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Who's the Boss?

When Tony Micelli takes a job as housekeeper for Angela Bower, a successful businesswoman, he and his daughter, Samantha, move into Angela's home. Now Tony and Sam must adjust to their new lives with the Bowers- Angela, her son Jonathan, and her...

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Season 1 - Who's the Boss?
"Without consulting Angela, Angela's mother Mona told Tony Micelli he can be Angela's new housekeeper."
"Tony has a date and, thinking Angela won't be home for hours, decides to take a bath in her tub."
"Angela firmly and Tony mildly lecture Sam for fighting in the park and thus causing Jonathan to trade his first punches. Instead of learning a lesson, Sam tells Jonathan all about 'cool, exciting' Brooklyn life. When she decides to run back, Jonathan insists to tag along. Tony and Angela set out to get them back. They succeed, and are invited by Mrs. Rossini for dinner. While Tony shows her around, she gets in a surprisingly lively argument herself with rude waitress Teresa, who still has an eye on Tony."
"Mona is dating a much younger man."
"Angela has landed an account with a commercial, so Tony and Mona 'invite' themselves to come along. Client Larson insists Italian stallion Tony must replace the actor scheduled for the 'Machismo' shaving cream shower scene. He does great, but gets a terrible rash afterward. Larson wants Angela's agency and Tony for an even bigger account, but refuses to retract the cream, which lab tests say irritates 2 to 3 percent of users."
"With Mona and the kids away for a couple of days. Tony makes a date. And Angela has a guy coming in to see her so she arranges for a meal to be catered. When the guy doesn't show up, and when caterer does, he convinces Tony not to leave Angela alone."
"Mona warned Angela against hosting former college rival Trish Baldwin who is in town to attend their sorority reunion. The incorrigible siren sets her mind to Tony, who is all to flattered to let the foxy female flirt while he 'shows her Connecticut'. Angela gets obviously jealous of their quality-time. But as she feared and warned, when the former college-class super-stud arrives and offers Trish a pre-reunion hotel-date, Tony is dumped as her escort. Yet the sting is in the tail."
"Tony is dating a woman who thinks he's very rich while Angela is seeing a guy who thinks she's a secretary."
"Angela's new boyfriend upon meeting Tony and knowing he's a former player latches on to him. And they hang out a lot. But when Tony sees him pick up another woman, he doesn't know whether to tell Angela or not."
"When Mona discovers Tony spends time and seems to need an extra income, she follows him to Brooklyn. Assumptions he either has mob debts or a new York lover are found false, he actually pays for the apartment where he was raised by his deceased father. Angela tries to convince him to cut that irrational tie to the past."
"Tony is worried when Samantha acts uncharacteristically shy and uninterested in their baseball. The ladies figure out she's growing into a bra-build. Tony gathers the courage to face a haughty, condescending 'supportive underwear' sales clerk, only to be told his choice doesn't live up to current 12 year-old girls fashion. So he lets Angela take Sam shopping at Bloomingdale's, only to see Sam outfitted like a mini-adult. AS she seems to like that stuff, he starts doubting about her long-desired birthday gift, a pitching mitten."
"Angela has something painted and left instructions of what color she wants. But Tony thinking her choice is dull, decides on a different color. And when she sees what he did, she lays down the law on who is the boss and who is the maid. That's when Tony becomes subservient. And her neighbor upon learning the friction between them decides to make Tony an offer to work for her."
"When Angela hears her firm's owner is retiring, she fears competent colleague VP Jim Petersen will maneuver to replace her as president. She tries to win the board's sympathy by staging a party when Jim has a family function, but he turns up, sports talk stirs the old boys network and unrepentant Tony's temper makes things worse."
"Mona has been evicted from her apartment for keeping a dog. Tony's family sense practically forces Angela to invite her mother to move in. Tony hires father and son Battaglia from Brooklyn to convert an old barn into a separate apartment, but mother and daughter bicker endlessly and bitterly over every concept and every detail. Tony intervenes again when they are on non-speaking terms."
"Angela's husband Michael, a researcher in the jungle, shows up after she sent him divorce papers."
"After leaving Angela, Tony finds a new job. And the old problems between Angela and Michael resurface."
"Angela announces proud as a peacock she has been chosen as next guest-subject in regional TV star presenter Roberta 'Bobby' Barnes's show, which is renowned for scandal. Tony and Mona are eager to be in the home section. Mona moves into the house temporarily. That and Sam's nightmare lead to cascade of children crawling into beds with adults, who later sneak into the kids' rooms. By morning, Tony and Angelo unsuspected wake up besides each-other. And Jonathan innocently ushers to TBobby Barnes crew upstairs to the bedroom door."
"School coach Tony opposes his Sam attending the school dance, suspicious of boys, until he realizes the 'suitor' is utter klutz Bobby Michaelson from his soccer team. However, the kids are increasingly annoyed and embarrassed as Tony and his camera hover around every step to the dance, horrified to hear his surprise: he volunteered last minute as chaperon. Even that is topped by Tony being seen dancing and kissing with 'old' Lois Scranton, their foxy teacher."
"Tony isn't amused when his father-in-law Nick Milano comes spend quality time with granddaughter 'Sambina' and spend a fortune of her. Nick didn't dare tell he's about to be thrown in prison, so he jumps at a way out when Tony assumes he's terminally ill, even before he realizes that's an opportunity to be spoiled, waited upon hand and foot and speed-seduce Mona."
"When Tony tells Jonathan about some of his misadventures, Jonathan decides to try doing it and when Angela learns of this, she insists that she be involved with everything in relation to Jonathan which disrupts her work. When Jonathan decides to see a boy whom Tony forbade him to see, he goes behind his back to Angela who allows him to. And later the police arrive to arrest him."
"Despite the fact he doesn't have the money for it, Tony tells Sam she can go on a school ski trip."
"Tony and his Connecticut sports buddy Jeff accept to be drinking test subjects for a safe driving course demonstration. The kids visit Brooklyn. Angela is surprised Mona listened for once to her traditional pea against a surprise birthday party, actually disappointed, so she gets drunk with rich neighbors, who envy her hunky Tony. When he arrives as drunk, talk and food fight end up with him carrying her to bed and her kissing him."
Season 2 - Who's the Boss?
"After a three weeks Florida holiday, Tony and Sam get a warm welcome. When Angela gets a call to visit and probably bring home Jonathan from summer camp, the Micellis and Mona tag along. Camp psychologist Bob Wormser confirms it's home sickness, which Tony claims wouldn't occur in the YMCA camp he enjoyed. Exchanging memories with Angela teaches then they were in the same camp in the same year. They may even have sneakily kissed each-other at a specific rock, and check if teenage 'Antony' carved their names in it."
