD."
Season 11 - The Dead Files
"A desperate New Jersey family is convinced the dead are going after its four kids."
"An Ohio woman is terrified for her mother, who lives alone in an active and violent house."
"A Wisconsin's woman's dream of opening an alternative healing center is getting destroyed by the dead. Steve and Amy investigate."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"The day a California woman moved into her dream home, her life began to fall apart. She's convinced the dead are to blame and wants Steve and Amy to investigate."
"Steve and Amy travel to Alabama to help a woman convinced, the dead are trying to kill her mom."
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