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Thomas & Friends

The show is about a tank engine, Thomas, and his friends who live on the Island of Sodor. Together, the engines work on the railways under the supervision of Sir Topham Hatt, the "Fat Controller." Thomas The Tank Engine actually dates back to...

Duration:11 mins

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Season 1 - Thomas & Friends
"Thomas, a small steam-engine, loves to brag to and tease Gordon about how hard he works, but strong, powerful, self-important Gordon decides to take him on a ride he'll never forget."
Season 11 - Thomas & Friends
"Gordon the Mechanic: Gordon picks up the wrong person at the station, so he must rely on the help of friends to make things right. Thomas and the Storyteller: Thomas is asked to give a famous storyteller a tour of Sodor, but he gets sidetracked when his engine friends need his help too."
"Emily is told to help a new engine named Whiff. Emily is mortified when she sees how smelly and scruffy he is. The other engines tease her for being around him so she tries to run away from Whiff."
"Spencer arrives on the island and is quick to tease Thomas for not being as fast, strong or shiny as he is. Thomas is determined to prove him wrong."
"Hector is a very horrid coal hopper. Thomas soon has enough of the truck's rude behaviour and learns that Hector is only horrid because he is scared."
"Thomas wants to go a festival with his friends, but he needs to deliver a new bulb for the lighthouse first. He wants to get the job done quickly so he can get to the festival, but finds out rushing his job wasn't the best idea."
Season 19 - Thomas & Friends
"Mavis is sent to the dieselworks for repairs and Den is ordered to take her place at the quarry. He's nervous about working there without his best friend Dart."
Season 21 - Thomas & Friends
"A new coach replaces Henrietta."
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