"On their way back from 'kissing rock', Tony and Angela 'Ingrid' strand in a shabby motel, in a single room. Boy-girl differences turn a happy shared memory in a matter of strife, but after the leaky ceiling ruins Angela's bed and Tony hurts his head trying to sleep on a chair, they settle. Back in Jonathan's camp, Mona and Sam draw him into the mischievous spirit, at Wormser's expense."
"Tony already feels Samantha spends too little time with him and Jonathan since she entered junior high-school. So when he overhears Sam's lies to her birthday party to the silver spoon 'popular girls' that he's the advertising boss and Angela her ma, he orders her to come clean about his humble job. But hearing she's just about to be accepted as 'cheerleader material' by the rich brats, he decides to play along. So do Mona, and even Angela although that spooks her date Andrew. Yet a birthday present changes things."
"Mona is tickled pink when she receives an $80,O00 legate from late millionaire Charles Brooke. But her plan to spend the money go out of the window after Tony shows her a newspaper picture. Angela is shattered when Tony recognizes the man on an old family photograph as former friendly neighbor Charlie Broomeier. Mona conforms she had an adulterous affair with him."
"Tony hopes to get sauna mate Wally to step out of his gloom over being divorced by his single love by arranging a date with Angela. The first date makes him transfer his monogamous fixation to Angela, but Mona's attention changes everything."
"Michael Bower, Angela's ex, turns up to invite their eager son Jonathan to be his best man at his California second wedding with young personal assistant, foxy Heather. Tony and Mona convince Angela the whole family should come along. They all have a blast at the free beach holiday. Tony even convinces Angela to accept attending the actual wedding. But the sting is in the tale's tale, when Michael announces he and his wife want custody of Jonathan."
"As Michael's wedding approaches, Angela is heartbroken in case Michael gets half year custody of Jonathan, Tony encourages her to fight and Mona decides to play dirty. Alas tarantulas scare Heather no more then Jonathan, who enjoy throwing a stag party, which Tony manages to 'interprete' acceptably even by Angela's spoilsport standards. Angela no longer feels confident she can deny the boy his adored dad, but nature has a dirty surprise in store."
"When Mona makes a calendar filled with hunky men among whom is Tony, Angela finds the whole thing disgusting. And when Tony starts getting propositions from his admirers, Angela thinks Tony should be ashamed of himself. That is until Angela meets one of the hunks who asks her out."
"After a messy attempt to help Tony cook, Angelo accepts to join him, with the kids, accepting Mrs. Rossini's Thanksgiving invitation. She's put to women's work while foxy Gina is all over Tony, even ends up kissing him in the kitchen, which makes Angela jealous. Mona had an earlier parade appointment."
"Jonathan amazes the family with his perfect memory - except for doing his homework. But it also means Sam finds out Tony kept from her that his father-in-law Nick Milano is in jail for multiple property crimes, so she childishly turns on both. Tony has a row with Nick, who is so popular amongst the cons that they testify at his parole hearing he's a good influence. Tony's family input should do the trick, yet parole is denied. Nick however escapes, hoping to reconcile with his granddaughter. Tony diplomatically helps both out, however childish or unwilling they are, ..."
"Mona has finally graduated from college. Tony throws a glee party for her and skilfully switches the camera to flirtatious Carla. Mona's professor Jake Emerson enlists her for a set-up test to prove shoe manufacturer Sid Hadley is among the many employers who discriminate against seniors. She tells the family only she's applying, so Tony convinces Angela she should pull strings with ex-client Hadley to get her hired. It works, alas, so now Mona is stuck with a job she didn't want and a failed test."
"Tony receives a visit from his cousin Ana, who has come from Italy to take part in an arranged marriage. Angela tries to stop this, feeling it is too old-fashioned."
"Samantha has made the cheerleader team. To pay for the outfits required, she takes a job as Angela's assistant. When she realizes this means she is missing out on all the after school activities, she tries to get fired."
"Tony enrolls a course from Angela in which she teaches people how to make a successful commercial. Offended by Tony's commercial, in which women are degraded, they get into a fight."
"Tony pushes Samantha to be a ballerina, but this has severe influence on her social life. Meanwhile, Angela takes up her practice on playing the cello, much to Mona's distress."
"When Angela has to attend a PTA meeting, Samantha is assigned to babysit on Jonathan. What promised to be a quiet night turns into a chaos when she receives a visit from Chad McCann, the most popular guy of school she has a crush on."
"Afraid that Tony will leave one day, Jonathan sets up an anonymous Valentine's Day date between Tony and Angela, in the hopes of them getting married."
"Tony and Angela worry when it turns out his poker night and a visit from her sophisticated friend Emily fall at the same time. To their surprise, Emily and his low-class poker buddy Eddie fall in love with each other."
"Angela has been nominated for a prestigious advertising award, but loses to Shirley. Meanwhile, Tony enters a bowling competitions and wins. Back at home, this causes tension between the two."
"Angela signs up Tony in an election to become the president of the Parents Association. Their opponent, Joanne Parker, is desperate to win and tries to ruin their image."
"Angela is assigned to contract a powerful man and has to entertain his daughter, Genevieve Pescher. Genevieve has only one desire: sleeping with Tony."
"When she is left by her husband, Angela's snobby and manipulative neighbor Diane Wilmington invites herself to stay at her place."
"Mona advices one of her employees Norman, an unhappy shoe salesman, to do in life what he really wants. The next thing she finds out is that he left his wife for Hollywood."
"Tony is visited by Josh Bradley, an old baseball friend. As soon as they meet, the never ending competition between them continues."
"It has been two years since the Micelli's moved in with Angela. While celebrating, Tony suffers a burst appendix. Before going into surgery, he tells Angela he loves her."
"Angela travels to San Fransisco to shoot a commercial. There, the competition between Joyce, who is set to star, and Lauren, a photographer, stir when Lauren is accidentally chosen for the lead."
Season 3 - Who's the Boss?
"Because she is enjoying a vacation in Mexico, Angela misses the meeting for an important account and gets fired."
"Angela starts looking for a new job, but has trouble finding something she is suited for the best. When she settles for a job as a copywriter, Tony and Mona encourage her to start her own company."
"When her best friend Marci applies for a highly expensive private school, Samantha wants to apply as well. This gladdens Angela, but worries Tony."
"Tony and especially Mona stretch Angela's theory you must spend money to make it in business, while she wines client Ping in San Francisco, by celebrating the account in advance. They also fall for a limo company's sales pitch to lease for $1,000 a month. Angela failed and wants to economize. Tony and even Mona try to make the limo earn its keep. That works poorly, until Ping unsuspectingly rents it, driven by Mona."
"Sam has a date with a guy whom every girl wants. The next day she's acting very strangely. Tony discovers that she has a hickey. When she says it's not a big deal and that she has another date with the guy, Tony grounds her. Angela and Mona tell him that he should talk to her. He does but she refuses to see Tony's side. She then sneaks out for her date."
