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TURN: Washington's Spies

Follows New York farmer, Abe Woodhull, who bands together with a group of childhood friends to form The Culper Ring, an unlikely group of spies who turn the tide in America's fight for independence.

Duration:60 mins

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Season 1 - TURN: Washington's Spies
"At the dawn of the Revolutionary War, struggling Long Island farmer Abraham Woodhull is recruited by the Colonial Army to spy on the British."
"Abe must discover who murdered a Royal Officer before Anna is framed for the crime. Ben and Caleb brutally interrogate Simcoe."
"On the run from the British, Ben is betrayed by his own militia. Abe travels with Richard to New York to spy. Mary confronts Anna."
"Abe and Richard struggle with British orders to dig up local gravestones. Ben and Caleb conspire to get their intelligence to General Washington."
"Set during the twelve days of Christmas, Caleb and Ben follow mysterious orders as General Washington's Army crosses into enemy territory."
"En route to New York, Abe is ambushed by a desperate patriot. Washington charges Ben with the task of creating America's first spy ring."
"When an old threat returns to Setauket, Abe risks everything to protect Anna. Rogers travels to a prison ship seeking a mysterious man."
"Against Abe's wishes, Anna searches for enemy intelligence at an exclusive gentleman's party hosted by British spymaster John Andre."
"Simcoe ignites a political witch-hunt to weed out rebel conspirators in Setauket. Washington assigns Ben to a secret mission."
"Mary grapples with the realization that Abe is a rebel spy. Ben and Caleb lead a raid on Setauket to save the Patriot families."
Season 2 - TURN: Washington's Spies
"Abe is eager to get to Washington, while Rogers finds himself a new job."
"Abe continues his mission in New York, while Simcoe adjusts to his punishment. Mean while Andre seduces Peggy."
"Abe returns from New York. Andre prepares to put on a play. Washington supports Arnold through his injury. Caleb and Ben work with Sackett on developing their operations. Rogers heads for New Jersey as the Kings Royal Messenger."
"Ben and Abe find a better form of communication and discuss new plans with Anna. Caleb and Rogers get into an altercation while on their missions. Andre has an intesting time at the Shippens. Abe plays checkers with Townsend in New York."
"Judge Woodhul confronts Abe about his \"mission\" for Major Hewlett. Ben learns important information from multiple sources. Abe has dinner with Townsend and his Father in New York. Simcoe returns to Setauket."
"Anna takes action when learning of Abe's capture. Ben and Caleb struggle to come up with a new plan. Simcoe pushes himself back into Anna's life. Andre gains vital intelligence. Mary speaks her mind to Judge Woodhull."
"Washington has anxieties about an illness he believes he has. Major Hewletts tale of capture is finally revealed. Abe fights to survive his own capture."
"Caleb and Ben plan to free Abe from his capture in New York. Major Hewlett must survive the wild to make his way back to Setauket. While planning his next attack, Washington is told that an alliance with the French is imminent. Andre and Peggy receive unfortunate news on their status in Philadelphia when a visitor comes unannounced."
"Tensions between Major Hewlett and Simcoe reach a critical point. Abe gets released from captivity and searches for Townsend. Arnold makes quite the impression on the Shippens. Back at Valley Forge, Ben tries to protect Washington from an internal threat."
"Abe plots Major Hewlett's assasination; Ben fights at the Battle of Monmouth; Benedict Arnorld longs for Peggy."
Season 3 - TURN: Washington's Spies
"Abe is forced to work with Rogers. Andre gives Simcoe a new mission. Peggy begins adjusting to life with Benedict Arnold."
"Arnold goes to Valley Forge, runs into Ben and Caleb, and talks to Washington. Abe must face the consequences of his father's actions. Simcoe and Hewlett's forces collide. Townsend and Andre meet for the first time."
"Peggy gets Benedict Arnold to contact the British; Caleb plans an ambush for Simcoe; Anna tries to save Major Hewlett."
"Ben is rescued by a mysterious woman. Abe tries to stop Anna from marrying Hewlett. Arnold begins negotiations with the British. Andre betrays Peggy."
"Townsend uncovers a British counterfeiting operation. Rogers threatens to destroy Abe's spying ring. Simcoe threatens Richard."
"As Simcoe and the Rangers continue their hunt for Rogers, Abraham pushes ahead to warn Townsend of the danger they will bring, but when Anna and Caleb show up secrets are revealed that may cost the Ring. Meanwhile, Arnold holds a ball in General Washington's honor and pleads for his help in clearing up his court martial."
"Mary tries to kill Simcoe on her own. Benedict Arnold defense himself at his own court-martial. Ben reunites with the woman who saved his life."
"The Culper Ring is resurrected in time to save Washington's army. Simcoe terrorizes Setauket as he hunts for Rogers. Anna infiltrates New York."
"Benedict Arnold plots to turn over West Point to the British. Andre negotiates for Peggy. Abe plots revolt in Setauket."
"There is an inevitable march to the gallows for the captured spies on both sides. Benedict Arnold demands glory revenge."
Season 4 - TURN: Washington's Spies
"Benedict Arnold rounds up spies in New York. Abe plots to destroy essential British supplies, but he will need his father's help."
"When one of the Culper Ring members is captured, Arnold seeks to interrogate him - with the help of a ruthless Colonel Simcoe."
"Abe's scheme to rescue Caleb turns deadly. Anna faces a difficult decision. Arnold suspects Peggy is keeping a secret from him."
"A mutiny erupts in camp. The Culper ring must find a new course. Benedict finds an unlikely ally. Townsend learns a lesson from Rivington."
"Woodhall joins Arnold's Loyal American Legion. Anna's husband visits the continental camp."
"There's a plan to kidnap Benedict Arnold. Peggy learns Cicero's secret. Washington disagrees with the French's strategy. Mary is betrayed."
"Abe's plan to kill Simcoe conflicts with the plot to kidnap Benedict Arnold. Loyalties are challenged and enemies turn into allies."
"Abe settles his score with Simcoe. Ben makes a passionate appeal to Washington. Caleb seeks redemption."
"Washington heads south to lay siege to Yorktown but must convince Clinton he is heading to New York. Abraham joins the Continental Army. Peggy goes into labor."
"The fate of the Culper ring is revealed. The war for American independence ends and America struggles to begin."
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