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Treehouse Masters

People who know and work with Pete Nelson describe him as a tree whisperer. For his part, Nelson lets the trees do the talking. He's a world-renowned treehouse designer and builder, and this series documents the work he and his team of craftsmen...

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Season 1 - Treehouse Masters
"In search of more living space for their growing family, a Texas couple asks Pete to create a the biggest treehouse he's ever built - a ranch-style treehouse lofted in several hackberry trees on their sprawling property outside of Waco, TX."
"An Irish family in Orange County, CA has the perfect olive tree in their backyard to nestle a Celtic-themed cottage. Pete devises a challenging circular design that includes a fireplace and even a rainmaker to mimic the wet Ireland climate."
"An Austin, TX entrepreneur enlists Pete to build the world's first spa treehouse on her ranch retreat. Pete tackles plumbing challenges and builds an over-the-top spa equipped with a steam shower, a Japanese soaking tub and plenty of tranquility."
"An Ohio family enlists Pete to build a brewery-in-the-sky on their massive rural property. With the help of a few Amish locals, Pete crafts a barn themed tavern with a brewing system in the trees accessible by a rope bridge 25-ft off the ground."
"A writer in Rhinebeck, NY calls on Pete to build a hideaway to embrace her creativity. Pete transforms an old cedar tree into a gold-leafed \"Spirit House\" retreat filled with uplifting oddities and a loft to rest the brain if she hits a writer's block."
"With a budget as high as the trees, a family in Bedford, NY hires Pete to design a dream clubhouse for the entire family. With a big BBQ patio, a living room and a lofted chalkboard covered playroom, Pete's surprise treehouse brings fun for all ages."
"An adventurous couple wants to host their wedding at Treehouse Point, but all of the existing treehouses are booked! With some quick thinking, Pete convinces his family to make room for a new addition, and constructs a magical Honeymoon Suite."
"Pete and Daryl join forces with an inventive designer to create a wire-suspended, 30-sided geometric globe treehouse for an adventurous and deserving family, while also taking a look back at some of most memorable build moments of the past year."
Season 2 - Treehouse Masters
"A family who celebrates Christmas 365 days a year tasks Pete with creating a Christmas treehouse wonderland in Jamul, CA. With some extra special holiday help, Pete and his crew build a magical Alpine-style treehouse perfect for Santa and Mrs. Claus."
"Pete builds an adventure-themed treehouse for an exploration-loving family in Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains. This 2-story masterpiece is packed with adventurous novelties, including a rock climbing wall, suspension bridges, and hidden passageways."
"A family in Independence, OH who run a hope center want to build a therapeutic space in the trees. Believing in the healing power of trees and treehouses, Pete builds a butterfly-themed treehouse in a cluster of 6 trees featuring a climbing net and loft."
"A nature-loving woman in Humboldt County, California, asks Pete and his crew to build a treehouse that pushes their skills to the limit. She feels cramped in her home and wants a permanent residence 60 feet up in the area's giant redwood trees. Pete and crew take the comforts of home to new heights in this bohemian-chic, tri-level treehouse, which boasts a bathroom, lounge and bedroom loft spread out throughout three floors with low-hanging lights, tapestries, modular furniture and an overall genie-in-a-bottle aesthetic. The owner dreams of being able to see the ..."
"A young couple has big dreams of a lighthouse treehouse atop a seaside seawall along the coast of Northwest Washington. Pete is challenged by the property's incredibly steep grade and must deliver all of his materials to the site by way of barge only! The octagon-shaped, two-story, white-and-red shingled structure, which is housed among a group of cottonwood trees, features porthole windows, a wrap-around balcony, a nautical-themed interior and rainbow-colored glass. The couple, wanting to truly live off the grid, throws Pete a curve ball by asking him for a rainwater..."
"A family from nearby Seattle wants to expand its already famous rural recording studio up into the trees! Up for the challenge, Pete creates a high-tech, two-story recording oasis more than 36 feet tall with in a group of cedar trees. Marrying music and nature, Pete and crew accent the treehouse with rust-colored metal, patterned, textured cork walls and a massive picture window that overlooks the wild salmon creek below. Upon completion, this musical treetop masterpiece is ready for its first recording session when a Grammy-award-winning megastar arrives at the ..."