"Tony and Angela are both asked as paranymphs at a wedding of common friends. The romantic atmosphere and table conversation with other wedding guests stir dreams of marrying themselves and make them take stock of mutual feelings as Tony's curious housekeeper position is challenged and defended."
"Jonathan brings home more straight AAs, yet a teacher writes in a letter an extracurricular activity should broaden his perspective. Tony convinces Angela that the only way to avoid a nerd label is joining a sports team, accepted only if he coaches personally, and the boy picks gymnastics. The training goes great, while Angela drives secretary Mona nuts with workaholic zeal for her new agency. Jonathan takes a painfully excessive risk, yet Angela blames Tony for his shoulder dislocation until Mona explains the parental example pressure syndrome."
"Geoffrey Wells gets Angela to agree to a weekend in Maine, so Tony digs up his dusty black book and finds an eager date, Tanya Stromball. When bad map reading made the Maine voyagers return, Tony feels crammed and says he'll take her to their native Brooklyn, but stops in a fancy inn. Coincidentally, Anela and Geoffrey end up there too, next door, well, balcony."
"Tony gets a visit from Callahan, a horrible chap he constantly fought with in Brooklyn. To his amazement, the fiend is now a priest, but as soon as they start teasing again things get out of hand, even literally: hard-handed. Tony gets commandeered by the bishop to help out in a home as father Callahan left parish service, feeling he obviously remained a sinful scoundrel. Tony tries to mend that feeling as well as the dinner."
"Tony nor Angela would admit it, but they're competitive enough about mini-golf to sneakily practice in secret after she won their first try and agreed to a rematch. Tony is puzzled when Sam squanders her chances on the basketball school team to spare a hunky kid, but Angela's sob-story changes her mind. Now Sam fears she lost the boy."
"Tony prepared a wonderful Christmas goose dinner, but Angela accepts to join Geoofrey's family's catered dinner. Geoffrey also scares Tony from giving Angela his hand-made gift by buying her diamond earrings. Tony lies to have none of his own baseball cards left to avoid it being snapped up by Dr. Doyle Ferguson. Angela feels restoring that part of his past is the right gift for Tony. The scumbag dealer she buys it from actually bids on Tony's, tempting to pay his own 'worthy' gift for her."
"The kids's school closes and Angelo's train doesn't ride due to excessive snow. Whle everyone cuddles up by the fire, Tony tells how he decides to seek a janitorial position so he could afford moving from cramped Brooklyn to Connecticut. Mona picks up how they met and she convinced him and later Angela that Tony as housekeeper, replacing 'Nazi nanny' Hiller, and as father-figure for Jonathan, would be ideal for both families and suit her own hunk-sighting lust."
"Jonathan starts seeing a girl named Jenny, but she is more interested in Tony. Feeling betrayed, Jonathan is determined on taking revenge on Tony."
"While everyone is planning a surprise party for Tony, Tony starts suspecting his late wife had an affair during their marriage."
"When Angela accidentally destroys her latest boyfriend Geoffrey's new expensive car, he immediately breaks off their relationship. However, he later regrets his decision and contacts Tony to help him win Angela back."
"Samantha is excited when Ray Charles, Angela's latest client, wants to use a song Sam's boyfriend Chad wrote especially for her. That is until she catches Chad cheating on her."
"With high expectations, Tony enters a boxing competition, with Angela as his intimidating coach. Little does he know how professional the other contestants are."
"Angela feels Geoffrey will propose to her and starts to doubt about whether she will accept or not. Mona and Tony both feel she deserves better."
"Nick is released from jail and visits the Bower-Micelli residence. Tony soon finds out that Nick is writing a book with double motives."
"Tony's new girlfriend Casey offers Angela a new commercial for footwear. Angela, though, is rejected for being too old. Hurt, she undergoes a make-over to look younger, which shocks the family."
"Mona convinces Tony to let Samantha stay out all night for a concert. Inspired, Angela makes a list of spontaneous things she wants to do. Tony encourages her, until he finds out she is dating the former high school wild man."
"Mona is less than happy about Angela's new assistant, Fiona Finch, who seems to be the perfect worker. Meanwhile, Tony is reluctant to visit the dentist."
"Mona goes to visit her brother who bought an old hotel. And he also used money that's hers. And she discovers that the place is a money pit."
"Tony tries to relive his wild past when Mona offers him to move into her apartment, as she is leaving to run her brother's hotel. He soon finds out that living careless is not all that satisfying."
Season 4 - Who's the Boss?
"The Bowers and Micelli's return to Brooklyn to help Mrs. Rossini at a fair. Tony allows himself to be auctioned, and is 'bought' by Frankie, an old flame. Angela is bummed, and realizes that she loves Tony."
"Samantha lies to her father in order to go out with a college guy. While she realizes that this guy - Mason - is a major geek, Tony finds out the truth on Sam's whereabouts and makes a scene. He later tries to apologize by bringing Mason back home."
"Tony and Angela set their friends Lyle and Christy up on a blind date. They quickly realize that they would be a terrible couple, and are shocked when they are told that Lyle and Christy are engaged to each other."
"When Jonathan has the possibility to skip a grade in school, he has trouble fitting in with his new classmates. Pressured by his mother to become popular, he starts hanging out with a tough crowd."
"Samantha is crushed that she does not have a date for the school prom. Tony, meanwhile, meets Jesse in the supermarket and thinks that he is perfect for his daughter. Samantha, however, can't stand him."
"Tony spends 48 hours on a billboard to promote a campaign. Through this, he is offered a major job in Washington, which he quickly refuses. This confuses Angela, who wonders why Tony isn't even considering it."
"When Tony tells Samantha that her grandfather Nick Milano has died, he is surprised at how mildly she is taking it. However, it soon becomes clear that she has more trouble dealing with his death than he initially thought."
"When Tony is accidentally injured twice due to Angela, she - out of guilt - decides to take care of him. Tony, however, is unsatisfied with Angela's household and hires a nurse, who turns out to be even worse."
"Mrs. Rossini is crushed when her husband leaves her. Angela persuades Tony to help her, and reluctantly takes over her fish market. This turns out to be more work than initially thought."
"Even though she doesn't have a driver's license, Samantha secretly takes her father's car for a drive and crashes it. She then lets Jesse take the blame."
"Angela's latest possible client Max becomes a close friend of the family, and Mona even considers giving up her bachelorette lifestyle to be with him. Then, one day, he breaks off contact, and leaves Tony to deliver Angela and Mona the bad news."
"Tony and Samantha both get jobs at a local diner that serves as a hang-out spot for the high school cool crowd. After a quarrel with one of the customers, Tony is fired... by Samantha."
"Tony befriends Kelly, the widowed mother of the girl that Samantha is babysitting for. After a conversation with the girl, Angela finds out that Kelly is lying about her past."
