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The Opposition with Jordan Klepper

« In a TV news landscape where it’s impossible to know whom to trust, one man rises above the partisan hackery of the mainstream media to bring you the only truth that matters: his. From the fringe-friendly mind of Jordan Klepper, this is The...

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Season 1 - The Opposition with Jordan Klepper
"Jordan discusses the alternative media's unique viewpoints, introduces his team of Citizen Journalists and sits down with author Kurt Andersen."
"Jordan offers tips for reclaiming football, Aaron Jackson and Josh Sharp discuss what liberals don't get about humor, and attorney Neal Katyal talks about Trump's travel ban."
"Jordan examines the results of the Alabama Senate primary, determines which numbers can be trusted and chats with journalist Ruth Marcus."
"Jordan gets a huge scoop about the Russian hacking scandal, breaks down higher education with Citizen Journalist Kobi Libii and sits down with activist DeRay Mckesson."
"Jordan dissects Tom Price's resignation, expands on Trump's Hurricane Maria efforts and discusses the Russian hacking scandal with national security expert Asha Rangappa."
"Jordan offers tips on how to avoid discussing gun control, confronts former EPA administrator Gina McCarthy about climate change and chats with lawyer Richard Painter."
"Jordan calls out the FDA's heartless practices, predicts the outcome of President Trump's first space council meeting and chats with Politico correspondent Michael Crowley."
"Jordan honors the internet's brave truth tellers, sends Citizen Journalists Josh Sharp and Aaron Jackson to the March for Racial Justice and chats with author Jane Mayer."
"Jordan recaps the president's visit to the Values Voter Summit, dissects Donald Trump's growing list of frenemies and sits down with author David Litt."
"Jordan reveals the truth about coal, sends Citizen Journalist Laura Grey to investigate Oklahoma's oil-funded school systems and chats with editor Bill Kristol."
"Jordan dissects Donald Trump's emoluments case, exposes Amazon's hold on small-town America and chats with FiveThirtyEight founder Nate Silver."
"Jordan introduces Steve Bannon's team of anti-establishment candidates, breaks down a Melania Trump body double conspiracy and sits down with author Carol Anderson."
"Jordan celebrates the upcoming release of classified JFK files, sends Kobi Libii to infiltrate antifa and chats with author Matt Taibbi."
"Jordan decodes a cryptic tweet from James Comey, breaks down EPA Chief Scott Pruitt's business approach to the environment and chats with legendary science guy Bill Nye."
"Jordan discusses the DNC's alleged funding of the Trump-Russia dossier, spreads the word about gun-related threats and chats with Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey."
"Jordan dissects President Trump's tax reform plan, talks climate change with globalist Richard Branson and sits down with Bruce Bartlett, the author of \"The Truth Matters\"."
"Jordan exposes the distracting news of Rick Gates and Paul Manafort's indictments, creates a safe space for powerful men to chat and sits down with \"LBJ\" director Rob Reiner."
"Jordan calls on the Citizen Journalists to tell scary stories, sends Laura Grey to investigate an anti-Trump coven and chats with Daily Beast editor Erin Gloria Ryan."
"Jordan breaks down Congress's investigation into Russian-linked Facebook ads, compiles a list of America's worst enemies and sits down with security analyst Clint Watts."
"Jordan defends President Trump's questionable remarks, consults Josh Sharp and Aaron Jackson about which leftist movies to avoid, and chats with comedian Bassem Youssef."
"Jordan reacts to recent gun violence, praises Trump's Americanness abroad and talks to Nikole Hannah-Jones about school segregation."
"Jordan discusses the future of Betsy DeVos's role as Secretary of Education, sends Citizen Journalist Tim Baltz to investigate voter fraud and chats with author David Daley."
"Jordan celebrates the anniversary of Donald Trump's presidential win, sings his praises for Donna Brazile and sits down with \"Lovett or Leave It\" host Jon Lovett."
"Jordan makes a harsh discovery about Trump's visit to China, uncovers Puerto Rico's plan to infiltrate swing states and chats with former White House staffer Jen Psaki."
"Jordan discusses the allegations against Roy Moore, checks in on the hurricane recovery effort in Puerto Rico and sits down with Hispanic Federation president Jose Calderon."
"Jordan examines Donald Trump Jr.'s supposed collusion with WikiLeaks, introduces a sale for his fellow freethinkers and talks immigration with Roastmaster General Jeff Ross."
"Jordan breaks down Trump's judicial picks with Citizen Journalist Niccole Thurman, talks to a member of Trump's voter fraud commission and chats with author Sarah Lacy."
"Jordan reunites with elderly contest winner Jon Stewart, celebrates Thanksgiving with the Citizen Journalists and sits down with TIME political correspondent Molly Ball."