Season 3 - Treehouse Masters
"Pete builds his manliest (and one of his most expensive!) treehouses yet for a Texas Dad who adores his wife and three daughters dearly but yearns for a place away from the females to spend some quality man-time with his first grandson. This Western-style mancave treehouse boasts over 800 square feet of living space, stone interior walls, a custom cigar humidor, state-of-the-art kitchen, a hidden flat screen TV, bathroom, and (as if all that's not enough) is both capable of sleeping five AND has a massive deck featuring a 600-pound custom meat smoker! It's one of ..."
"Pete revisits his former home - a site where he built his very first treehouses. Revamping old treehouse building techniques with new and improved methods, the team fuses traditional wood with the power of steel, making these Nelson classics brand new."
"A couple in Tulsa has two things in common: they are both expert gardeners and they both have Scottish heritage. They enlist Pete to build \"something extraordinary\" in their backyard by creating a treetop Scottish cottage 10-feet high in a robust pin oak. Pete creates this sturdy treetop gardeners' paradise to resist the powerful Oklahoma winds and connects it directly to the couple's home via a sky bridge: a first for Pete! The treehouse features custom hanging flower baskets, floral-themed decorative railings, interior cubbies for storing gardening tools, ..."
Season 4 - Treehouse Masters
"Pete and the crew pull off a Christmas miracle, whipping up a stainless steel kitchen in the trees for a family of candy makers. At 80,000 lbs, this sweet treehouse has barrel ceilings, a loft bedroom, and a shower to wash off any sticky sugar residue."
"In this season premiere, Pete and the team tackle a treehouse for two tastemakers in Maine. Featuring a full wall of windows that opens up to the outdoors and a towering rooftop crow's-nest, this could be Pete's coolest treehouse ever built!"
"Pete finds the perfect treehouse spot in West Seattle for a couple seeking a meditation space - 20 ft up in a twisting pair of maples. The NTS team channels their chakras, creating a healing space fit for both humans AND four-legged friends alike."
"Pete and his team take on a sticky challenge and reinvent the classic single-tree treehouse, building a breathtaking and whimsical beehive like structure soaring 30-feet high in a majestic Douglas fir."
"Join Pete on an adventure in Germany with two renowned treehouse builders - Christopher Richter, a former student, and Andreas Wenning, one of the world's most celebrated treehouse architects - as they tour Deutschland and every treehouse they can find."
"Pete creates a climber's haven for an arboreal couple that rivals his love of trees. With 17-foot high ceilings and timber rafters, this Kentucky tree climbing duo can harness up and dangle from both inside and out of their new tree house."
"Pete and his \"pirates\" tackle a towering build for a couple searching for treehouse treasure on their Pacific Coast property. With a 50 ft rope bridge, heated floors and hidden compartments, this 20 ft high treetop liar is fit for Blackbeard himself!"
"Pete heads to Louisiana to take on his BIGGEST TREEHOUSE EVER. Totaling 1200 sq ft, this record-breaking behemoth of a build will be a tree VILLAGE, featuring 3 separate levels and a 70 ft bridge connecting to a platform housed in a trio of nearby trees."
"On this special episode, Pete and the NTS crew build the \"Ultimate Treehouse\" for the lucky winner of the Ultimate Treehouse Giveaway."
Season 5 - Treehouse Masters
"Pete gifts his daughter Emily, and Patrick, her boyfriend and an NTS carpenter, with the ultimate housewarming gift - a treehouse of their very own by turning a piece of Nelson family history into a Moroccan marvel nested nearly 35 ft off the ground."
"Pete and crew saddle up and ride off to North Bend, WA to build a wild-west themed treehouse. Set 15 ft high in a lone Douglas Fir on the range, Pete constructs a horseshoe-shaped structure with a bedroom, county jail loft, and genuine copper ceiling."
"Inspired by tales of a time long past, Pete builds a treehouse cradled by the stems of a twisty silver maple on the shore of Lake Chelan. The cedar-shingled structure has a curved turret that soars two stories high and a deck to take in views of the lake."