"Tony's traditional family from Italy is coming for a visit. Angela tries her hardest to impress its members, until the aunt demands that she will marry Tony's cousin Maurizio."
"Tony is upset when he finds out that Samantha has gone steady with Jesse. Samantha, meanwhile, feels even worse for not having her father's approval."
"Tony rejoins his high school doo-wop band, even though he clearly remembers the constant fighting with the other members. The heat soon returns when Tony wants to add Angela as a member of the band."
"While trying to persuade Samantha to enroll college after high school, Tony decides to enter university himself. However, the admission test proves to be more difficult than thought."
"Mason temporarily moves in with Tony when he is bullied away by his fellow students. The same night, Jesse cancels a date with Samantha. She decides to go out with Mason, and kisses him."
"When other housekeepers of the neighborhood find out how much Tony is earning, they go on a strike until they are given a higher salary. Oddly, Angela encourages Tony to join them, until she learns the downsides about this."
"To pay off her debts, Samantha convinces Tony, against his better judgment, to allow her to take a modeling job at Angela's advertisement agency. Soon, she becomes a successful model, with a higher salary than her own father."
"Mona rejects a marriage proposal of Max Muldoon; then changes her mind when Max's ex-wife Suzanne shows up, asking him to get back with her. Angela, unaware of Mona's motives, meanwhile wonders why her mother is suddenly so eager to marry."
"As soon as Angela hears that Samantha will go to prom with Jesse, she relives a childhood trauma, and does her best to make prom as perfect as possible for Samantha. Sam, however, is fed up with all the preparations, and calls the prom off."
"A few days before her birthday, Angela starts calling for Tony romantically in her sleep. Tony overhears this, and suspects that Angela is in love with her."
"Tony runs into an old girlfriend who has married another man named Tony, who turns out to have lived in Micelli's shadow ever since. To help and boost his ego, Tony (Micelli) organizes a pool match which he intends to lose, but there is one problem: he can't stand the other Tony."
Season 5 - Who's the Boss?
"Tony finally saved up for a solid car for Sam and lovingly equips it with more then ample safety features. She dares not tell him the 'ancient tank' is more of an embarrassment then a dream come true. When it gets stolen, she's 'secretly' delighted but pretends to miss it. When it's returned, Tony finds out the truth as is was parked out of campus sight. Yet he draws a more pragmatic conclusion the the girls expected."
"Tony gets a breakfast treat on his first college day, but is too eager for learning too risking being late. Professor Darnell's course public speaking proves quite a challenge, as Tony's Brooklyn accent, vocabulary and grammar constitute the perfect example how never to speak. Despite the merciless humiliation and doubts if posh speech won't harm his relationships or even undermine his personality, Tony toughs it out. His progress and zeal in class impress Darnell enough to be invited to a speeches night on Churchill."
"Tony and Angela decide to attend a fraternity party. Little did they know that at the end of the night, they would both be in jail: Angela for her drunk behavior, and Tony for trying to help her escape from an interrogation room."
"Tony is surprisingly deeply upset about the loss of trinket keepsakes of his grandfather, who practically raised him when orphaned. Tony still feels guilty for his rascally rebelling then preventing the old man to turn up for his life-long aspired naturalization. Mona suggests and Angela tries a radical solution: a posthumous ceremony with Tony as proxy, if they can convince young judge Matthew Hamilton to be so 'creative'."
"The home front feels Angela works too hard and should delegate more. Mona is delighted when some workload is transferred by the recruiting of Jack, a talented and charming creative director. Tony however jealously and suspiciously changes his attitude as Jack tends to spend nearly all day with Angela and becomes a regular home guest, even until late at night. When they book in a hotel together, Tony decides to put an end to their presumed affair, but could have saved himself the trouble."
"Jesse Nash is warmly welcomed back by Tony after an ecologist boat trip. However he met a fellow idealist girl and politely dumps selfish Sam, who acts aloof. When Mona gets stood up too, a week of men-bashing follows. Finally, the 'celibacy converts' go out a for a girls-only-night together, and regain perspective."
"Toby wisely forbids Sam to drive to Bonnie's parents's cabin for a weekend in Vermont with an immature sister as chaperon. They go anyway, leaving him worried sick especially as the weather report is stormy. Meanwhile Bonnie gets tired of guilty Sam's recollections of over-protective Tony and bites back that's better then her absent, uninterested dad, which ends up making Sam reconsider."
"Mona's brother's wife has died, but to enter Heaven she must return to earth to reconcile Mona and her brother's estranged relationship with Tony as the mediator."
"Tony is very proud to hear his prodigy former prot\u00c3\u00a9g\u00c3\u00a9 Mason will be teaching one of his college courses. He and Angela give pointers how to overcome his timidity, which lead to fainting in the first lesson. Alas, being the gratefully doting teacher's pet becomes so embarrassing, Tony ends up taking the girls' advice to hand in a terrible paper. The dean volunteers to mark the stack it's in, so tony begs to get it back, in vain, boding truth time for professor Mason."
"During a visit from old Brooklyn friends, Tony decides to Mrs. Rossini's cocky adolescent cousin Al under his wing. only is proud when the knave starts making something of his life in a beautician schooling. Still, Tony turns defensive once Samantha responds to this bad boy's irresistible charm, which Tony knows all too well having grown up pretty much the same way."
"Jonathan is running for student council treasurer. Tony cleverly advises to lure some popular boys and hosts a brownies evening with Sam as 'accidental' star attraction. However, Mona's 'loose' reputation proves a problem, which exhausts Jonathan's patience with his utterly abnormal grandma."
"Tony has enough of Sam's squander bug wardrobe acquisitions. Jonathan actually demands payment on her $223 credit line, like Mona's. Tony's and Angela's bragging how they raised money as youths is exploited to make the dare each-other selling the T-shirts Tony designs and Sam hand-produces at the local flee-market."
"Tony attends a St. Louis Cardinals reunion weekend, to play in a benefit old-timers match and catch up with former teammates. Angela came along to cheer him. When vamp super-fan Betty starts seducing the boys as she used to, Tony pretends to be recently married to Angela, who grudgingly plays along. The mates lure him to the bar, where Betty gets him to hug and dance. Angela reacts very jealously when she sees Betty steal an 'adulterous' kiss."
"As enthusiastic as Tony is about his quality-time ski-weekend with Sam and Angela about staying behind with Jonathan, as unwilling their kids really are to be shielded as children. Sam blows a shot at handsome skier Zach while Tony takes a kids skying course with little kids including abusive Amber, then turns possessively jealous when Tony still scores with foxy instructor Lisa. back home, Jonathan hopes to escape thanks to Anegla's cold, which also decks Mona, but decides against it to take care of ma and handle the heating repairman better then they ever could."