"Jordan gives President Trump the thanks he deserves, sends Citizen Journalist Tim Baltz to investigate sexism in Silicon Valley and chats with author Bill Browder."
"Jordan takes a closer look at Project Veritas, ponders the shape of the earth with Citizen Journalist Kobi Libii and sits down with \"How Not to Get Shot\" author D.L. Hughley."
"Jordan addresses a nuclear threat to America, breaks down President Trump's plans to repeal net neutrality and sits down with Virginia Delegate-elect Danica Roem."
"Jordan enlists his team of Citizen Journalists to create campaign ads for Roy Moore, discovers the latest threat to Christmas and chats with actor Paul Scheer."
"Jordan celebrates the Republican tax plan victory, breaks down the proposed changes to conceal-carry laws and sits down with poet Kwame Alexander."
"Jordan details Donald Trump's plans to shrink Utah's monuments, sends Josh Sharp and Aaron Jackson to investigate campus free speech and sits down with author Daniel Ellsberg."
"Jordan examines Russia's ban from the 2018 Winter Games, discusses the Alt-Bible with Citizen Journalist Laura Grey and sits down with author Jennifer Egan."
"Jordan discusses Donald Trump Jr.'s genius courtroom tactics with Niccole Thurman, takes the #MAGAMealChallenge and sits down with astronaut Scott Kelly."
"Jordan defends Trump's soda habit, celebrates the rejection of fact-based smears against Roy Moore, and talks with John Della Volpe about millennials' political futures."
"Jordan predicts the results of the Alabama Senate race, discusses the sexual misconduct allegations against Donald Trump, and chats with FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel."
"Jordan finds a scapegoat for Roy Moore's loss in Alabama, visits Donald Trump's final rally of the year and sits down with MSNBC's Chris Matthews."
"Jordan describes the impact of voter suppression on the Trump family, looks back on the year's biggest stories and chats with Teen Vogue columnist Lauren Duca."
"Jordan honors American hero Guy Fieri, imagines the possibilities for a MAGA Football League with Tim Baltz and chats with journalist Natasha Bertrand."
"Jordan breaks down President Trump and Steve Bannon's public feud, talks to Laura Grey about the U.S.'s mean girl tactics and sits down with author Jeff Goodell."
"Jordan details the White House infighting over Michael Wolff's tell-all, dissects the editing of Milo Yiannopoulos's controversial book and sits down with David Miliband."
"Jordan warns of a liberal threat to President Trump in 2020, appoints a special agent to take down Robert Mueller and musician Ty Segall performs \"My Lady's on Fire\"."
"Jordan reveals unverified dirt on Special Counsel Robert Mueller, sends Kobi Libii to investigate the Syrian refugee presence in Idaho and sits down with CNN's Brian Stelter."
"Jordan discovers the dangers of bipartisanship, sends Kobi Libii to Lee Stranahan's citizen journalism school and chats with \"The Despot's Apprentice\" author Brian Klaas."
"Jordan warns of the dangers of the free press, learns the latest conservative trends from Niccole Thurman and Laura Grey, and chats with The New Yorker's Jelani Cobb."
"Jordan makes sense of President Trump's comments about Haitian and African immigrants, sheds light on the \"raw water\" trend and sits down with \"12 Strong\" star Rob Riggle."
"Jordan uncovers President Trump's most boring political scandal, warns of the insidious war on men and chats with \"Sex Object\" author Jessica Valenti."
"Jordan sends Josh Sharp and Aaron Jackson to meet nominees for the Fake News Awards, learns a workout routine from Tim Baltz and chats with Media Matters fellow Matt Gertz."
"Jordan learns about America's metaphorical border wall, sends Niccole Thurman to investigate artwork by Guantanamo Bay detainees and chats with author David Cay Johnston."
"Jordan reveals the details of a secret government shutdown, explores Donald Trump's approach to female voters and sits down with Let America Vote president Jason Kander."
"Jordan breaks down Hollywood's liberal Oscar nominees, discovers a solution for conservatives in California and chats with former Mexican President Vicente Fox."
"Jordan calls for an end to the gun violence debate, sends Kobi Libii to investigate Muslim extremism in Michigan and chats with EMILY's List president Stephanie Schriock."
"Jordan drafts a classified memo about the FBI, puts a new spin on politically correct words with Tim Baltz and sits down with Congressman Ted Lieu."
"Jordan welcomes Sean Hannity to the fringe, dissects the decline of LGBTQ acceptance with Josh Sharp and Aaron Jackson and chats with This Is Not Happening host Roy Wood Jr."
"In this live, post-State of the Union episode, Jordan clarifies Trump's message of unity, sends Kobi Libii to a boycott and sits down with Charlamagne tha God and Lauren Duca."