"Pete journeys to the heart of Brazil to meet up with South American treehouse impresario Ricardo Brunelli, taking his treehouse travels from the bustling city of S\u00c3\u00a3o Paulo, to the bucolic farmlands of Paran\u00c3\u00a1, and more."
"Pete returns to two of his first builds to reconstruct, revamp, and revitalize a pair of treehouses in need of major makeovers. These fixes prove to be more than just a remodel job when Pete and his team give both treehouses a brand new life in the trees."
"Pete constructs an amazing clubhouse for Sunrise Day Camp - a summer camp for kids battling cancer. With a crow's nest outpost and a peek-a-boo roof, this treehouse grants campers full interaction with nature by erasing the line between indoors and out."
"Pete heads to the Platte River Valley of eastern Nebraska to build a magical, towering treetop castle for a family that has decided to never grow up."
"Pete and the crew rekindle the Treehouse Workshop and come together to build a treehouse escape with a group of young carpenters from Sawhorse Revolution, an organization focused on introducing students to carpentry through community service projects."
"A treehouse escape grows into a full-time live-in treehouse when Pete lays eyes on the gargantuan Sitka spruce of his dreams for a hexagonal build on the coast of Oregon."
Season 6 - Treehouse Masters
"Pete heads to Dogwood Canyon, a 10,000 acre nature preserve in Missouri. Despite a tight Christmas deadline, Pete and his team create a two-story hands-on learning haven with a giant copper-topped turret turret that can endure thousands of visitors."
"Pete and the crew saddle up and ride on down to Leakey, TX to build a colossal, Texas-sized treehouse. He rounds-up \"the magnificent seven\" of cypresses alongside the banks of the Frio River and builds a treehouse with the longest bridge in NT&S history."
"Pete and his team embark on a quest to an idyllic farm in Waxhaw, NC with orders to craft an elegant English retreat with a hanging bed fit for a queen. But one thing might stand in the way of Pete and his holy grail of pastoral treehouse builds...goats!"
"Pete connects with old friends in Canton, NC to build them Zen-like sanctuary in the trees. Battling a record-fast 9-day build window, the team stays calm in constructing a retreat 15-ft high with a picture perfect view of the Blue Ridge Mountains."
"Pete and his crew gather 'round the campfire to answer questions from fans, and recall the most magnificent builds, heartwarming memories, and downright ridiculous moments they've enjoyed in the world of treehouses."
"Pete designs a ski chalet treehouse that glistens as bright as the freshest powder atop a black diamond run! The 20-ft high winter retreat comes complete with a secret bedroom and a double-sided fireplace to keep guests warm both inside and out."
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"Adventurous Texas family, living on a 200-acre ranch, want a camouflaged tree house that also serves as a guest house."
"A modern marvel in Georgia features a 205-foot zip line. Also: Pete visits Dale Earnhardt Jr. to check out his tree house."
Season 7 - Treehouse Masters
"Surrounded by fields of red poppies and intertwined within a giant live oak, Pete creates a dining room tree house with a Provence countryside feel as part of a French restaurant."
"Pete and the NTS gang embark on an epic quest to give a thrill-seeking couple the treehouse of their dreams -- an adventure headquarters in the sky sitting 16 feet high in 3 cedars with a wraparound deck that provides 360 degree of stunning views."
"Pete trucks out to Walden, NY to build a treehouse tasting room for Angry Orchard. The pavilion-style structure will elevate orchard-goers high above the acres of apple trees where they'll enjoy a glass of hard cider and soak in views of the orchard."
"Pete and the crew channel Frank Lloyd Wright for a triple-decker treehouse on the shores of Lake Barkley in Kentucky. The high design \"treehome\" will offer a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and more!"
"Pete and his family gear up to expand their treehouse empire on 23 acres of forest wonderland. As construction kicks off, Pete enlists his son Charlie to oversee the project and builds an incredible treehouse home base for him to live in full time."
"Pete heads to Michigan to help a husband surprise his wife with a Swiss Family Robinson inspired treehouse for their anniversary! Far more advanced than its castaway motivation, the treehouse uses steel beams to hold tons of modern amenities."