"Mona feels both offended as dating-role model and a failure as mother finding out Angela took an escort to an awards event. After hearing the frustrating story of her disastrous prom date from both ladies, Tony reluctantly accepts to ask her on a 'real' date, as opposed to several 'accidental' ones."
"Tony and Mona are dead-eager rivaling to be invited along as Angela's partner to an exclusive New york party where Frank Sinatra will sing. Angela bails out to try rescuing an account, so Mona steals her dress and the tickets. Only on-site Tony discovers the tickets aren't transferable. Angela returns early, just in time to join them, but adds to the confusion, so all three end up thrown out. Tony however is thus just in time to meet his idol and render him appreciated service."
"When Tony finds out Samantha let airhead friends take her illegally drinking beer at a frat party, he gives her a sound lecture, for once firmly seconded by Angela, he refuses to cover up the brat's drunken state. However they commit the error of feeling guilty just for having innocent drinks at home, and Tony's sports fan-buddies are not much help in 'setting the good example'."
"Tony and Angela try hard to be welcoming to their smug new neighbors, Mark and Pam, but soon get into a bitter garden row. Jonathan however sees a perfect mate at least in their daughter Heather, so being told the neighbors are off-limit is not acceptable. The smitten kids decide to lead their oldies by example."
"For a school paper assignment, Tony lets Sam stay over at Trish Carlin's models boarding school. Trish's son Rick is sweetly innocent, but Sam's Brooklyn friend Caroline, who got in as favor, keeps attracting boys and trouble, while abusing ever-helpful country-girl Martha, who nevertheless makes the difference when Trish finally has enough of the sass."
"Tony convinces Angela to hire for her roof repair his former coach Ralph. Mona can't resist seducing him just because he didn't flirt with her. Then dumps Ralph for the next conquest as soon as he's smitten, another suitor left heartbroken. Tony taking offense as fellow male and friend at last gets Mona to promise she'll mend her man-eater ways."
"Tony has organized a PTA project offering each kid a week job experience with one of the parents. Sam and Bonnie are left out, so they 'get stuck with' Tony's domestic experience and Angela's advertising agency. Lazy Sam chooses what seems the least work, only to change her mind after hearing easy-going Bonnie enjoyed giving it a real go. The scenario is repeated after the mates switch jobs, but by now the mentors get on to them."
"Tony has started playing golf but has to rise early to get access to the public links, so Angela surprises him with a country club membership she won in a raffle. Thus Tony sets out to network while playing, but is looked down upon by posh members. Only tycoon Lowell Michaels, risen from poverty himself, befriends Tony. When the ladies here about such a potential client, just what Angela's agency needs to recover, Mona emotionally blackmails Tony to abuse his new friend's confidence to arrange a business appointment."
"The Bower home's surprise how excited Angelo gets at the mention of an announced visitor, former study mate flirt Brian Thomas, is topped spectacularly when he tells why he came. They actually had a drunk Vegas marriage he supposedly annulled in Tijuana after they came to their senses, but the Mexican procedure was invalid. Now he's engaged with Rhonda and comes to fix their divorce, but quickly falls back in love with Angela."
"Unlike model-student Tony, Sam studies no more then necessary, and preferably with attractive male colleagues, like Scott. Tony is shocked when she admits having passed on to him the questions for an exam. He handed her an unsolicited equivalent for her next exam, which she was least confident about. It's found, so neither teacher Timmons nor Tony is likely to believe she didn't actually use it."
"Tony plans to treat himself, for his upcoming birthday, to a shiny successor for his utterly run-down van, but decides against the expense. Angela offers to make it a birthday gift, which is turned down as too extravagant, then to share the costs since it's useful for the whole household. Even then, Tony can't quite bring himself to chuck his first-ever vehicle and convinces Sam of its unique souvenir value, but already advertised to sell it."
Season 6 - Who's the Boss?
"A client offers Angela a weekend trip to Jamaica, with the whole household. Tony's careless sense of relaxation contrasting with ever-serious Angela leads to a bitter contest and separation 'to have fun' in which she goes overboard, ultimately being rescued from drowning during a nightly skinny-dip. After a talent-contest, they reconcile and consider the possibility of a future marriage."
"Tony welcomes a visit from Sam's Brooklyn-neighborhood-buddy Charlie Briscoe. When he learns she has left school and home, he calls her mother, but when rudely told 'keep her!' he refuses. Sam scolds that disloyal hypocrisy, which even Trish rebukes as he's her dream-parent. After a dog-food photo-shoot at the bower-home, agent Trish Carlin comes up with an alternative, yet Charlie seems uninterested."
"Emotional blackmails suckers Tony into house-sitting for Mrs. Rossini and her cat Fiorello during a heatwave in Brooklyn during her mini-cruise. Tony enjoys catching up with his noisy blue-collar mates, especially Dennis and his ever-pregnant wife. Angela pays Tony a surprise visit and has a nightmare about leading such a housewife life without prospects."
"While Tony and Angela bicker who 'gave Same the love for literature', the only things that gets her and airheads like Bonnie to read non-obligatory books is hunky book club lecturing teaching assistant Ethan. Tony gets wind of Sam's latest flame being 'much older' and tricks him to review a 'first edition at home. Neither Micelli expected Ethan to bring his wife."
"Tony cancels a date with Joan, a woman whom he meets at a bar. She later reappears as his professor in class, and Tony grows convinced that she now has a vendetta against him."
"After a soir\u00c3\u00a9e Tony help host masterly, Richard Braden invites Angela's firm to merge with his much large one. Only Mona is against, but her bluff 'or I quit' is called. The row grows so bitter even Tony advises to give up collaborating. Once working for Braden, Angela starts doubting the wisdom of handing over control. Mona fails to get another job but increases the pressure by becoming Braden's coffee lady and stir outside the cups."
"Tony's neighbor-boy Al started an instrumental rock-band with his Brooklyn friends Billy, Greer and Dale. Sam joins as singer and manager. Tony tags tags along, convinced they may need adult protection, only to witness his brat being the worst shark in Eddie's bar."
"Between his study, domestic and paternal duties, overworked Tony is risking a burn-out. Tired of smoothing the endless bickering at home, he joins Dr. Berl's family therapy, against Brooklyn tradition. However the conclusion is Jonathan and Sam's bickering is normal 'sibling' friction, only Tony needs more sessions. He ends up in a group for 'super-moms'."
"Attending a gym, Angela meets less prudish girls, who openly get her talking and thinking about hunky men, like Ernie who works out there, or Tony. Now at home to, she ponders and recalls the fat high-school experience root cause of her romantic shyness. Should she start dating Tony, or still declare him fair game for others?"
"Tony dreaded Dr. Purcell's aptitude test, but his results offer a wide choice. He wants to major in business and start start his own firm. For easy marks, he takes Sam's suggestion, primary class observation. However the mean old teacher Bunch forces him to take over, even straightaway. Despite a disastrous, unprepared first class, Tony soldiers on and gets the taste of teaching."