"Jordan weighs in on the left's plus-ones at the State of the Union, investigates the Department of Education and chats with the Washington Post's Catherine Rampell."
"Jordan examines Donald Trump's unfilled cabinet, passes holy judgement on public figures and chats with \"I Can't Date Jesus\" author Michael Arceneaux."
"Jordan defends a controversial pickup truck ad, celebrates the Nunes memo and chats with author Ijeoma Oluo about her book, \"So You Want to Talk About Race\"."
"Jordan adds new enemies to his list, warns of an alarming new version of a classic board game and sits down with The Atlantic's Adam Serwer."
"Jordan defends President Trump's desire for a military parade, discusses Black History Month with Kobi Libii and chats with host of \"The Rundown\" Robin Thede."
"Jordan creates a manlier national anthem, sends Tim Baltz to interrogate former FBI official Frank Montoya Jr. and chats with founder of the \"me too\" movement Tarana Burke."
"Jordan offers advice to civic-minded teens, talks the #NeverAgain movement with student activists, and chats with Lacey Schwartz and Mat Johnson of \"The Loving Generation\"."
"Jordan unpacks the fringe media's theory about the Parkland mass shooting, grills former U.S. diplomats and sits down with author Clint Smith."
"Jordan applauds NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch's historical expertise, discovers the Trumpian themes in \"Black Panther\" and sits down with comedian Ali Siddiq."
"Jordan discusses a major loss for NRA members and chats with \"How to Be Black\" author Baratunde Thurston, and Laura Grey talks to teen gun control advocates in Florida."
"Jordan fantasizes about authoritarian rule in America, uncovers the narc trying to take down Alex Jones and sits down with The Washington Post's Wesley Lowery."
"Jordan praises Donald Trump's impeccable cabinet, breaks down the major changes happening in American culture and sits down with religious studies professor Anthea Butler."
"Jordan heads to CPAC with Kobi Libii and Tim Baltz, chats with educators about Trump's plan to bring guns into the classroom and sits down with CNN's Bakari Sellers."
"The Florida Senate walks back a ban on AR-15 rifles, Tim Baltz gets amped up for President Trump's trade war, and Nikki Glaser discusses her Comedy Central Radio show, You Up."
"Jordan unpacks Sam Nunberg's media blitz, salutes lawmakers' righteous attempts to end gun violence and sits down with \"Can It Happen Here?\" author Cass Sunstein."
"Jordan unveils a theory about President Trump's alter ego, gripes about online dating with Niccole Thurman and chats with \"White American Youth\" author Christian Picciolini."
"Jordan gets Tim Baltz's take on International Women's Day, sends Josh Sharp and Aaron Jackson on a mission in Kentucky and sits down with author Jesse Eisinger."
"Jordan breaks down the MSM's attack on Betsy DeVos, ponders what's wrong with America's youth and sits down with \"Hate Thy Neighbor\" host Jamali Maddix."
"Jordan celebrates the House Intelligence Committee's Russian collusion decision, learns the fundamentals of conservative comedy and chats with author Tom Nichols."
"Jordan breaks down the Pennsylvania special election results, introduces an alternative to government-funded education and sits down with Professor Maya Wiley."
"Jordan exposes CNN anchor Chris Cuomo's illicit breakfast behavior, sits down with former Trump adviser Carter Page and chats with the New Yorker's Andrew Marantz."
"Jordan marvels at Russia's impressive election results, warns Americans about the dangerous war on men and chats with Atlantic contributor Julia Ioffe."
"Jordan discusses President Trump's strategy for solving America's opioid crisis, Kobi Libii investigates an online conspiracy and of Montreal performs \"Soft Music\"."
"Jordan questions who's really behind the March for Our Lives protests, reveals what the left doesn't know about guns and chats with Everytown for Gun Safety's Kate Folmar."
"Jordan talks to the organizers of DC Teens Action, sends Kobi Libii to meet with a group of Baltimore students protesting gun violence and chats with Senator Cory Booker."
"Jordan confronts teens at the March For Our Lives, finds out how Trump's base feels about his alleged affair with Stormy Daniels and chats with comedian Michael Ian Black."
"Jordan warns of the possibility of space debris falling to Earth, passes holy judgment on public figures and chats with \"The List\" author Amy Siskind."
"Jordan suggests innocuous questions to add to the 2020 census, gives props to Fox News host Jeanine Pirro and chats with \"Blockers\" director Kay Cannon."
"Jordan salutes the defenders of the Second Amendment, attends a gun-friendly yoga class and sits down with attorney Alan Dershowitz."
"Jordan breaks down Trump's close relationship with Fox News, sends Niccole Thurman to investigate drag queen storytellers, and sits down with comedian Aparna Nancherla."