"Join Pete Nelson as he explores treehouses that tap into the mind, body, and spirit -- from a manta ray-shaped wonderland in a Thai jungle to a spirit-soothing hideaway nestled within Australia's wilderness, and many more awe-inspiring treehouses!"
Season 8 - Treehouse Masters
"Pete and his merry men trek to the Blue Ridge Mountains to build a treehouse for one of their own: carpenter Mike Reynolds. Sitting 16 feet high, it will be the perfect rustic guesthouse to host friends and family."
"Join Pete on a treehouse vacation to the pine-forested splendor of Scandinavia. First stop: the magical TreeTop Hotel in Norway. Pete then heads to the Swedish treetops and takes a swim in a frozen lake before checking in at the renowned Treehotel."
"Pete and NTS build a treehouse for the For-Mar Nature Preserve just outside Flint, MI. The 5-platform \"nature headquarters\" will serve as a positive addition to a community still reeling from the water crisis that began in 2014."
"Pete treks to New York's Catskill Mountains to build a first - a glass house in the sky. Piecing materials together like a puzzle, Pete uses his clients' collection of 50 vintage windows to construct an elegant treehouse encased by walls of glass."
"Pete pushes his design-skills to create an owl-inspired library in Charlotte, NC. Evoking the face of the bird and using all sorts of curves, including rounded walls and semi-circle bookcases, the NTS crew constructs a one-of-a-kind masterpiece."
"In this special season finale, Pete surprises two lucky winners to receive complete, top-to-bottom, $20,000 renovations of their existing treehouses, giving old, rundown childhood structures much needed repairs, remodels, and complete makeovers."
Season 9 - Treehouse Masters
"Pete takes on his first international tree house in Norway; working alongside a local builder named Frode, the one-of-a-kind, 24-foot-high retreat accommodates eight and allows for stunning views of the nearby lake."
"Pete and his gang ride out to the Lone Star State to build a double-decker hideout in Texas Hill Country; Pete creates rustic perfection in six live oak trees with a saloon-style first floor for sippin' sarsaparilla and a glass floor for views below."
"The NTS team leave their tents behind and head to New Jersey to build a campers' retreat for an outdoor-loving couple; with a screened-in porch, floating barbecue deck and cozy hanging bed, this Adirondack style tree-cabin puts glamping in the trees."
"Pete descends upon western Washington to make a tree house for action and relaxation; with a 55-foot-long bouncy-bridge entryway into a 20-foot-high structure and a zip line that travels through the forest, this tree house generates non-stop thrills."
"Pete and his team descend upon Virginia for the first time to bring the tree house revolution to Bella Rose Plantation; drawing on the architectural innovations of Thomas Jefferson, Pete designs a luxurious two-story tree house with colonial columns."
Season 10 - Treehouse Masters
"A couple wants a treehouse inspired by a children's book with a grown-up twist, and at the same time, Pete and the team build a whimsical Tudor-style theatre treehouse."
"Pete creates an off-the-grid escape that's all about peace, love, and treehouses, man; building a stunning treehouse made from re-purposed materials, while the client, Sarah Jay, adds her own touch, a massive dream net hammock in the trees."
"Pete and the team travel to Trempealeau, Wis., to build a rustic river shack-themed tree house for two parents who yearn for an easy escape after a long day."
"Pete creates an arboreal abode for an adventurous Alaskan couple that offers all the warm fuzzies they get from the outdoors without having to brave the bitter mountain cold, and heats things up by installing a sauna in the trees!"
"Pete partners up in Utopia, Texas, for his first joint venture: a tree house bed-and-breakfast built for romance; a French-inspired chapel of love has a 25-foot steeple and the biggest bathroom Pete has built to date."
"Come one, come all, come hither to observe a grand treehouse of medieval proportions. It was a treat to build this playful, castle-themed treehouse in Texas for Ronnie, Ty, and their three teenage children."
"Building a pooch-friendly backyard treehouse for Ed, Gail, and their bulldogs was so much fun. Ed and Gail's home sits atop a towering hill, which offers sweeping views of the valley below."
"Shaquille O'Neal asked for a treetop man-cave where he could gather with friends for card games and libations. Throw in a pinch of moody Prohibition-era decor, a soaring ceiling and you've got a treehouse fit for this Superman."
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