"Jonathan hoped, after failing any athletic selection, to cats off his total nerd image by joining the school orchestra. Alas, the accordion he picked is even less popular then nerds. Tony however convinces him perseverance can pay off by invoking the happy example of his Brooklyn friend Bobby Governale, who accepts to tutor Jonathan. The two become inseparable, and end up pushing even Tony away for allegedly 'discrimating accordion players like everybody else'."
"The kids shout a Vegas holiday for overworked Angela, who takes Tony and Mona along. Mona scores as temptress but loses big time against dangerous casino shark Jason. Will help rescue her or drag the others down with her?"
"Tony's proud paternal delight over Sam being admitted to her high-school's acceleration program soon gives way to gloom once he realizes that probably means she'll leave home for college a year early too. Sam's own enthusiasm weakens as she realizes how dad feels and that she'll have to leave her friends."
"Tony's joy over success at the tennis court pales when his opponent, neighbor Ed Hartwell, dies just after a defeat, so Tony feels guilty, despite reassurances from father Marconi. When Ed's twin brother Fred turns up to settle the inheritance, Tony and Angela bend over backwards to 'make up', which seems to suit Fred all too well."
"After the Bowers acquire a nearby house as investment, Tony fixes it up and makes sure it gets rented to foxy Michelle, even at mate's rates. She proves a rather bothersome client, but Tony's support only wavers when she shows interest in other men."
"Everyone adores Sam's boy-friend Eric and encourages him to bring over his lonely, dependent grandfather, Walter. The old man's arrival however stirs rude hostility from Mona, who actually stood him up at the altar. Weird loyalty logic yields matching moves."
"Angela asks Tony to coach her volleyball team, but soon regrets it as he becomes too motivated."
"Sam thinks her winter break to Fort Lauderdale can't get worse when Tony decides to chaperon, until she gets into a fight with Bonnie over inviting some boys over. Meanwhile, Jonathan gets stood up on a date."
"Angela tries to contract a famous baseball player, but Tony feels that he is more in love with making money than with the game itself, and much to Angela's anger, tries to scare him away."
"Sam triumphs having tracked down for a college project Tony's maternal grandpa Antonio Romano, who arrives from Palermo fro a short visit. Tony comes to terms with the lovable scrooge. But then e photograph proves Sam 'found' the wrong Tony senior."
"When circumstances bring Tony to accompany Angela on a date as substitute, they meet an enviably less restrained couple, Brad and Jane, who are picking a wedding date and can barely believe such a handsome pair didn't graduate from cohabitation to physical love in years. However a dance-floor partner switch reveals a shocking relational drawback to such impulsive natures."
"After Mona's adjacent apartment burns down through her own fault, she acts meanly ingrate, over-stretching even Angela's patience after turning down an offered bungalow of her own as a 'ploy to dump ma', leading to an unprecedented break. She milks a mild respiratory affectation grossly, yet Tony remains alert enough to have her hospitalized for a potentially serious complaint. There she acts atypically, even neglecting hot Dr. Anderson. The reason has to do with the late Robert Robinson."
"Tony takes Sam along on a tour of suitable 'nearby' colleges, but none will do for the brat, who set her mind on Tate, all the way in California. When a Tate recruiter drops by, it's clear her extracurricular void is a no-go. He does however recommend a logical, academically valid alternative, only it's Tony's college, just what she dreads in terms of social life."
"Tony is proud as a peacock when Al Rossini, who just graduated from beautician school, follows his advice by starting his own parlor. Tony comes help out, but finds it's not easy to coach the rudely outspoken knave to flatter rather then chase clients."
"Tony and Angela must delay their night at the movies when aspiring script writer Hank Sloan drops by, the official who wisely mistrust the family's data as filled is by mythomaniac Mona. As she responds to every question with a memory, we get lost of flashbacks, mainly to accidental 'romance'."
"Tony and a few classmates rent a hotel room to study for a class final. Most leave at the end of the night, but Tony and Kathleen remain. They try to study more, but end up in bed together. Angela finds out and is upset."
Season 7 - Who's the Boss?
"Angela's latest date, slick Christopher, instantly wins and impresses everybody, especially females and service staff. He drives Tony crazy. Finally Tony he takes his own date, Kathleen, to a restaurant just to spy on Christopher's date with Angela, but that goes wrong."
"Tony is appalled to hear Sam plans to prolong her summer receptionist job on a holiday horse ranch and thus 'delays' college. So he and the Bowers fly to New Mexico, where they meet the charming real reason: hunky 'cowboy' Matt, a local student and her secret fianc\u00c3\u00a9. Tony nor Angela can remain calm while arguing, but Mona's sneaky remarks may do the trick to reach a compromise."
"Tony discovers Angela faked a date with Peter, but in fact is single again, and convinces Mona to take her clubbing. Before anyone realizes, Angela is neglecting business and partying like Mona, who now becomes responsible. Such an unnatural situation can't last, Tony realizes."
"Tony meets Kathleen's father. The father wants to know if he is going to marry Kathleen. Tony realizes he has to talk to Kathleen because he still cares for Angela and probably always will. Tony and Kathleen break up."
"Tony is so popular with Sam's dorm-mates, for both practical and social reasons, that he sees her more there then he used to at home. Jealous of the attention, the tells him to butt out. He does gracefully, but when everyone realizes how hard that's on him, the home gang gathers, supposedly interested in the boxing match he watches on TV."
"When Mrs. Rossini's dear neighbor Mrs. Napoli is hospitalized, Tony takes care a while of her beloved grandson Billy. He does great and accepts when she asks him to be available for the boy just before her surgery. Afterwards, he has cleared it with the Bower household, but the suspicious hag doesn't even remember asking him."
"Tony is confident, given his excellent parenting record, his new Brooklyn-bred ward Billy Napoli has settled in. However when the angelic rascal starts at school, things go badly wrong. What seemed a case of snobbish newbie-bullying turns out to be all-round aggression from Billy. Tony and Angela, whose boyfriend loses his patience having to take a backseat to her 'mothering', take a parenting course with senior softies Herb and Willa, who recommend a fully 'positive' approach. Billy however thrives only under selfish Mona's childishly simple terms."
"Tony agrees that Sam should move out of her noisy dorm. As she won't return home, he grudgingly accepts her moving into an absent professor's house with student couple, Benjamin and Beth. Even more shocked than Tony is Sam's boyfriend, Matt, when they find out Beth dumped Benjamin, who is now attracted by Sam."
"Taking Billy to chief Baxter's fire department's open day, Tony fulfills a boy's dream, but also revives his own to slide down with those heroes. Tony joins as voluntary fireman, but his unquenchable enthusiasm doesn't go down well with the rather lazy veterans, even the home front soon tires of his stories."
