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The Outpost

Talon is the lone survivor of a race called the Blackbloods, she sets off to the edge of civilisation to track her family's killers, on her journey she discovers her supernatural powers which she must learn to harness to achieve her goals.

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Season 1 - The Outpost
"Talon takes a journey to a desperate Outpost on the edge of the realm, where she finally confronts one of the men who slaughtered her people."
"From her mysterious savior, Talon learns deep secrets about herself and her kind; Gate Marshall Wythers investigates the murder of a Prime Order officer."
"Talon struggles to command a murderous creature she has summoned; Garret and Janzo work to uncover the cause of the plaguing disease."
"Talon goes after the demon; The Mistress proves herself a ruthless enemy in her scheme to take over the colipsum trade."
"Having discovered a powerful secret, Wythers blackmails Gwynn; Five killers from Talon's past look to take care of unfinished business."
"Talon promises to find the mysterious \"Book of Names\"; Gwynn's true identity is revealed; Talon agrees to escort Janzo to meet the Worm's colipsum supplier."
"Gwynn's decisive action strains her relationship with Garrett; Talon and Janzo are faced with more questions than answers; Garrett struggles with a new desperate secret."
"Talon, Janzo and Garret venture into forbidden territory in search of the Book of Names; An army is led to the Outpost Gates."
"Talon, Garret and Janzo are ambushed and the Book of Names falls into enemy hands. The Prime Order settles into its new oppressive rule; at the Outpost; Gwynn is taken captive."
"Talon, Garret, and Janzo return to find the Outpost very different from how they left it; Talon faces Dred, but is torn between getting revenge and saving her friends."
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