"Jordan warns about the FBI's attack on America, offers Mark Zuckerberg tips for his congressional hearing and chats with Log Cabin Republicans president Gregory T. Angelo."
"Jordan breaks the news about Paul Ryan's spinelessness, dines with attorney Alan Dershowitz, and sits down with \"The Opposite of Hate\" author Sally Kohn."
"Jordan breaks down Scott Pruitt's EPA challenge coin redesign, sends Kobi Libii to confront a crisis actor posing as Alex Jones and chats with tech exec Bari A. Williams."
"Jordan dissects Infowars host Alex Jones's emotional reaction to Trump's Syrian missile strike, ponders America's ongoing changes and chats with MSNBC's Rick Tyler."
"Jordan reveals Sean Hannity's ties to Michael Cohen, Tim Baltz dives into a conservative punk movement, and authors David Corn and Michael Isikoff discuss \"Russian Roulette\"."
"Jordan puts the blame for recent political blunders on Nikki Haley, gets to know conservative YouTube dynamos Diamond and Silk, and chats with Bustle's Alicia Menendez."
"Josh Sharp and Aaron Jackson investigate global warming, Jordan takes calls from fans seeking advice, and Jay Chandrasekhar and Steve Lemme talk \"Super Troopers 2\"."
"Jordan and Kobi Libii wrongly assume that the hero of a shooting in Nashville was armed, the war on men continues, and author Ross Douthat talks \"To Change the Church\"."
"Jordan welcomes Kanye West to the right, honors the brave defenders of the Second Amendment and chats with \"Dear White People\" director Justin Simien."
"Jordan offers career advice to White House physician Ronny Jackson, makes a plea to Hillary Clinton on behalf of Republicans and chats with ProPublica reporter Annie Waldman."
"Jordan dissects President Trump's \"Fox and Friends\" interview, Niccole Thurman meets the teens running for governor of Kansas, and Adam Pally discusses \"Most Likely to Murder\"."
"Jordan praises Donald Trump's insult diplomacy, Josh Sharp and Aaron Jackson attend a Trump rally in Michigan, and Planned Parenthood's Cecile Richards talks \"Make Trouble\"."
"Jordan dissects Robert Mueller's questions for President Trump, breaks down the Trump administration's divine plans for sex education and chats with Garry Kasparov."
"Jordan introduces West Virginia's fringe candidate Don Blankenship, recognizes MAGA-ism as a religion and sits down with host of \"The Young Turks\" Cenk Uygur."
"Jordan sheds light on Rudy Giuliani's law expertise, Josh Sharp and Aaron Jackson bring conservatism back to the Boy Scouts of America, and Ron Livingston talks \"Tully\"."
"Jordan gives Devin Nunes advice, Tim Baltz meets with former Consumer Financial Protection Bureau director Richard Cordray, and Jonah Goldberg discusses \"Suicide of the West\"."
"Jordan prepares for Trump's showdown with Robert Mueller, Laura Grey and Niccole Thurman investigate an island for women, and Mark and Jay Duplass discuss \"Like Brothers\"."
"Jordan dissects President Trump's Iran deal decision, Laura Grey tries to reach teachers protesting in Colorado, and Nell Scovell discusses \"Just the Funny Parts\"."
"Jordan finds a handsome new lawyer for President Trump, Josh Sharp and Aaron Jackson critique the liberal summer movie sequels, and Amy Chozick discusses \"Chasing Hillary\"."
"Jordan praises President Trump for keeping his promises, breaks down America's immigration policy and chats with former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci."
"Jordan addresses North Carolina's congressional diversity concerns, helps Tim Baltz fix President Trump's problems and chats with The Washington Post's Jonathan Capehart."
"Jordan breaks down the boring details of the British royal wedding, gripes about the latest changes in America and chats with Lady Parts Justice League founder Lizz Winstead."
"Jordan uses his gaslight to shed light on Trump's immigration policy, answers questions from callers with Tim Baltz and chats with \"The Fourth Estate\" director Liz Garbus."
"Jordan breaks down Ted Cruz's questionable campaign tactics, gets to know the latest freethinkers running for office and chats with \"Raw\" author Lamont \"U-God\" Hawkins."
"Jordan praises President Trump's decision to pardon Dinesh D'Souza, gripes about the latest changes in America and sits down with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders."
"Jordan celebrates 500 days of the Trump presidency, takes on the NBA with Citizen Journalist Tim Baltz and sits down with \"PBS NewsHour\" correspondent Yamiche Alcindor."
"Jordan discusses Trump's canceled Philadelphia Eagles celebration, sends Kobi Libii to investigate the sanctuary movement and chats with The New York Times's Sheri Fink."
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