"At a prestigious club's last night after 65 years, Tony and Angela wanted to be asked by the other but end up double dating with third parties. They meet an elderly couple, which met there 46 years ago and reminisces how they met and got married during the world war as a result of Navy sailor Nick's naughty, horny date move lies."
"Tony is delighted to take Billy and the Bowers along to his Sicilian root town when summoned for the reading of an uncle's will. Tony is pleasantly surprised to learn he got the estate's lion share, the vineyard. To their astonishment, he thus inherits the locals' hate because the late owner was considered a tyrannical scrooge. Tony makes a brave stand for family honor and justice."
"Just when social worker Leonard Marshall comes check on Tony's guardianship of Billy, the rascally angel seems missing. So Tony and Angela try to stall, but they end up telling how each of them tried to mind the kid, yet couldn't. When Mona, who was supposed to take over, arrives without Billy, it turns out he's with Jonathan, which they again fail to hide."
"Tony and Sam independently entered a sports commenting contest for their college's TV broadcasts. Apart from their different styles, they worry whether to compete ruthlessly but fairly or give way. Tony does great in every sense and audition phase, despite the manager's shameless overrating of Sam's 'female charms', especially thanks to improvisation."
"Tony takes Angela along to a hateful man's funeral. On his way out, the kids are rebuked for fighting and lacking in mutual helpfulness. Good boy Jonathan, whom Tony advised firmness in heart matters, is lead astray by Goth girlfriend Patricia, who convinces him to go for a drive in Tony's pick-up, which gets lightly scarred. Billy and Sam now consider whether and how to help Jonathan cover up. They fail, so Mona takes the blame."
"Because of a simple cold, Sam moves back home, enjoying excessive pampering from Tony and Angela. After days, only Jonathan realizes she is shamelessly milking sympathy and shirking college work. Sneaking out with airhead high-school buddy Bonnie and getting caught after a school party, she proves Jonathan's point."
"Tony is ready to start his teaching apprenticeship, but can't combine that full-time job with his college study and the household, so he auditions candidates to fill his domestic post meanwhile. Nobody passes muster, not even with royal references, until Angela volunteers. She soon finds spending her rare free days on endless household chores, none of which ever compares favorably to Tony's way, is far from rewarding. And then there's minding Billy, quite a handful."
"Fearing Billy may turns into a couch potato like Mona, Tony urges him to pick a sport, but to his disappointment it's no team ball game but swimming, the only discipline Angela every excelled in. Tony's real trouble, which he told nobody yet, is that he never learned to swim, suffering from aquaphobia after being crushed by a fat woman as a kid. Still, Billy takes to it and needs a partner for the dad-don relay. Tony's private lesson with Angela starts promisingly, until another she-mammoth splashes in."
"Tony and Angela discover that because of a mistake they are listed as being married to each other. So they set out to correct this error."
"Tony is enthusiastic about his first assignment as science teacher in a boys school. When he needs to slip out for a while unexpectedly because Mona abused the plumber until he left, he can only ask Mona to watch the class so long. To his horror, she used that time to give his pupils the school's first-ever sex education class. The school board however is delighted with the initiative and charges Tny with such classes for all kids, without telling him that even includes the sister school's girls."
"Tony and Angela find out last-minute their neighbors, the Harpers, are planning an early birthday-party for Joey on Billy's real birthday. Talking doesn't help, even escalates in bragging about a party to lure all kids. Angela spares no expense, Tony no efforts to identify and book all imaginable entertainment. On the party day, things get further out of hand repeatedly."
"Tony gets the Bowers to put up Mrs. Carmella Rossini during work on her Brooklyn apartment. Everyone has grumbling doubts about her domineering attitude, but her cooking is up to Tony's standard. The real trouble starts when Tony catches Mona's latest, uncharacteristically regular date, surgeon Clifford, kissing Carmella in the kitchen. The rivals fight for Clifford, supported by Tony viz. Angela."
"Bumping into generally feared Brooklyn mobster Gus Stone, Tony dares not refuse retuning an old favor by hiring his spoiled-rotten daughter Claudia as assistant-housekeeper. Only her attitude is worse then her housekeeping, until Tony looses his patience and tells her his far from flattering mind. The results are surprising for Tony, the Bowers and the Stone family after Claudia jumps Tony's bones in a supermarket."
"Sam, already in a killer mood after a romantic breakup, foolishly undertook her first local 'rock concert' organization, but can't contract any artist. Angela can't help, but Tony appeals to his youth mate Steve Mueller; now a professional agent working with some big names. Sam's ingratitude peeks when Steve fails to deliver, yet Tony comes up with a last minute alternative."
"Tony accepts, indignant about old baseball veteran Chappy's financial predicament, to campaign on behalf of the Silver Society for funding of medical care for senior citizens. That means addressing the US Senate, and Angela decides to bring the whole family along. It's a long and perilous, for Tony utterly sleepless train journey to DC. As a result, he's so stressed that he makes a fool of himself in the Senate and makes public, for good measure, that sharing a bed on the train with Angela was 'innocent', which gives entirely the opposite impression."
"After his deluded performance in the US Senate, Tony expected to be ridiculed nation-wide. In fact, a senator assigns foxy assistant Christine Morrison to recruit Tony for his own campaign for senior citizens medical aid funding. Angela acts jealous of the trapping of DC and her 'rival'. In time, Tony learns that all the fun comes at a price when he's asked to betray the cause as part of the senator's dealing."
Season 8 - Who's the Boss?
"Tony bought Angela lamb skin car seat covers for his 7th domestic service anniversary. She now hesitates whether to give him the luxury wrist-watch she had inscribed \"It's time to say I love you\". They attend the carnival together, where Tony gets scared after a fortune-teller's prediction he may either hook up with his true love before midnight or loose her forever."
"After their love night in the carnival, Tony and Angela are relieved they can be sincere to each-other. Yet they aren't ready to tell the others, so Tony hides his romantic treats for Angela and she thinks up surprising cover up-lies. Yet bad luck follows them even when they check into a hotel, culminating when making out at the lake ends in it."
"Now the family knows they're a couple, romantic Tony catches up with years of not courting Angela. She starts feeling stifled, while Sam enjoys her new emotional 'freedom' from smothering love. Tireless lover Tony heaps up treats and keeps popping up everywhere, any time, even during business meetings."
"After a car crash Sam and Pierce come closer. When Tony finds this out after weeks, he - against the other's expectation - takes a fancy to Pierce and confides his money to the stockbroker. But like always he overdoes here, too, and he spends more time with Pierce than Sam does."
"Tony and Mona bicker while offering their versions of how Tony ended up causing Angela's major client, soap king Reid Hamilton, to be hospitalized. It started when Angela left on business trip and warned Mona to keep off Reid. Tony mistrusted her, discovered she dated Hamilton and tried to keep the apart, with ever less fortunate results."
"Now people know he's with Angela, Tony gets frustrated being financially unable to treat her in style like country club members, being merely her guest himself. So Tony can't resist bidding at a painting for her he can't afford. To pay for it, he takes a job as shirtless waiter. Alas, Sam's dorm gang takes her there."
"Attending the funeral of a fun-loving mate his age convinces Tony it's time to seize the day while he can. His new sense of adventure culminates in a spontaneous first-ever ski-trip to Vermont. The Bowers join him. Mona convinces Tony the real change he needs is 'the big one', marriage. Alas, staging a romantic proposal in Angela's already pitiful condition proves a lost cause. When it finally seems to work, she gets wind of his unsatisfactory motives."
"Having been turned down for 'propsoing for the wrong reasons', Tony grudgingly accepts to give Angela time and space and soon overdoes that too. After a while it dawns that Angela is at least as insecure about marriage as Tony, having seen her first fail into a divorce. By the time she admits that, the shoe is on the other foot, with grieved Tony acting hard to get like a reluctant damsel."
"Tony is mortally nervous, being scrutinized at a surprise visit from delighted Angela's English maternal grandmother 'Nana' Robinson. As Mona suspected and suggested, while unable to utter half a sentence to her domineering mother, the snob disapproves of Tony, however much she liked him before being told, as future son in law. However she goes about it most deviously, using a precious heirloom gift to stir pre-nuptial fever among the would be-spouses, with a lawyer at the ready."
"Tony recalls how he used his baseball stadium connections to help Jonathan to a job as ball boy, when Angela refused to practice 'nepotism'. There were various surprising consequences. This makes him hesitant to help Sam get a job in the campus travel agency. When he finally tries, it backfires."
"Lawyer Jack Sanborn arrives unannounced, recognizes the house as his parental home and bids a fortune. After some hesitation a family council decides it's a great opportunity. Tony soon finds a dream house, complete with its own lake and scares off the first rival home-hunters. A bitter bidding battle against the Havlock family is won. Yet when Sanborn arrives to pay and announces his plan to completely remodel the house, memories make Tony reconsider."
"During an economic slump, advertising budgets are cut drastically, so Angela's firm is in trouble. Brooklyn poverty veteran Tony is put in charge of domestic economizing. He pulls it off brilliantly, even a cheap yet classy home dinner to major client Reed Hamilton, but the account remains frozen. Tony is shocked to find Angela still practices comfort shopping."
"Tony's Brooklyn friend Al needs a new apartment, but finds bachelor tenants aren't wanted. Sam volunteers to play Al's wife, but Tony, who was asked for credentials, finds out and thus spills the beans to landlord Chomsky. Thus still homeless Al stays on the Bower couch, but proves a stentorian nightmare-screamer."
"Tony was looking forward to his weekly poker night with Al and their Brooklyn gang, but grudgingly acknowledges an old promise to accompany Angela to the ballet if it ever passed in town. The boys even make fun of Tony apparently being whipped. So he jumps at the chance to stay home when she overestimates a minor head bruise Tony suffers. Al drops by and invites the rest. When Angela returns with unwilling stand-in Mona, she wrongly scolds the 'trickery'. The aggravation leads to a battle of stubbornness, with Tony storming out and spending the night at Sam's, thus ..."
"When a old teammate of Tony's who's now a star player hires Angela to handle his P.R. he comes for a visit and they talk about the moment when Tony's playing baseball ended, when the third base coach signaled him to steal and he got injured. Later while the cleaning he couldn't help but wonder what would have happened if he wasn't injured. Later when he mistakenly mixes bleach and ammonia, he passes out from the fumes. When he wakes up he meets the coach who shows him that how his life could have been if he wasn't injured. And he is now a big star and has a stunning ..."
"While Tony handles dinner for business guests and the whole household his wedding invitations, he gets a swollen lip. Dr. Wormser orders lab tests to determine the cause. Angela fears it's wedding stress, combined with his unfortunate phrasing cause to doubt her groom's marital commitment. So Tony desperately tries to prove it's just an allergy, but despite help from the kids that looks ever more desperate."
"Hank and Sam want to get married soon, but Sam keeps postponing telling Tony. Suddenly Hank's parents turn up, who knew about the marriage plan, but are shocked when Tony tells them Hank has abandoned his med studies. Now the parental couples become allies opposing a wedding while each blaming the other spouse to be for ruining their darling's future."
"Tired of the parent pairs' bickering, Hank and Samantha elope. Tony sets chase, but car trouble would have prevented them catching up. However in front of the minister, Sama couldn't go trough with a wedding without Tony. When his party arrives, Angela convinces him to give his blessing and hopefully retain some influence."
"While they wait for a married students dorm room, honeymooners Hank and Sam reluctantly move in with Tony. After a bad start, with the men working on each other's intolerant nerves all night, Tony learns to like his son in law, even his comical puppetry, which comes to include a Tony-like houseman. Hank likes Tony's domestic treats no less, so they become buddies. Sam starts feeling left out, especially when Hank accepts Tony's objections to homes th couple might move to."
"Perfectionist Tony and socialite Angela bicker constantly and bitterly as their wedding approaches, whether they play double tennis or test a restaurant. Hank can't get any urgent study done with temptress Sam around, so Mona takes her along on a luxury weekend with Angela, to give he happy couple to be a breathing period. Angela is attracted to gentleman guest Tom Saratelli, who looks like Tony but has an inverse, passive character."
"When a window in the master bedroom needs repairs, Hank's dad Joe is hired, although he's reluctant to work for family. Tony however, bragging his construction experience, keeps coming up with ideas for a far more ambitious remodeling and exactly how to do it. After driving Joe's crew insane, Tony fires him and promises to do it all himself with klutzes Hank, Al and Jonathan, a recipe for disaster."
"Tony graduates as teacher, like Hank as his college's first puppeteer. Tony however finds he started applying for a job dangerously late, and starts panicking. After an nightmare job as school program driving instructor, coach and associate professor in an Iowa junior college seems a dream, alas too far to commute. Angela convinces him he owes it to himself to check it out, so the whole family flies there. It's even better then he could imagine."
"Tony has accepted the Iowa coach and teacher job. The apartment is great and comes with a janitor and secretary, albeit it also immense pressure to keep the baseball team winning. However commuting proves hell, worsened by Angela failing to clear her schedule when Tony is free, topped off by influenza. Both spouses plan a surprise visit, but they thus pass by each-other at the airport."
"Coach Tony feels he has it all when for the duration of his contract, a year, Angela takes a sabbatical from her firm to live with him as Iowa housewife. Angela tries to hide how uncomfortable such role-reversal is, but Mona soon recognizes the truth. Her subdued reaction when he's offered a three year contract sets Tony thinking. Considering their priorities incompatible, they agree to live separately, but neither is happy that way either."
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